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Amidst a hodgepodge of GTA 5 Alien sightings, UFO appearances, Flying Saucers, strange codes, and jetpack rumors, a tantalizing unsolved mystery continues to frustrate players.
Explorers have found  spacecraft hovering over mountaintops and concealed in the skies high above significant landmarks. Delvers have reportedly made some progress in the meta-game, discovering Jetpack References in Source Code, but the mystery remains perplexing and unsolved.
For over a year, dedicated GTA 5 players have combed the map of San Andreas amassing clues, searching for anything which might explain the meaning of the glyphs. The carefully hidden painting beneath the platform atop Chiliad’s highest point is the sighting point for a well-documented postgame Flying Saucer appearance, which takes place late at night during thunderstorms.
Meanwhile, other users have drawn a connection between the fountain outside Maze Bank and the egg. An alternate theory (image below) involves lining up the eye at the top of the mountain (red dot) with the glyphs on the the side of the mountain (green dots) leaving one half faded glyph (green circle).
While intriguing, these theories fail to address the purpose of the connecting lines between Glyphs, as well as the three large symbols.
After the release of the GTA Content Creator, players utilizing the tool discovered that a sealed elevator door in Ft. Online communities of UFO hunters have focused largely on a resemblance of the humanoid glyph to a person riding a jetpack.

The breaks between examples below are limited by video capture capibilities, not by any distinctive breaks in the text. After meeting Omega in the desert, a series of glowing, pulsing Spaceship Parts appear scattered throughout San Andreas. Is there something still hidden in the game waiting to be discovered by a world full of searchers, or does an answer await in DLC? Online communities have grown up around the mystery, with members swapping notes, exchanging discoveries, and systematically testing, substantiating, and debunking theories. Chiliad was one of the earliest sources of intrigue for GTA conspiracy-hunters.The main map is remarkably similar to the shaft and chamber layout of a pyramid, suggesting the possible existence of a subterranean dungeon.
One of these chambers might prove to be a secret area or a teleporter leading to hidden content.
Chiliad Map should be laid over the GTA 5 pack-in paper map to reveal a number of significant locations. Some players believe the script might contain a decipherable code, others believe it to have ties to Yoga positions which are themed throughout the camp. The GTA 5 Special Edition map includes a UFO part location revealed by exposure to black light. Tracking them down leads to the creation of a tiny spacecraft, and unlocking of the Space Docker.

The evidence strongly suggests a relationship between the mountain and the mysterious uninterpreted Glyphs. Some interiors have been explored and proved to be set pieces for cut scenes, but others remain to be examined. Current efforts center around centering the map above the northward edge of the island, though this produces no discernible explanation for the three main Glyphs.
The door has often been a source of speculation as a possible entry point to an underground area related to the Mt. While the meaning of many of the symbols within have been encrypted, the large icons of cracking egg, a spaceship, and a humanoid form remain an intriguing puzzlement. When we know, you’ll know, gentle readers.Check back often for updates, and add your own discoveries to the GTA 5 Wiki.

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