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Removing a lot of the hokey mist surrounding The Secret was somewhat difficult, but it paid off. Some of you are going to direct your mouse to the “close tab” button or the back button, but hear me out! The action item that can help change your life is this: Imagine the optimal outcome you would like, situation by situation. When you have a negative thought, you need to stop yourself and ask, “How do I WANT this to go?” This will direct your mind to the optimal result and get you thinking of about how to achieve it.
I’m not promising magical results, I’m promising that you will ultimately have a more positive attitude. I know about the issues with being a realist because this is how I have dealt with life the last five years.
In realism, I would approach decisions and situations with a “realistic” view that always seemed to be on the negative side. Things changed the time that I learned to stop my thoughts, give 20 seconds of visualization about how I WANT things to go, and then focus on what I could do to have the positive come about. I teach a class every once and awhile where I was able to make a huge positive change with this lesson from The Secret. Now for my lessons, I think of all the points I want to get across, how I want the information relayed, and that this could turn out to be an amazing lesson. So, institute this question every time you have anxiety, negative feelings, or are imagining a failure.

Don’t be overwhelmed thinking that you can’t change because you are or have been in a negative existence for awhile.
Skip links Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Contrariwise: Literary TattoosThe original literary tattoo blog! I’ll tell you the one important lesson that can be derived from this book that can bring results. My sacrifice revealed an actual action item that has helped me throughout my business and personal life. I’m not going to talk about energy or magic-like magnetism that is referred to throughout Rhonda Byrne’s book. Asking yourself this question will help get your thinking away from the negative… and thinking about the negative often brings a bad result. By imagining how you want something to happen, you are focusing more on the positive items.
So many of us think that we should be “realists” (tending to think about negative outcomes vs thinking about optimal outcomes) so we won’t set up ourselves up for failure. However, that changed when I almost lost it all (including my life when I was held up at gun point). Things seemed to never work out because I was always focused on what would go wrong because I thought that was the responsible thing to do. I used to always approach the lesson thinking, “I hope this or that doesn’t happen.” I would imagine all of the embarrassing pauses or mess-ups that could happen.

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