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Over the last two weeks we've had the new rosters of the Avengers and the Secret Avengers slowly released like some kind of pleasant Chinese water torture.
So I’m gonna guess that they will take out certain obvious details in these blobs, so here are my guesses for the Secret Avengers1. Although I will definitly be buying both of these, I’m just a little bit more excited for secret avengers.
If this is the Heroic age why are these Avengers Secret?  Does Civil War still matter?

Yeah, so the two new Avengers showing up on the cover of Avengers #1 are Spider-man and Wolverine. Given what looks to be a leg pouch and straps on the wrists, I’m guessing whoever #6 is happens to be wearing a SHIELD outfit. Honestly, the bottom 3 Secret Avengers look like they could be the same person in different poses. I would think Steve Rogers or Tony would convince everyone to register or Marvel will throw out the superhero registration all together.  So what are they hiding from?

I’m glad for it, honestly, because I do like the interplay between Logan and Peter and the rest of the crew. That could be cool, I was also thinking Emma but with all the messiah stuff in xmen and their absence in siege would they pull her into an avengers book?

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