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I live with two aspiring secret agents, who sometimes need to send important cryptic messages to each other. We like leaving secret code notes for each other in unusual places – the bathroom mirror, under a pillow, in the freezer, at the bottom of the slide. Amy is happiest surrounded by her husband, her three amazing kids, stacks of books, and craft supplies. In addition to experimenting with lemon juice as invisible ink, we’ve been having loads of fun trying out various secret codes and ciphers. Write the alphabet on your paper, then write it backwards directly underneath your letters.
I also use them to surprise the girls with spur-of-the-moment park outings or ice cream dates.

This takes a little bit more planning and time, but is a great way to spend a hot afternoon inside. Write the code keys inside the front cover, then take turns asking questions, writing notes of encouragement, or telling jokes – all in code!
With a background in psychology, early childhood education, and elementary teaching, Amy is a supporter of playing dress-up, digging in the dirt, and squeezing out puddles of glue. And as a bonus, playing with secret codes is a great way to sneak some writing into your summer days! To write your message, look at the top (orange) letters and write the bottom (blue) letters.
Two letters have to share a space – I chose I and J, since they would not be easily confused in a word.

At her blog, Let’s Explore, Amy shares her family’s experiences creating, imagining, and playing together. To decipher it, find the letters on the bottom line, and write the corresponding letters from the top line. Each letter is represented by the lines around it, and the second letter in each space also gets a dot.

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