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How do you catch Gibble in wayward cave in Pokemon pearlThere is two entrances to Wayward cave. Where is the TM Earthquake in Wayward Cave in Pokemon diamondFirst, you need to go to the secret entrance of Wayward cave. How do you get past ramps in wayward cave in secret entrance2 find the secret part of wayward cave, u have 2 go under the cyclin road and go up to the north, there's a secret entrance somewhere there. There are many places you can access with Strength, such as the secret part of Wayward Cave (this will be further introduced).
A colored background means that the Pokemon can be found in this location in the specified game. Professor Rowan then talks about some results of his research about Pokemon evolution, and mentions the Lake guardians -- Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf. Head to the northwest corner, where a lot of Magikarp are flopping, and use your Dowsing Machine to help you collect a hidden HP Up. There is almost nothing here, other than the final Team Galactic Commander you encounter in the game— Saturn. After beating you defeat Saturn, he tells you that Commander Mars should have caught Mesprit in Lake Verity by this time. As you need to fly to Twinleaf Town, you may stop by your home (which is where you land) and talk to your in-game Mom to heal your Pokemon.
Now head north to Route 201, head west and go through Verity Lakefront, just like how you go to Lake Verity at the start of your game. So, once back in Eterna city, I heal up and head to the Galactic Building to rescue the Bicycle manager!(Itotallydonothaveanalteriormotivenuhuh) Inside I'm confronted by a grunt right at the door!
If it's a match that has some big impact (nearly loosing a pokemon, loosing a pokemon, close battle), I would definitely suggest being as descriptive as possible as to what happens, which attacks are used, how much health is lost, etc, to keep readers gripped. As to the battles - I was going to go into more descriptions for this one, but other than Skunktank vs Leo, he pretty much one-shot all my pokemon, and losing so many all at once where there was nothing I could do pretty much shot my enthusiasm to hell about describing it :P. Ok, after speaking to people on IRC and regarding Kharrak's suggestion, I'm going to continue from just before the Jupiter fight. No trading unless its a requirement for evolution, no brand new pokemon can be aquired by trade. I train my pokemon better this time, so they're more on par with Jupiter's snuntank, and climb the Galactic building once more, intent on revenge.

Once I reach Heartholme city, I'm stopped by a Buneary, who's trainer finds me shortly after - one of the cities Contest judges, she urges me to take part in them, but I'm not so sure. I'd prefer NOT to choose Espeon or Umbreon since happiness training takes forever on non-baby pokemon, and plus I ALWAYS choose those two. The only two pokemon I'm definitely keeping in my party at all times are River and Batster, so opinions on who the other four should be! I would normally evolve Evee into a umbreon or espeon but seeing as you don't want that, I would say turn it into a flareon or leafeon seeing as you have a lack of fire types and leaf types. There is a side quest inside the cave where the player can join a NPC Trainer named Mira and lead her out of the cave.
There is a hidden entrance directly under Cycling Road west of the main Wayward Cave entrance. There is a hidden entrance obscured by Cycling Road that holds a basement floor, filled with various bike obstacles such as muddy slopes and jump ramps.
Pokemon located in the main entrance (excluding swarm, Poke Radar and Dual-slot Pokemon) will be faced in Double Battles if the player is with Mira. Note: Trainers listed below may be battled either in Single or in Double Battle mode, optionally with Mira as partner. You can also get to Routes 216-217, Lake Acuity and Snowpoint City, but this is not recommended. He instructs his aide to go to Lake Verity, you to Lake Valor and Barry to Lake Acuity, saying that he needs a tough Trainer to go there. I'd like to see this idea continue, BUT, if you just continue from a resave before the battle, it cheapens the experience, since there will be no drama, no danger. It also provides more material to read, which gets readers more attached to the story, the experience, and the pokemon used (so that they can cheer for their favs, and mourn them when they are lost). Of course Skuntank gets through its own confusion and starts with its godamn Nightslash spam!
Jupiter can't believe she was beaten, and retreats, with the Bicycle shop manager thanking me, and telling me to visit his shop later! I head under the cycling road itself, and into a secret entrance to Wayward Cave, where a couple of rare pokemon might be hiding, I'm right! Once found, she joins the player while exploring the cave, causing wild Pokemon to be encountered in Double Battles.

There is a hidden entrance of Wayward Cave under the Cycling Road west of the main entrance of the cave. Head to the top floor, and Rival Barry will lead you to the desk, which Professor Rowan and his aide Lucas or Dawn are waiting there. When you regain control, you may talk to the other people in the library, and you'll find that everyone talks something different. He tells me that Team Galactic aren't that smart(NOWAI) and he doesn't know their true objectives just yet(Neither do most of the grunts it seems). If I used less potions I'd probably hit another brick wall one gym later, without potions Skuntank woulda killed me even faster. If you are determined to get through this route now, be prepared for the worst situation, as the Town Map mentioned. Use Repels, Super Repels or Max Repels to repel the wild Pokemon, so that you can get the items successfully. Gible's evolutionary line has a high Attack stat and learns a lot of good Dragon-type and Ground-type moves (such as Dragon Claw and Dig). Yes, where you arrive in is where you chased the Galactic Grunt all the way to and where Cynthia gave you the Secret Potion. It will allow you to try again, and continue the story with what you have, but will still have the potential danger of completely failing eventually, if you loose the game 3 times.
Another Night Slash from Skuntank sends Batster reeling, and I have to heal him with a Super potion. However, you will find Gible at Level 15 to 17, which is a distance from your Pokemon's level -- your Pokemon's level should be around Lv.40 by now.
Use Strength to push the boulder in the middle to the north, then go through the stairs to the basement. I also meet that strange man who was at the Lake and Eterna Cities statue - He tells me how in myth all of Sinnoh started at Mt.
Coronet, where time and space expanded, and its the weakness of the human race that brought strife into this world.

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