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If you happened to be travelling in a world of questionable existence, also known as Jelly World , you may come across a giant piece of Green Jelly that seems to have been eaten or destroyed or something. NEWS JUST IN - Many Neopets have been complaining that their Petpets have been going missing. Four days later and the petpets were still not found, Neopets everywhere were wondering if they would ever see their beloved petpets again. Phew, the petpets were safe, Neopians everywhere breathed a sigh of relief, but were did all the petpets disappear to? Wow, would you just look at all the petpets; there are even some petpets that weren't released at the time!
Zina and Horace have heard of a magical Golden Scorchstone, hidden in some old ruins near Sakhmet - such a find would surely mark them as the greatest of the Desert Scarabs! You can also change which direction each arrow key points by clicking on "Setup" in the main game menu. Obviously, the object of the game is to ultimately collect the Golden Scorchstone and then find the exit as quickly as you can! This barely-visible depressed patch on the floor is what I call Trap Floor - if you stand on it, you'll fall through it and lose a life on some nasty spikes.
These nasty little petpets, called Scarabugs, live in the ruins and aren't all that happy with Zina and Horace for disturbing their home!

Finally, as you get deeper into the ruins you will encounter some Mummy guardians - these undead Scorchios are determined to keep you from stealing the Golden Scorchstone so avoid them at all costs! The controls for this game can take a little bit of getting used to, but once you've played a few times it becomes quite simple - you'll be admiring that shiny new trophy in no time! Main Text Color - Use the # sign with hex codes or use all lowercase and no spaces for a color name.
Name Color - Use the # sign with hex codes or use all lowercase and no spaces for a color name.
Phrase Color - Use the # sign with hex codes or use all lowercase and no spaces for a color name. Patapult is an NC Mall game where players have the chance to earn exclusive NC item prizes.
After your Patapuff pack has been activated, you'll need to go to your inventory to activate it. Alas, it doesn't seem like this will ever happen again, the jelly has almost all been eaten and the bits that are left probably don't taste too good after this many years. To match a certain avatar's colors, try viewing this colour wheel or our entire avatar list. Please keep it short (or else you may not be able to fit it in your Neoboard preferences).

In the game you'll be feeding a Patamoose with Patapuffs that are available for purchase from the NC Mall.
First, petpets started to disappear and Neopians, not knowing where they were conducted an emergency search. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Neopets Signature Generator interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Simply click on an avatar to open a pop-up window with information about the avatar, including recommended colors. When gifting Patapuff packs, you can only put one pack per gift box, just like any other NC items.
When you're ready to play you'll have the opportunity to feed the Patamoose one of your Patapuffs. Once your Patamoose has been fed, take aim with your mouse and launch it through the jungle ruins.

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