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Whisper’s promise of anonymity while sharing secrets via its app rings less true today than it did last week, thanks to a searing report from The Guardian about the app’s questionable tracking and use of user data.
During a three-day visit to WhisperText’s Los Angeles headquarters to explore a broader journalistic relationship, two reporters from The Guardian discovered a number of unsavory things about how the company collects, tracks and shares user data. Among the findings reported by The Guardian is that Whisper has created an in-house mapping tool that enables its employees to filter and search GPS data to location posters within 500 meters from where they shared their secrets. The news organization also reveals that Whisper posts users may believe to be deleted are collected, along with other user data, in a searchable database that goes all the way back to the app’s launch in 2012. The Guardian also learned that there have been occasions where the company has shared information with the FBI and MI5.
Whisper is also sharing information with researchers with the Department of Defense, who are examining mentions of suicide or self-harm that come from Whisper posts shared within U.S. The company has since rewritten parts of its terms of service and rolled out a new privacy policy.

Michael Heyward, CEO of WhisperText, responded to The Guardian on Saturday by saying, “We realize that we’re not infallible, and that reasonable people can disagree about a new and quickly evolving area like online anonymity.
As if publishing the report didn’t make it clear, The Guardian says it is no longer pursuing a relationship with Whisper. Ever thought of impressing the cutie at the bar who might actually believe you're a CIA agent? A new mobile app used to confess secrets anonymously could be used for cyberbullying without much repercussion, experts have warned. SINGAPORE - A new mobile phone application that allows users to anonymously confess secrets is gaining popularity here, but users have just as quickly discovered an ugly side to it - cyber bullying.Some have found themselves at the receiving end of disparaging posts on the Secret app, such as a victim, who wanted to be known only as Bryan. RELATED STORIESAre sites doing enough?Teen mutilates herself after being cyberbullied5 tips on how you can protect your kid from cyber bullyingBecause of the way Secrets is designed, it can be used for cyber bullying without much repercussion, legal experts warned.Introduced here last month, the app has already garnered much attention.
Among the revelations were that WhisperText (the company behind the app) tracks the location of users who have opted out of geolocation services and has shared user data with the FBI, MI5 and U.S.

He found that someone had posted his picture, along with comments labelling him as "fat, ugly, and trying too hard to be popular"."It's hard for me to find out who, but there are a lot of superficial attacks on the app.
It topped the social networking app chart in Singapore's iTunes store upon release, and was ranked No. 8 on the Google Play store last Monday, according to app-ranking website App Annie.Users can link their phone or Facebook contacts to the app, which then populates a feed of "secrets" that they can contribute to. It can get very nasty," said the 21-year-old student, whose friends have also been attacked.

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