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Copyright © 1999 - 2011 Southeastern Outdoors a Division of Southeastern Computer Services. I once found a Pegassi Vacca in Vinewood Hills, but it never respawned.Yeah, I thought I spotted one early too so I went back there to find one for one of the missions and I couldn't find it. There are lots of cars I have yet to see at all, so I'm gonna list them and hope someone knows some spawn info: FIB Special Vehicles (Buffalo and Granger) Unmarked Police Cruiser Annihilator Helicopter Skylift Helicopter Hotknife (Collector's Ed.

Nevermind my post from before, I confused the Rat Loader with the Dune Loader, never saw the Rat before.
Could anyone tell me where to find the Grotti Stinger GT, aswell as the Chrysler Crossfire thingy.
Click on any secret image you like to add to your profile by using covry facebook app easily! I never grabbed one on my first file, and it creates a restore point if you replay a mission, so I'll be where I left off, without the car.

It's bad enough they removed the Zombie, but the Daemon is the only real motorcycle in the game that isn't a dumb-looking Hexer. There are 2 Rebels listed in the vehicle info.I see those all the time driving around in the Blaine County area.

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