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As always with Secret Cinema, there has been much hype and anticipation about which film it is this time around.
This presentation follows their production of “The Third Man”, which had an audience of more than 19,000 travel to 1940’s Vienna in the middle of Clerkenwell. Having been to several Secret Cinema events, this certainly has to be their biggest and boldest project to date. Last night Brave New Ventures recruits gathered at a meeting point, close to Euston Station before being led round the corner to an old petrol station.
After an initial online evaluation to assess candidates personalities and their suitability for a variety of 9 different job roles. The aim – to transport you into the film and ultimately give you a deeper connection with the film than simply watching in a darkened cinema in the high street.
All the way up until the screening begins – although you have a good idea, you never quite know 100% what the film is, and that is part of the magic. This entry was posted in A la une, Soirees insolites and tagged cinema, Londres, soiree, tendance.
Du voyage mais insoliteDepuis 2008, je parcours le web, et parfois le monde, a la recherche de l'insolite histoire de vous proposer des hebergements originaux, des vacances insolites, bref en partageant mes decouvertes qui changeront peut-etre votre prochain voyage. From cheap budget hotels to luxury 5 star suites see our special offers for Secret Cinema hotels, including Holiday Inn Express London-Swiss Cottage from 59% off. It’s impossible to watch the Star Wars films (especially the original trilogy) without wanting to be a part of them: drifting out into a universe of star destroyers and droids, of Jedi and Sith Lords, and Han and Chewie and the Millennium Falcon. Secret Cinema’s The Empire Strikes Back event, the latest offering from the immersive cinema company, isn’t exactly the same as actually being in a Star Wars film – but it’s probably still the closest you’re going to get whilst still actually in this galaxy.
The set itself is spectacular: a vast, sprawling affair in east London, reportedly twice the size of last year's Back to the Future installation, incorporating several different zones and worlds, including a sandy Tattooine-inspired marketplace, with stalls galore, and bustling caves and cantinas to explore.
The experience is a little like being on a foreign holiday (there's a vaguely Moroccan vibe) or at a festival – albeit one where Jawas trade spices, stormtroopers patrol the streets, inducing nervous giggles, and where familiar characters such as Chewbacca and C3PO can be glimpsed around every corner.
Secret Cinema is, of course, an interactive theatre event, meaning that the quality of the experience itself depends on just how much you, as an audience member, are inclined to interact.
Luckily, the fate of the rebellion wasn’t actually hanging on our shoulders, and, as the night progressed into more actor-led, staged elements, a mood of pure exhilaration took over. All this served as the perfect build-up the main event of the night: a screening of The Empire Strikes Back.
The screening itself is punctuated by performances by actors, who appear at select intervals to silently act out some of the events occurring in front of them on the big screen.

As part of their work, they’re taking the stories that drive films off the silver screen and into the world around viewers. This time, we have also been treated to 4 mini missions in the build up to the launch night. Including; Guidelink, Control Operator, Control Stabiliser, Investment Aide, Matter Analyst, Ore Surveyor, Data Scientist, Field Analyst and Containment Officer. There is so much going on that most people will leave having had their own unique experience depending on their route through the complex.
The cryptic journey that leads you to this point is so well thought out and credit to the organisers for planning the different stages of unveiling the film.
Wondered why all these numpties were dressed up outside Euston Station and now understand the nonsense. Mais savez vous qu’on aime le cinema aussi a Londres mais de facon un peu insolite ?!
My friend and I gamely got involved, chatting to stall holders and aliens: at one point, we were given a “mission”, to help the rebellion, and were tasked with delivering an item to a mysterious character. Rather than completing our mission, we spent the night getting chatted up by an (authentically smooth, impressively in-character) Lando Calrissian, drinking in cantinas and being offered a “treatment” by a frankly quite frightening alien doctor. As soon as the movie finished, on its famous, bittersweet cliffhanger, it was difficult not to want to continue the story, and walk straight into a Return of the Jedi themed event (Ewoks and all). For the first rule of Secret Cinema, an ever-growing London project for site-specific screenings of cult classics, is simple: Tell No One. The first evening of people arrived in the correct attired based on their pre-determined job titles allocated to them by CEO of Brave New Ventures, Victoria Hale. There is a real sense of togetherness at these events, it is an experience, not just a screening. Et lorsque vous rentrez dans le lieu, un lieu forcement insolite, en tout cas entierement decore pour le theme du film, vous decouvrez enfin le film ! We finally tried to complete our task, only to discover that we’d inadvertently lost the item in question.
If you haven’t and you like films, then you must go along and experience it for yourself.
If a production like this was done badly then it could be a pretty dull affair – this is not the case with Secret Cinema.
L’invitation vous donne un point de rendez-vous (sans que ce soit forcement le lieu meme) et le theme. Une projection dans une ambiance donc insolite mais la soiree ne s’arrete evidemment pas au generique de fin.

Car oui on va au Secret Cinema deguise, tout du moins habille en raccord avec le theme propose dans l’invitation.
Tell no one.”Guests that sign up with Secret Cinema are agreeing to see a mystery film in a mystery location, with unknown elements of live immersion. In its showing of Shawshank Redemption, the company dressed more than 21,000 guests in prison uniforms, led them through gang showers, and locked them up in prison cells as part of the themed viewing. The buzz was like being at a festival – one specially curated around a single enduring cultural artifact. They get to experience essential thematic elements that are tied to the film’s story.As part of the experience, the company uses highly unusual and evocative locations as the stage for the broader production. And then it was screened, to an enormous and packed house, and my appreciation of a film I already adored hit the roof, elevated in this unprepossessing, specially customised space to something little short of communal worship. Participants are given enough information to inspire the imagination: dress codes, ideas for props, and other context details. The idea is that everyone comes together to create a truly immersive experience, that culminates in viewing the movie. But it all happens against a backdrop of mystery, since the film is unknown and much of the community is built on the idea of secrets. Speculating as to what’s coming is part of the fun!The company’s first venture in 2007 transformed underground tunnels in London into an indulgent environment to bring to life the Gus Van Sant classic Paranoid Park. Today the events have grown to encompass thousands or tens of thousands of people in a single performance.
Secret Cinema even managed to hold simultaneous screenings in London and Kabul, Afghanistan for one project.
For example, as part of a 2010 screening of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, patients were admitted to a “psychiatric hospital and treated.” In one interview, the founder has likened the productions – which can employ hundreds of staff to bring to life– to pulling off a film production.
What’s important to comprehend, though, is that this is being achieved all while accounting for the X factor that can be contributed by hundreds of guests.Changing the context of film isn’t a wholly new idea.
Consider the innovations that range from drive-in theaters that blend cinema and nature to the DVD which brings film into the home. It’s creating an intentional environment that enhances the film watching experience, and augmenting that with thematic experiences, actors, costumes, and more.  Recently, we explored the trend of mystery vacations.

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