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Invest Dominica Authority (IDA) is expecting a major thrust towards investment in Dominica as one of its local investors, Secret Bay has been featured by a number of media houses and publications recently. Leading European publication a€?Caribbean Property Investora€? named Secret Bay as one the 7 most stunning places in the Caribbean in its annual Opulent Retreats listing. The property which is located in Portsmouth recently opened its doors to guests in May 2011 with 2 two large and 2 smaller-sized villas. It caters for the nature lover seeking a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere with the highest level of service.
Invest Dominica Authority is the governmenta€™s agency responsible for promoting and facilitating both local and foreign investment into Dominica. Dominica 2 (Bradt Travel Guide) second edition offers practical information on the growing health and wellness holidays, weddings and yachting parties as well as extended coverage of the rich cultural heritage. Chanel Mariniere nail polish is a new, dark navy blue hue from Chanel’s Longwear nail polish collection.
Mariniere by Chanel is a deep, dark, navy blue shade which is great to wear during the spring season; as well as the upcoming fall season. I tested out Chanel Mariniere nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. Since Chanel Mariniere was introduced as part of Chanel’s new Longwear collection, it is not attached to any particular season. Chanel Roubachka nail polish is a deep, dark purple hue from Chanel’s new longwear nail polish formula collection. For spring 2016, Chanel Roubachka nail polish is a new color from the longwear nail polish collection. I tested out Chanel Roubachka nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. If you see a color from Chanel’s new nail polish collection you would like me to test out, let me know in the comments below.
Chanel Chaine Or nail polish is a beautiful, bold, gold nail polish hue from Chanel’s new, and reformulated, longwear nail polish collection. The Chanel long wear nail polish collection includes fifteen new, reformulated nail polishes in both new colors, and best-selling colors. Chaine Or nail polish by Chanel is a fabulous first color to try from the new longwear collection. I tested out Chanel Chaine Or nail polish with one base coat, two coats of longwear color, and one top coat. Chanel Chaine Or longwear nail polish is a bold, bright gold hue which is anything but shy.
I decided if this was something I was going to try, I was going to try a matte top coat by Chanel.
Chanel Sunrise Trip is a dark purple nail polish, and I thought making a darker polish matte would look pretty. Chanel Le Top Coat Velvet went on smoothly, and a few seconds after application, I could watch my nails transform from super shiny, to luxurious matte.
I was afraid the matte top coat would be rough to the touch, but Chanel Le Top Coat Velvet is soft, and smooth; just like velvet!
I tested out Chanel Le Top Coat Velvet with one base coat, and two coats of Chanel Sunrise Trip.
The matte nail look is definitely a fun way to change up how my nail polish looks this spring season.

Pictured: Top photo Chanel Sunrise Trip nail polish for spring 2016 photographed in natural light outside.
Chanel Sunrise Trip nail polish for spring 2016, is the hot new nail color from Chanel for the spring season. I tested out Chanel Sunrise Trip nail polish with one base coat, two coats of Sunrise Trip, and one top coat (I LOVE this top coat!!), and it remained chip free!
Stay tuned, I will be reviewing two lipsticks from Chanel’s spring 2016 beauty collection next week! I tested out Chanel Troublante nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and one top coat. If you want to spice up Chanel Troublante nail polish with a bit of glitz, Chanel Le Top Coat Lame  Rouge is a great way to add some golden glimmer to this polish.
I am looking forward to wearing Chanel Troublante nail polish this holiday season, and during the winter months too!
Victoria Secret models Doutzen Kroes, Behati Prinsloo and a few others modeled for the cameras at Professional Baseball player Alex Rodriguez?s mansion in Miami, Florida on February 16, 2012 showing off their hot bodies in multiple swimsuits and lingerie. It provides all the relevant information required to establish a business in Dominica and acts as the liaison between investors and other key agencies in Dominica. It is a classic color which can easily be worn on a daily basis, with any seasonal color palette.
I see this as a classic nail polish color which can be worn for many spring, and fall seasons to come. This new for spring 2016 color offers a dark, vampy color which is mysterious, and alluring. The collection includes several favorite hues, as well as new colors for the spring season. This bright, gold hue is perfect to wear now, as we move into warmer weather, and again during the holiday season. The improved, 5-free formula, includes bioceramics, and ceramides which are known to improve the quality of the nail. I have always wanted to try out a matte top coat, but I was afraid of what it might look like. I love the effect, and next time, I plan to try it out over a light nail polish to see how it looks. I love how it looks, and I feel like I will wear the matte top coat over Sunrise Trip this spring instead of keeping it shiny. I am looking forward to testing it out with different nail polish colors this spring; as well as into the summer season. Bottom photo feature Chanel Sunrise Trip nail polish for spring 2016 photographed indoors with artificial light. My two favorite nail polish hues are purple and blue, so to have them in one nail polish is perfection! Without fail, Chanel can be counted on to set the bar extremely high in nail polish fashion for any given season. I am looking forward to wearing Chanel Sunrise Trip nail polish throughout the spring season. If you happen to be wearing a blue hue, it will look blue, if you are wearing a color from the purple family, it will look purple, and if you are wearing green or teal, it will look cobalt! If you like it, get it now, because this is definitely going to be one of those Chanel nail colors that sell out quickly before the season is over.

This color changing nail polish appears to be a metallic burgundy from some angles, and in other angles it turns into a dark gold. The nail polish lasted a full week until my nails started growing and I needed to change the color; the longevity is due mainly to this fabulous top coat. Of course, I love seeing navy in it’s traditional seasons which are spring, and fall. I love having a staple in my nail polish collection I can look forward to wearing at a particular time of the year.
This is my third bottle, and I have been extremely happy with the longevity of the polish, as well as the color selection. I cleaned my house, without gloves, in order to test the strength of Chanel’s new nail polish formula. It is a light-hearted, festive nail polish shade perfect for celebrating holidays, or life in general! I love the fact that Chanel nail polishes are made from good, safe ingredients which are not harmful, yet still deliver a chip-free manicure experience. When my nails grew after one week, I changed my nail polish which was chip-free, due to my nail growth. I love shiny nails, so the thought of doing my nails, and then slipping a matte top over my work, and not liking it, freaked me out a bit!
Chanel Le Top Coat Velvet did a great job making my shiny, Sunrise Trip nail polish matte, and velvety. When applied in artificial light, it is a bright purple hue a few shades darker than last summer’s Lavanda. This is definitely a fun color for the spring season, imagine all the conversations it will start! Whether they are reinventing a neutral, making red happen, or creating a new color never before seen by the human eye, Chanel can do no wrong. At some moments, all nails appear gold or burgundy, then a second later each nail takes on it’s own color.
This polish will look amazing this season,  not only with winter apparel, but with holiday attire too!
I feel like it works perfectly with the upcoming color palette for autumn we just saw on the runways. It withstood scrubbing the kitchen, four bathrooms, mopping the floor, picking up toys, picking up legos (you know how tedious this can be), and dusting. If you see any colors from the collection you would like me to review, please let me know in the comments below. It also looks purple indoors near a window; throwing the artificial light versus natural light theory out the window.
Sunrise Trip is just another prime example of why Chanel nail polish is so fabulous, it is two colors in one, seemingly sensible creme nail polish! When I walk outside, and the sun shines on the nail polish, or I am in the shade, Chanel Sunrise Trip nail polish looks like a vibrant cobalt blue. It is such a pretty color, and it is a great staple to keep in your nail polish collection for special occasions, holidays, and any day you feel festive!

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