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Sur plusieurs videos j’ai vu que les frettes des guitare et de la basse sont droites.
The UR piece, “Medium Aevum” is the original of a song Ishraqiyun has been covering for many years, familiar from SC3 live gigs (but never recorded).
The flipside is FORMS' energetic and comprehensive piano-roll band organ rendition of the Sousa masterpiece, “Stars and Stripes Forever.” Faithful in all details to the original composition, the tune gets a temperamental update according to the mood of the times. Mighty Wurlitzer Pipe Organ -plus- SC3 rhythm section renditions of Saint Saens’ “Danse Macabre” (heard live lately) and Spruance’s “Apocryphon of Jupiter” (never heard). Some will undoubtedly be wondering, yes, some (but not all) of these «singles» tunes are slated to come out later on «albums» (not on Book of Souls: Folio B).
So my first question is about how a kid who was playing something like The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny at 17 turned to be interested in gnostic and esoteric writings ? So it made me more curious actually and I think that from being open to that, I actually ended up finding the persan philosophy from the safavid era (between 12th and 13th century in Iran).
And I’m not even really against western music having become this sort of regimented, rigid system of supposedly perfect tones that ignore harmonic reality completely. If I’m not mistaken, the first track from NT Fan appeared recently on Satellite Supersonic, Vol. He wrote a couple years ago that NT Fan was kind of the Hidden Imam of SC3, and was never to be shown. Les explications de Trey Spruance sur l’harmonie ne sont pas specialement claires pour moi non plus. It's all done on the decaying early 20th Century devices of the FORMS «Mausolee Mecanique», which here are manipulated by Matt Lebofsky's decrepit fingers, William Winant and Kenny Grohowski's dusty beaters, Timba Harris' rat-chewed piccolo bowings, and Spruance's endlessly cobwebbed weavings.
Features the Golden State Theater Mighty Wurlitzer in Monterey, CA, augmented by the band’s live magic organ rig, all played by the just-mentioned cast of «Mausolee Mecanique» mannequins. After Nietzsche, you have people beating their head on that ceiling and making it bloody and ugly and disgusting.

It’s a very graceful balance between the rational approach to philosophy and a very open universe where the mystical dimension is being paid equal honor, if not more so. A friend of mine likes to picture you and mike patton as two teenagers looking at tons of horror movies in a couch. We have learned that there are some who seem to feel a bit sour about «singles» coming out before «albums». On the other hand, you have people afraid of looking at the ceiling, jumping off the ladder, falling all way down to the ground.
It’s the way, in fact, Aristotle himself said it should be and, for some reason, that approach changed in the western world. That’s why there is shared thematic material between the different bands, because they all process things differently. So they’re very definite and you know exactly where you are in the ball based on what the tensions are.
So our kind of very nihilistic reaction to it was to be not just asexual but completely socially withdrawn and reclusive and weird about that kind of stuff. The punk rock was way too life affirming, people were too together, too idealistic and thought they were gonna change things. So, in order that no one gets that sour taste again, we recommend that, if you are one of the very few afflicted by this phobia, that you avoid acquiring these items.
If you think about it, we blame Aristotle for all kind of conceptual problems we have in the West. While, knowing that we actually condition everything, they full well knew that our perceptions condition and color every phenomenon that comes into it.
So sometimes the material pre-exists and goes through the different bands filter, and sometimes the idea behind the band is what generates the music material. So I can only say that now that I’ve maybe looked to the side and seen different ladders that goes right through that so-called ceiling with no problems at all.

So how can you possibly say that you’ll discover the nature of things by chasing things that are conditioned by your perceptions ? That’s a sort of bonehead explanation but when you go into it, you discover that the synthesis is actually the a priori phenomenon and the opposition between the thesis and the anti-thesis is a coincidence, a co-incidence that comes out of the a priori synthesis. I think sometimes that in the band it is thought as an anonymity thing, something to make us anonymous.
And we know precisely where we doing it, when we’re doing it on the three different stages of a tetrachord.
The way that Ismaelis think about it, where they use the Seven Imams system or the Twelve Imams system with the Mahdi, it’s the person that leads the natural person back to the divine person or the divine personhood.
And the persan philosopher at the safavid era, specifically, are extremely lucid and extremely balanced with regard to both perspective. I think that’s what was lost when we shifted everything to equal temperament, we forgot that we imposed this harmonic rule and how we derived the twelve tones. So, in a way, it would be completely irresponsible from me to say anything about it, because this isn’t about my ego. And I feel that is why how I refer to them is really as honoring the fact that they did that and that they did it very very fucking well.
I invited the bant to create their own costumes so we could take it to the next place, where you involve your own personnality a bit more. I think he’s progressed a thousand fold since he did that, as a musician, as a person.

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