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The Smogcast Request forum is now open for those wanting to talk competitive 'mons on Smogon's Twitch! All secret bases are in the secret shore area, all are triple battles (for efficiency, but healing wish won't work), all Blisseys hold toxic orb. You must wait until midnight the day after you scan the QR codes to interact with the secret base trainers. If the secret base is already occupied by another user, you can delete that user from your PC in your secret base or delete it from inside their own base.
The newest generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, have been officially announced!.
A skill that I seriously underrated, since it is an alternative way to get any Evolutionary Stone (or an Everstone, if you are unlucky) if you don't like Super Training. A skill that is only overshadowed by specific rematches within the game, namely Rich Boy Winston, Lady Cindy, and Gentleman Walter. Again, another skill that is good early, but becomes useless when you have milked it for what its worth. To increase the usefulness of this page, when posting a base, don't just give the QR code. Note that the type of trainer you appear as is important because it impacts your special skills when added as a pal.
According to Serebii's page on base decorations, people at the special base in Mossdeep City give them to you. I don't think that this has been specifically brought up in this thread, but after doing a bunch of Blissey EXP battles for myself, I can definitely say that Double battles are more efficient than Singles.
And one more tip, if you have someone's Blissey base added but they have their battle type set to singles, you can still make them a secret pal and set your own base to doubles, and then you can challenge them to a double battle inside your own base.

On that note, I'm looking for 5 bases that meet the above Blissey requirements and also have their trainer class that has the Pick Something Up skill (see this).
Lead with the 3 Pokemon you want to train, then switch to three level 100 Pokemon, with one Pokemon in the middle that is capable of OHKOing them all with Earthquake (that way the exp from kill will only be shown once and in aggregate). It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. We've now got a subscription service, so the newest articles (of your choice) are delivered right to your inbox!
I also always go online with three Blissey in my party, so you can keep my base and hope for an update to get an extra Blissey Base, I guess. Doing so will allow you to make posts, submit and view fan art and fan fiction, download fan-made games, and much more. Check out our Pokken Tournament forum's feedback and league discussion thread to throw in your suggestions!
Being able to stock up on these rare stones is something that is very unique about this skill, and is definitely one of the better skills in the game.
I guess you could use this skill if you want Big Nuggets and the likes, and at least its utility stays relatively the same, but it doesn't have a lot of net worth with it. You only get access to 4 O-Power MAX (Bargain, Prize Money, Capture, and a new one: Full Recovery), but all of them force you to dictate what you must do to milk out the most of this skill. It's in a house Southeast of the Pokemon Center and the game developers have QR codes for bases in there. It would be nice if it reverted your current base to what it was in the QR, but this is Game Freak, so it probably does nothing or doesn't let you scan it. I believe that this is the overall best setup for grinding items *coughMasterBall* and experience at the same time.

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Join us as we relive and discuss new Mega Evolutions, the Hoenn region and more, from the 3DS remakes of Ruby and Sapphire. The more utility (and by that, I mean how much time it saves, how less it degrades over time as a trainer grows, and what it offers), the higher I ranked it. The only thing it really does is make sure you don't waste money or time for friendship-boosting items, but sometimes those processes are more fruitful than this.
A lot of the QR codes being posted either have bad Blisseys, or don't list their trainer class. Having the ability to have a shot at getting rare items such as Heart Scales, Rare Candies, PP Ups, PP Maxes, and Master Balls is just downright freaking ridiculous from the standpoint of utility. You can change your trainer type by talking to the man in a suit by the map in the Rustboro City Pokemon Center. Also, what you can do on turn 1 is switch both starters for two level 100 Pokemon, that way you can skip all of the experience bar animations (which saves more time than you might think). On turn 2, send out your training Pokemon again, and on turn 3 (if you want) switch back to your level 100, and either wait for Blissey to die or just kill it. This does not work in Triples because Healing Wish fails when the trainer has no extra Pokemon in their party, but in doubles they do have one.

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