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Your browser does not support HTML5 so some elements on this page are simulated using JScript. The thing I find most exciting about Secret is the ability to say whatever comes to mind without the fear of being criticized. There doesn’t appear to be any signs of slowing down for this new network as it recently raised an additional $25 Million in venture financing from a number of investors. One hesitation I have with the app is that it recently released an update to allow you to see anonymous secrets from your network of friends linked to Facebook. If you thought you struggled getting up, there are some people out there who have to be practically surgically removed from their beds in the morning. Unlike many other journal apps, My Secret Diary does have plenty of tools for you to bring more variety to your entries.
If you are an avid diary taker and want to have a way to do it on your iPad, you can’t go wrong with My Secret Diary. She may have offered a crucial hint to what her projects are about, because she then shared one of the same selfies on her official Make Me Nails nail app Instagram account, writing "So many secrets.

The brand also shared photos from the same setting G tweeted about, revealing they're from a new set! Whether it be support from family and friends, self-promotion, pity, loathing, or to simply show off fun and interesting things, we share to be noticed. Yet, there are many controversies surrounding the app, much like any new app or tech startup. So, if you know your friends too well or know who is on the app already, be careful what say because it may be more revealing or harmful than you think. Luckily there are some fantastic apps out there that can rouse even the sleepiest of heads from their slumber. Hannelius is working on some very exciting new projects, and we're just dying to know what they are!
Secret, a new and addicting app available on both iOS and Android, shows that you can have a working, supportive social network that’s also anonymous. I suppose it’s nice to have a way to remember those good old memories vividly and a diary could certainly help in that regard.

It even supports sticky notes, just in case you want to add even more details to your entries. The Dog with a Blog actress tweeted out some cool photos announcing that she's got some thrilling new surprises in the works, and they look so cool!
Users can also customize the background color, images and text to fit the mood and theme of their confessions.
The team at Secret actively monitors posts to be sure such content is pulled down or if the user is showing signs of distress and possible self-harm, reaching out to them with a support group number. My Secret Diary is a journal application for iPad that you can use to note down your thoughts and memories. Unlike your paper diary, you can add multimedia information to your entries to help you better remember things in the future.

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