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Anyone who spends their days swan diving through the stratosphere is a few chutes short of a safe landing. It may seem to be a by-the-numbers scenario for a sci-fi FPS, but the second you see Corde and his crew of armored infantry suit up and freefall toward a hotzone, it becomes clear that this isn't your daddy's FPS (assuming your dad is a gamer). TimeGate has actually managed to revamp the whole "spawning" formula that we've gotten used to in games from Halo to Call of Duty.
In Section 8, gamers will be able to take charge of elements on the battlefield called capture points. Terrain reportedly stretches for miles, which is a good thing, considering the expansive armored combat gamers can expect. Multiplayer has been confirmed at up to 16 players (32 on PC), and early screenshots and trailers look awesome.
The gameplay is very similar to the first, so for the most part, the game will feel largely the same, except for one major change and that is the ability to get off your board and move objects. There are four different gameplay modes, which include Career, Free Skate, Party Play, and online. Recently, we got a chance to sit down with EA to talk about Dead Space 3's weapon crafting system, and it's far more involved than you probably thought. Though the design team was hesitant to say there was a "grind" in Dead Space 3, per se, they did say the game was designed to make players want to play through levels multiple times to farm parts for gun crafting. In spite of my lack of "traditional" credentials or training, I like to consider myself an amateur psychologist. For Corde, and the other Section 8 operatives, a swim through the clouds is just another day above the office. Two factions deadlocked in an armed conflict in a distant future on a world very reminiscent of our own, if not Earth 2. In fact, this unique mechanic is one of the most interesting aspects of gameplay, and the trailers are creating a buzz. Typically in multiplayer, snuffed gamers wait a few moments only to respawn at some randomly selected point on the map.
When nearing the ground, soldiers will have to activate jetpacks at the right time or splat.
The developer, Black Box, decided to go with a more realistic approach than the arcade-style seen in other games. While in Free Skate you can do whatever you want, but none of the challenges available in the career mode show up here.
When they said the system could keep you occupied for hundreds of hours, they weren't kidding. You are only ever given one gun in Dead Space 3, and that's the gun you start with (which EA is not yet commenting on.) Every other gun in the game has to be built from scratch by finding parts and combining them together at workbenches strewn around the game's maps. They can simply be found as treasures or pick-ups lying around the nooks and crannies of the map.

For example, attaching a compressor to standard ammo would create a shotgun, while attaching it to a torch would make it a flamethrower. Section 8 is the newest IP from SouthPeak Games and the first for development partner TimeGate. This particular story tells the tale of a young galactic civilization (think the Republic).
The action in question is called "burning in" and it's the quickest way to enter the battlefield.
This, of course, leaves players vulnerable to roaming enemies who take potshots at players they happen to come across. Active boosts are weapons and gadgets that players equip and use in battle (any of which can be knocked off by taking damage). Thata€™s the best move, EVER!Zelda may be the focus, but Nintendo will still have surprisesThrowing all their eggs in the Zelda basket? Skate 2 feels very similar to the first game, but the developer made some additions this time around.
The Career missions will have you do certain tricks over obstacles like gaping over a waterfall while they take pictures.
You can also share parts with your co-op friends if they need a boost in order to get ahead. Frames determine whether or not the gun is one- or two-handed, though this is just an aesthetic affect at this point. Similarly, you can insert tools to allow you to fire traditional ammo, sawblades, rivets, fire, and just about any other projectile you have seen in Dead Space. All adapters affect the way your primary ammo behaves, and some combinations can create devastating effects.
The ability to make the cutter spin in multiple orientations would be an effect of a module which can then be added to essentially any gun in the game. SouthPeak hasn't been the most successful publisher since it first dipped its toe in the next-gen pool.
The darker of the two factions, the Arm of Orion, has been busy attacking and conquering the planets on the outer reaches of the galaxy.
At the beginning of conflict, presumably after some cinematics, players will be treated to a high-speed first-person view of the rapidly approaching ground.
By maneuvering your federations drop ship, players will actually be able to direct their own respawn location. Passive boosts provide intangible enhancements like speed and mobility to give you the upper hand. Some of the features include double the amount of tricks, skitching (hanging on to cars to gain more speed), the ability to create a female character, get off the board and run, and even move objects to create better situations for bigger tricks. That's because they are only making use of digital controls, meaning the character's movement is extremely limited.
The Races are probably the most fun, because they are fast and a really great way of making money.

However, some of these will reflect weapons that were designed for Dead Space 1 and 2, but that never made it into the game due to time constraints. Despite a series of creative games (and partnerships with a half dozen developers) SouthPeak has harvested lukewarm receptions from critics and gamers alike. Of course, such behavior cannot be tolerated in a polite galactic society, and the EDF, the established governmental order of the galaxy (think the Senate), calls in the dedicated men and women of Section 8 to kick some Orion arse. Though it's definitely not something we've seen before, it's already making a mark, and burning in also has tactical uses. This is especially annoying when you consider how important this new feature is to the game. Though there is only one universal ammo type in Dead Space 3, this makes ammo itself somewhat scarce.
You can also make blueprints for the guns that you design from scratch and then share these blueprints with your co-op partners. Upgrade circuits act like gems in Diablo; they increase the parameters of the gun in lieu of an actual upgrade tree. This can force enemies to drop soldiers further from conflict and offers a tactical advantage. Section 8 features three modes: single, multiplayer, or instant action- and multiplayer and instant action modes can provide additional replay value with Dynamic Combat Missions.
The maximum bet is $2,500, and with four different racers, the winner will take home $10,000. Spot Battle will have players take turns trying to perform the highest scoring trick; if they bail or crash, their turn will be over. After finding one, he will get to mining the resources for you, and after about ten minutes he will return and add them to your inventory. You can include upgrade circuits to increase firing speed, clip size, reload time, damage, and more.
It's a very interesting take on the old formula, and it adds depth to the run-and-gun multiplayer of most shooters. These objectives (ranging from assassinations to destruction objectives) reward players with additional requisition points for their respective missions. My only complaint about this mode is that it is too easy, you will always win; races are rarely close. In addition, these capture points will provide players with requisition points that allow you to access new vehicles, weapons, and armor.
There are three rounds, and players will acquire points at the end of each round depending on their performance. Another feature worth mentioning is the graphics creator, which lets you create your own graphics that can be downloaded and used on shirts, hats, and boards.

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