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In accordance with this wisdom, selected raw materials are blended and processed in a traditional ancient method to produce Secret Ceres. Already during antiquity the pomegranate was considered not only the fruit of love and passion but also a strong aphrodisiac.
Its juice is very rich in vitamins and acts as a tenderizer due to its content of proteolytic enzymes. Symbolically they are reputed as a love remedy and were the base ingredient of the ecstatic and aphorizing ’Han – Shi’ (five-minerals powder) in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Due to its cleansing, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties Kaolin is a frequently used base ingredient in the production of cosmetics. I am very happy to be promoting this wonderful product which has given me a new vagina, much to my partner’s amazement. Please, do not use these comics as content for your website without permission from the respective author. Feel free to save the images to enjoy them in your computer or maybe print them just for fun. About Adina loves the unknown as she believes the unknown to be the place where the answers to the most burning questions in life can be found.
Any kind of vaginal problem should be checked out by a gynecologist.  This way, you can be sure you’re treating the right infection and that you don’t have any unexpected complications.  Stay healthy!
Before anything else, it’s essential to ensure that the itching is a result of something in your lifestyle and not a vaginal infection.
Two other potential culprits that many women don’t expect to cause problems are laundry detergent and personal items like lubricant and condoms. When an itchy vagina persists even after removing all potential irritants from your daily hygiene routine, you must keep looking for the source. Knowing the causes of an itchy vagina and how to treat them is a big help when faced by this problem.
The lengthy growth process of the natural resources in a fertile, rich and unpolluted environment and tropical eco-systems provide the essence for a product of highest purity, quality, bio-energetic potency and effectiveness. During this ancient manufacturing process these bio-energies are incorporated into each stone in order to be released inside of the body.
In cultures around the world the pomegranate ever since stood as an archetypal symbol for versatility in unity as well as sensual love, passion, potency and fertility.
The fruit rind and root bark have an astringing effect and are furthermore known to have styptic, cleansing, antibacterial, antifungal and regenerating properties.
During this process the rain transfers the calcium carbon contained in the rocks into soluble calcium carbon. The mineral stimulates the skin’s renewal process, flabby skin is revitalized and unsightly wrinkles may be reduced. She started My Secret Ceres to help all the women who face intimate problems or just want to feel fresh, young and healthy. A doctor will be able to give you the best diagnosis, but there are some things you can look for that will clue you in as to whether or not that is the case.
This includes more than just feminine hygiene products like pads and tampons, although those are important too. Laundry detergent, when heavily concentrated or used in large amounts, can leave a residue on clothing.
Instead of taking time for an embarrassing visit to the doctor or an awkward conversation with a friend, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to soothe and then eliminate the itching altogether. Punica seeds contain an oil which contains not only the steroidal oestrogen, estrone (one of three female sexual hormones), in the highest concentration found in any botanical species, but also a full range of non-steroidal phytoestrogens (estrogens derived from plants) including the comesten, cumestrol, and the isoflavones, genistein and daidzein. In the inside of the cave the reversed chemical process takes place: the continuous dripping makes carbon dioxide secrete from the water while the remaining bi-carbon is insoluble and segregates in the form of magnificent sinter formations. Kaolin is created by the decomposition and transformation of silicate rock and is in its purest form snow-white, inodorous and nearly tasteless. An itching vagina can make you uneasy about going out, and sex can seem downright impossible. The two most common symptoms of vaginal infections are irritation (like itching) and unusual discharge.
Soap, shampoo, perfume, personal lubricant, and even laundry detergent can cause an itchy vagina.
Some things in your lifestyle that may lead to vaginal dryness are frequent intercourse and not drinking enough water.
Remember, by following the above suggestions you can also help prevent itching from returning.

Secret Ceres is a unique tool that tightens and supports the healing process of the vagina while simultaneously stimulating the body’s own cleansing mechanism as well as the regeneration of skin tissue in a completely natural manner.The biological exfoliation of the callus inside of the vagina sensitizes, cleanses and regenerates the vagina as well as having a positive effect on the consistency and aroma of its secretion. While itching can sometimes be a symptom of an infection, it’s more commonly a result of a simple change in vaginal conditions.
Not to be confused with simple spotting, unusual discharge occurs when there’s a sudden change in the color, consistency, or amount of fluid. That’s why there are special types of detergent for baby clothes, as babies obviously have very sensitive skin.
There’s nothing wrong with having sex often; in fact it’s healthy as it promotes blood flow to the area. A decrease in the level of estrogen specifically is responsible for vaginal changes at this time. By shedding off the dead skin cells of the superficial layers of the vagina’s epithelial skin, Secret Ceres help regenerating and balancing the vaginal micro-flora while sustaining the humidity level and substance balance of the vagina.In fact, I am sure Secret Ceres is one of the best products out there to maintan an overall beautiful vagina.
This can be due to irritating hygiene products, hormonal changes, frequent intercourse, or a number of other factors. While a pink, lavender vanilla scented panty liner might seem fun and cute, it really is not something that should be used on such a sensitive area. The vagina is a sensitive area so it makes sense that laundry detergent could also cause an itchy vagina. Women may notice the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, including an itchy vagina, at any time shortly before or during menopause. Since many centuries Asian women have used Secret Ceres as a natural means to purify and tighten their vaginas as well as to rejuvenate and nurture their female organs.
Switching to the baby clothes detergents mentioned above, at least for washing your undergarments, can help. Doctors often prescribe topical or oral estrogen supplements to combat the thinning and inflammation that leads to other forms of irritation.
The synergetic interaction of selected herbal extracts, minerals and crystals balances structural deficiencies of the body while accelerating the cell renewal process in the body. Read on to learn how to find out what’s behind your itchy vagina and how to eliminate it at the source.
Finally, always choose basic unflavored and unscented lubes and condoms if your vagina is particularly sensitive.
Many of these products are safe for men but don’t take vaginal health into consideration as much. Surgical removal of the ovaries and certain cancer treatments can lead to vaginal atrophy as well, and are treated in the same way. Every woman’s vagina has a natural scent, but when this scent becomes overwhelming or unpleasant, something needs to be done to fix it. Douching is popular but removes good as well as bad bacteria and can do more harm than good, especially if you’re already dealing with an itchy vagina. The general recommendation is eight glasses a day, but you may need more or less depending on your body’s chemistry. Breastfeeding also causes estrogen levels to drop, but treatment typically isn’t necessary as the levels return to normal once breastfeeding stops.
By supporting the body’s own cleansing mechanism Secret Ceres can help you get rid of bad vaginal odor.
Secret Ceres also have a positive effect on the aroma and consistency of the vaginal secretion.It's refreshing effects aid in shedding off the dead cells of the vaginal skin and help to regenerate and balance the micro flora of the vagina.
Every vagina has its own scent but when that smell becomes bad odor it can be really embarrassing for a woman.
Secret Ceres can help you to regain an odor-free vagina and enjoy your sex to the fullest.You are here as you are searching for some perfect solution helping you to get rid of the vaginal problems. I was constantly suffering from an itchy and burning feeling as well as unpleasant discharge. Since I found out about Secret Ceres, it has changed my life and has since become an essential part of my hygienic routine. Immediately after the use I was surprised because I became so tight that it scared me at first.
But within 1 day the entire skin inside of my vagina shed off and regenerated and renewed itself and became supple and soft. To my boyfriend Secret Ceres is the 8th world wonder, since our sex had always been anything but relaxed so far. Fortunately my girlfriend told me about this natural alternative to successfully counteract and cure thrush.

Secret Ceres definitely has a strong effect on my erotic appearance and hormone production. When my girlfriend told me about the product or respectively a certain incident she had after using it, I thought she’s exaggerating. Until I witnessed one incident myself and started to consider that it might really have something to do with the stick. I feel and appear more feminine, more sensual and erotic……guys are on my case like crazy and complicated things suddenly appear so simple!!!
40, Berlin “Since the first application of Secret Ceres I am impressed without a doubt.
The product supports the vaginas own healing potential and rejuvenates it with its natural ingredients of Pomegranate, Drip Stones and Kaolin. Each of the ingredients of Secret Ceres has beneficial properties to rejuvenate your sexual desire and contain anti-inflammatory properties. These gifts of nature have the potentiality to make your vagina clean, fresh and visually appealing to your man. It thus aids to smooth, clean, and tighten the skin of your vagina with its antiseptic, deodorizing and healing properties.Of course, feeling youthful will make you confident enough to bind your love within you! Also, Secret Ceres will keep your vagina infection free and also heals a infected vagina with its cool and refreshing effect.Women who are feeling a loose vagina can regain the tightness to enjoy sex at its most by using Secret Ceres. Be it the 19 years young beauty, the 30 years of mature woman or the middle aged 50s -I am sure that Secret Ceres is a gift for all.The fantastic formula of Secret Ceres to clean and deodorize helps women to gain control over their insecurities of their vagina.
The product will leave you feel purified and fresh.Secret Ceres is made of effective and highly-valued natural products and is totally free of chemical effects.
Saving my love life and my overall well being it gives me the happiness that I really cannot describe in words. You will feel a tingling feelung and the tightening effect after some minutes.Secret Ceres is recomended to be used1 to 2 times in a week. You can also apply it daily if there is a state of imbalance like mycoses or infection persisting in the vaginal flora. However, you may feel a burning sensation if there is any severe imbalance of the vaginal flora.
But don’t worry: The burning sensation denotes the healing process and will diminish along with the decreasing of the symptoms. When you start using Secret CeresI recommend usingit for no longer than 20-30 seconds for the first applications and observe how your body reacts, since every women is different. Thus, you are to feel that youthful and sensuous feeling.Secret Ceres is also recommended to use in decreased libido and maintenance of the vagina and the female sexual organs. My e-mail inquiries were answered promptly and all my questions were addressed professionally.
I feel so confident and clean and fresh every time I use it and my sex life has improved dramtically because of it. I was curious at first and did my research, I hold a Diploma in Aromatherapy so I know that the main ingredients in this product do in fact deliver therapeutic benefits.
My stick took two weeks to arrive and I was excited to receive it, I tried it vaginally the very first day. Now a bit of background on me: I had a total adbominal hysterectomy in 2005, all I have left is my vagina.
Five years on into Menopause I am only 38 yrs old and was starting to struggle with inflamation, bad smell and dryness of the vagina. I thought it was a coincidence and it won't last, since that first application I have been tighter, almost smell free (there is a slight natural odour with summer coming on) and fresh feeling all the time.
I love this product and will continue to use it for the rest of my life now that I have found it. Thank you ladies for providing the rest of the world access to this product, it has been my savior. It does truly exfoliate the vagina, but because it does, I would recommend that you plan to use it when you won't be intimate with another person for a day or two, at least the first time you use it.

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