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This May, Marvel is launching a new comic called Secret Wars 2099 by writer Peter David and artist Will Sliney.
David previously worked with Sliney on Spider-Man 2099, so re-teaming on this new comic is a natural fit for the creators. For the last few days Marvel has been slowly teasing the new Avengers team that will form after Secret Wars, but an image from Free Comic Book Day has leaked spoiling the whole thing. As you can see it appears the team is led by Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and The Vision who will likely mentor the young members Ms. Fox has released a hilarious Deadpool promo for next week’s Blu-Ray release that spoofs a certain type of commercial everyone has seen. Fans of the Original Series will soon be able to play in that past timeline via a new expansion coming this summer to Star Trek Online. Fox has just posted a really cool Independence Day Resurgence viral video that features some really cool new footage from the movie.

El uso de esta pagina web esta sujeto a nuestras Condiciones de uso y las compras a nuestras Condiciones de venta. Gebruik van deze website is onderworpen aan onze Gebruiksvoorwaarden en aankopen zijn onderworpen aan onze Verkoopvoorwaarden. Beginning in November, the Marvel Universe celebrates Walt Disney Pictures' 3D high-tech adventure TRON: LEGACY by producing variant covers featuring "TRON-ified" versions of Marvel's biggest heroes.
This unprecedented onetime event brings together the world's greatest super heroes with the hotly-anticipated blockbusters of the year, TRON: LEGACY. The current ongoing Spider-Man 2099 series, by the same creative team, will come to an end and it's story will continue in Secret Wars 2099. For these variant covers, artists Mark Brooks and Brandon Peterson have re-interpreted Marvel’s big guns, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America and more, in the unique visual style of the TRON universe. We have your exclusive first look at the cover, the solicit text, a few character sketches, and some info from David himself.

The great thing about Will is that if I say something isn’t right and it needs to be changed in some way, he does it immediately and comes up with stuff that’s even better than what I was thinking of." Captain America 2099 sketch by Will Sliney. Revisit the world of 2099 and see it a whole new light, as characters who have never been seen before make their first appearances – including the AVENGERS 2099. Can the ideal of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes survive in a world where megacorporations rule with an iron fist?

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