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Our second album Stars Never Looked So Bright was released on april, 2nd 2001, exactly 15 years ago. To celebrate this anniversary we have decided to give it away as a digital download for free - or an offer of your choice - for just 24 hours. On 2 november 2014 we performed our album Ashram Equinox in its entirety live in the stunning environment of the ex church of San Quirino in Parma. Starting today up until Christmas the full digital discography of Julie's Haircut is available at half price! This record is also available (not through us!) as part of the 4LP box set Side Effects at Norman Records.
Now just give us some time to imagine different sounds, different melodies, different harmonies and we hope to be back in front of you as soon as possible with some new music. Lastly: a big thank you and an embrace to all of you who have decided at least for once to spend your time listening to our music instead of doing anything else.
We are very sorry to announce that due to serious family issues we need to cancel the two shows in Mainz and Strasbourg planned for tonight and tomorrow. It is with an enormous weight on our hearts that we need to share the saddest of all news with you. Copies of the single LP Sidesteps including our track will be available through our own online shop by the end of august. We've travelled for 3500 kms through 6 nations, played 6 shows in 6 days, met a lot of old and new friends, ate the best and the worst food ever, slept anywhere, passed through snow and sunshine but most of all we've played some of the most enjoyable shows we've ever played.
The extremely cool blog The Active Listener has included our new song "Karlsruhe" in its latest sampler volume 26. Sycamore Age's remix of Tarazed is included in the Ashram Equinox Deluxe Edition available as a digital download at all digital stores. The new deluxe edition of Ashram Equinox is available for a full preview streaming on the Rockit site.
Here is one of the outtakes included in the new deluxe edition of our album Ashram Equinox, out on october 27th. The new Deluxe Edition of our latest album Ashram Equinox will be available on all online stores by the 27th of october. We will tour Italy in november for a last round of special indoor theatre shows featuring the stunning live visuals by VJ Klein, then we will head for Germany, Switzerland and Benelux in mid january.
A special Deluxe Edition which will include unreleased material is currently under work and will see the light of day by november as a digital release. The mexican netzine Ozivit Music has just released a new compilation totally focused on italian bands. As we’re beginning the summer tour for Ashram Equinox today, we have decided to release a new remix for you to download.
On Saturday May the 28th, 1994 Julie’s Haircut played their first live show ever at Fahrenheit 451 in their hometown Sassuolo.
Our pal Giancarlo Frigieri – who was an early member as a drummer for Julies between 1995 and 1996 and now has had his own thing going for years as a singer-songwriter – has recovered a bootleg recording of that evening on an old audio cassette. Our master and friend Philip Corner took upon himself to digitalize the tape recording and delivered it to us. So, today being exactly 20 years since that evening when Laura (on bass and vocals), Luca (on drums(!) and vocals) and Nicola (on guitar and vocals) played together for the first time in front of an audience, we have decided to unashamedly share this rare document with everyone wild enough to undergo the painful listening experience. It’s been 20 wonderful years and we’re still going, with new brothers on board and crafting what we feel is the most exciting music we’ve ever done.
We only wish to thank ALL of you for being on our side then or now or in any moment during this long journey.
We have released a new remix for our song "Equinox" produced by the italian duo Japanese Gum. Sunday 6 april at 10pm (Italy time) we will be on air on the national Rai Radio 2 for a new episode of Babylon that we have recorded a couple of days ago, hosted by Carlo Pastore.
We are happy to announce that we're now collaborating with the Berlin-based El Borracho Dischi to book our next european tour that will take place in October 2014.
Our italian psych fellas Sycamore Age have just released a beautiful collection of remixes from their debut album. Our new album Ashram Equinox will be out on 14 march in Germany, Austria and Switzerland through Rough Trade Distribution. 7 march will see a new output from our italian psych fellas Sycamore Age who are releasing a beautiful collection of remixes from their debut album. Luca Lumaca's video clip for our own Satan Eats Seitan will be featured in this lavish book coming next march. Download the new Bandcamp Hunter's mixtape featuring "Tarazed" and more classy music garanteed to psych you out. The new compilation Flying Teapot curated by the band Jules Not Jude is available now for free download on the Rockit site. Pasquale de Sensi's artwork for "Ashram Equinox" has been nominated for the 2013 Best Art Vinyl Italia. Here is the first of eight videos we will be releasing during the next weeks, one for each song on our new album Ashram Equinox. The show Musical Box airing on Rai Radio 2 has broadcasted an exclusive excerpt from our live show at Musei Civici in Reggio Emilia. Here it is in all its beauty, the packaging of the CD version of Ashram Equinox, featuring the illustrations by Pasquale De Sensi.
We're happy to announce that the new album has been mastered and approved and is now ready for the pressing plant.
Two brand new compositions of ours will be released next June on the Fruits de Mer label for their Strange Fish series of vinyl outputs.
We've really enjoyed our Transmissions VI and we wish to thank Chris and everyone at Bronson, Daniel O'Sullivan, Alexander Tucker, Pharaoh Overlord, Charles Hayward, Stephen O'Malley and most of all Valerio Cosi, who joined us on stage with his sax and his loops for a special concert. The next day we brought home an amazing souvenir from Ravenna: Daniel Higgs (legendary vocalist for Lungfish) has in fact followed us into our Bunker Studio in Rubiera where we've passed the day filling up tapes with music played with him and Valerio. Next date is for saturday march 23 at Karemaski in Arezzo for Damo Suzuki's show, featuring our own Luca and Ulisse with Davide Andreoni from Sycamore Age and Gabriele Lazzarotti.
On march 16 we will play Bronson in Madonna dell'Albero (Ravenna) sharing the stage with the such of Charles Hayward (This Heat) and Pharaoh Overlord for the sixth edition of the Transmissions Festival, curated by Daniel O'Sullivan. It's with extreme pleasure that we announce the release for Gamma Pop of a new 7" split single that we'll share with Cut, a band of brothers with whom we've shared a lifetime of music, travelled roads, set fire to stages anywhere.
The release will be anticipated by a video of our song exclusively available at the site of Rolling Stone Italia Magazine beginning monday february the 25th.
The single will be out on 8th march 2013 and on the same day both bands will play a double bill show at Covo Club in Bologna.
Our press office Sfera Cubica has released its sampler through the music magazine XL's website.
The stunning cover art of "The Wildlife Variations" designed by Nicola and layed out by Scarfo is among the italian nomninees for the Best Art Vinyl Awards 2012. We are very proud to announce that we will take part in the exhibition Women in Fluxus and Other Experimental Tales that will take place at Palazzo Magnani in Reggio Emilia from 10 november 2012 thru 10 february 2013. In addition to eminent works by Yoko Ono, George Manciunas, LaMonte Young, Charlotte Moorman, Alison Knowles and more, the main hall of Palazzo Magnani will host a sound installation curated by us.
Tomorrow tuesday 6 november at 7pm (Rome time) Nicola will perform a live dj set broadcasted on K-Rock Radio. In occasion of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the New York-based artistic movement Fluxus, the american composer Philip Corner - original member of the group formed by George Manciunas, with whom we have collaborated already in the studio months ago (and you might have the chance to listen to the result quite soon) - has asked us to perform a new composition of his entitled "My Favourite Tune". As some of you may know, Emilia Romagna, the region we live in here in northern Italy, was struck by a heavy earthquake a couple of months ago.
The historic music magazine Mucchio Selvaggio has placed our 2006 album After Dark, My Sweet in the top ten of their "50 fundamental italian records in foreign language" list. To celebrate the release of the new ep "The Wildlife Variations" Luca Lattuga from MEAT collettivo grafico has designed and produced a beautiful poster (in a limited edition of only 50 copies!).
Now you will excuse us for not showing any modesty on this one, but our own Andreino Rovacchi has sit behind the mixer to record two songs for the new album by Patti Smith "Banga", which is out now.
This week the italian site of Rolling Stone Magazine features an exclusive sneak preview of our new video for Dark Leopards Of The Moon created by Nicola.
We're happy to announce that a new EP by the title of “The Wildlife Variations” will be released by Trovarobato & Woodworm on 4 june 2012 as a digital download and limited edition 12" vinyl (300 copies including free digital download). The Wildlife Variations is the new studio release by Julie’s Haircut, an EP released by Woodworm Music and Trovarobato and available on limited edition 12” vinyl and digital download coming 4th of june 2012.
The single featuring cover versions of Nino Rota & Alejandro Jodorowsky is now available for digital download on iTunes, Bandcamp and all other major digital stores. The new album by Lilith and the Sinnersaints "A Kind Of Blues" is due for release on 29 february. To thank you all for the great affection you've poured on us during this tour we've decided to give away a live album recorded by Markus Mathis last june at Exit07 in Luxembourg.
You will find the album in streaming on the site of the italian magazine XL beginning 14 october and then from 22 october on it will be downloadable for free at the Exclusive Downloads page of our official site.
Hey, just a quick one to keep all you english-speaking fans up to date with what's happening at Julies'. In the meantime Luca has written a couple of songs together with Ferruccio Quercetti from Cut (who by the way are putting out a live LP recorded in the Uk by our own Andrea Rovacchi that you don't want to miss if you're into raw rock n roll) for the next album of Lilith & The Sinnersaints which is due next year. This record marks the first release of the new Gamma Pop label, now a division of Ghost Records. The (double) artwork was illustrated by Jon Carling, who gave us two astounding drawings inspired by the films and was printed in black heat-pressed ink on grey carton.
Tomorrow we will ship the pre-ordered copies, if you haven't got one already do it by clicking here. Beginning today all of our albums and eps are available again at a special price on any digital store worldwide. On may 11th Mercury Rev will play their lovely "Deserter's Song" at the Estragon in Bologna and have chosen us as an opening act.
In the last few days we've closed ourselves up at the Bunker Studio and have emerged with two brand new recordings which will be released directly on a maxi single.
All the other albums by Jsh will also be available again on all digital stores worldwide on the same date. We'll be back in the studio soon to record our new album, but meanwhile we'll be back in Belgium and Luxembourg for a couple of shows together with italian legends Afterhours.
We have a new exclusive download for you, it's a version of "The Devil in Kate Moss" revisited by Volvo Tapes. The original soundtrack produced by Luca for the documentary "Una Fossa di Nebbia Appena Fonda: Storia dei Fratelli Cervi", will be available for a preview at Rockit styarting today for 3 days and then available for digital download at Bandcamp starting thursday.
The documentary film "Una fossa di nebbia appena fonda: storia dei Fratelli Cervi", featuring an original soundtrack by our own Luca G will be nationally broadcasted this weekend on italian tv.
The soundtrack will be available in digital download (free offer) at Bandcamp beginning january the 19th.
On X-mas day the blog I 400 calci has released a compilation of cover songs taken from classic action, sci-fi and horror films from the 80s. We're featured with our rendition of John Carpenter's "Escape from New York", in the good company of many other italian bands.
The video for "Mountain Tea Traders", written and directed by Marco Missano has won the best screenplay award at PVI 2010 (Italy's best video awards).
This new tribute compilation to the music of Joy Division will be released on may 7th on the occasion of the Photography Festival in Reggio Emilia (Festa della Fotografia Europea). Going back to the compilation, it is possible to hear it completely in streaming on the Spazio Gerra web site or the Rockit site.

If you are a registered user of this site (and if you're not already, just fill in the form on the right hand column of this page to become one for free), you can find a new, unreleased and free song in the Exclusive Downloads section. Fabio is a musical animal active in many projects, from prog to electronica, to singer-songwriting stuff. Starting today up to thursday exclusively on Rockit it's possible to download "Walk On The Wild Side" in our own version featuring Angela Baraldi on vocals. On march the 26th we will present our personal tribute to Lou Reed's masterpiece Transformer. The video for Mountain Tea Traders was warded the best italian videoclip at PVI 2009 in Milano. We will be in northern Europe again this week-end to take part to the Sonic Visions Festival in an italian expedition together with Beatrice Antolini and Heike has the giggles.
The beautiful silkscreen poster designed by Arianna Vairo for the Concerto Grosso tour, which sees us travelling Italy together with Mariposa is now available for purchase directly from us.
For the occasion we thought it could be a great idea to produce a couple of exclusive gifts. This cd-r will be given away at live shows, but you can try and ask for one writing an email to us. Up until the 31st of october our former label Homesleep sells out its back catalogue at the incredible price of 3,99eu per cd. We just got back home from the first part of our tour in northern europe and we'd like to thank all the people who have hosted, nursed, helped us during the last week. There’s no doubt that the biggest challenge music artists face today, is getting more exposure and ultimately, sticking out over the masses. We wanted our music to mirror our passion for noisy, clanky indie rock as much as our profound love for soulful black music and classic rock. The show was filmed by the Modular Recording Services crew and it's now available on our YouTube channel for you to enjoy. You can find it on Spotify and other streaming services and you can download your copy at our Bandcamp.
Exclusive material includes an interview with the legendary ex-drummer for Motorpsycho Hakon Gebhardt and more stories about Caterina Barbieri, Endresen & Westerhus, Des Moines. 12 inch limited edition colored vinyl, shipped with a free poster with the first orders (while stock lasts). We knew we were walking on glass with this one, and we wouldn't have imagined such benevolence from the critics. We'd like to thank Leens and Koen from Kinky Star for being so nice with us and for helping us sorting out this situation. Our beloved friend and tour manager Claudio (known to all as “Claudio Congliocchiali”) died last tuesday. The track features Tiziano Bianchi on trumpet and Edoardo Fiorini on saxophones, while Bruno Germano recorded and mixed the thing at his Vacuum Studio in Bologna. The deluxe edition of the album Ashram Equinox will be available through all digital stores by 27 october.
This new extended edition will include the original setlist plus nine new tracks: five unreleased outtakes recorded during the production of the album and four remixes by Sycamore Age, Baben Giga, Bloody Kangaroo and Japanese Gum. This was way before the band even got the shape and line-up that would take them to record their first single in 1998 (in fact none of the songs featured here were ever released on record).
It includes several cover versions by different italian bands playing songs more or less related to the glam rock era. We have saved a few copies for the European release that will launch on 14th march and a VERY few copies for the next live shows. Promotion for those areas is in the careful hands of miss Constanze Pfeiffer at Chateau du Pop. The audience has voted Pasquale de Sensi's work for our “Ashram Equinox” as best art for 2013. It includes a exclusive live version of our song "Ashram" recorded at Musei Civici in Reggio Emilia during the past equinox.
We invite you to vote for the artwork of our new album Ashram Equinox created by Pasquale de Sensi. Available on our online shop from 11 october, distributed in Europe by Rough Trade from february 2014. Now this Downtown Love Tragedies comes as a celebration of this life-long friendships between the two bands. Record Heaven is now distributing our vinyls and cds in your area, so why not check it out?! It's our own recorded performance of "One note more than once" by Philip Corner, which we put to tape under the direction of the composer himself and mixed in 5.1 surround sound. The performance will take place on saturday september 15th in front of Palazzo Magnani in Reggio Emilia. Now the webzine SentireAscoltare has released a compilation to raise funds to reconstruct the area.
In case you still don't own such beauty, you can buy it as a digital download for as little as 5 euros, or you can order one of the last remaining cd copies at our online store. Limited 300 copies edition on vinyl including digital download code, or standalone digital download. The two songs (both performed with the band Casa del Vento) were recorded by Andrea in Arezzo and one of them seems to have been written on board of captain Schettino's infamous Costa Concordia cruise liner.
Recorded at Bunker Studio in Rubiera, the record includes four tracks written and produced by the band (Nicola Caleffi, Luca Giovanardi, Andrea Rovacchi, Andrea Scarfone, Ulisse Tramalloni) about Leopards on the moon, Kepler, fires in the night and a very peculiar wedding.
Tomorrow we're booked for a studio session to perform Philip Corner's "Rock - a near-elemental", a special composition he made for us. We will play on friday 10 at Exit 07 in Luxembourg for the Panoplie Festival with the italian heroes Afterhours, and saturday 11 at La Buena Onda in St. For the first time in 10 years, our second album "Stars Never Looked So Bright" is made available again. This time we won't have to squeeze on the glorious stage at d:qliq, as we will perform at the bigger Exit 07.
You can listen to it through the video below or download the hi-quality mp3 from our download page logging in thru the column on the right. So, just a few weeks from the announce of Arianna (The Reverend's daughter) here we are introducing Clara, the new arrival for Nicola & Laura. On the same day in Reggio Emilia a show will take place featuring Peter Hook, ourselves and some more bands playing JD's music. A couple of years ago he'd already remixed a beautiful version of our song "Liv Ullman" (that you can find on the remix ep "The Dark Revisited", available for free download here). It's a little preview of next friday's show about which you can read a couple of news below. New Music Distributor will take care to bring our latest album Our Secret Ceremony to german shops.
We will perform our own version of the entire album at Cinema Teatro Eden in Carpi (Mo) with a handful of guests on vocals: Violante Placido, Angela Baraldi, Paolo Benvegnu, Alessandra Gismondi (Pitch, Vessel) & Lilith (Not Moving, Sinnersaints). The three bands will play at the Rockhal in Avenue du Rock'n'roll 5 (is this supposed to be a joke? It's the third video taken from our new album Our Secret Ceremony (after Sleepwalker and The Devil In Kate Moss). The first is the beautiful silkscreen poster designed by Arianna Vairo, printed in a very limited edition of only 80 pieces, it will be on sale at shows, but if any remain they will be available on our online shop. You can take advantage of this opportunity to get our whole catalogue for the 2003-2007 year span and to discover more fine records. The album included some of our best songs, it marked an important step for us - well, hopefully they all do - and it's still much loved today by many of our fans. And then Lorenzo, Cristian, Corrado and anyone who took a small or big part in putting together one of our shows, beginning from the Musei Civi in Reggio Emilia on the night of the autumn equinox in 2013, up to the magical frame of the Itri Castle yesterday night. It was a sudden thing, completely out of the blue and it still is impossible for us to elaborate on it. This will be released by the UK based Fruits de Mer Records as part of a 4LP box set or as a standalone split LP with Sendelica taking on Donna Summer's "I Feel Love". This is really three friends who just didn’t know their way around their instruments and yet felt the urge to express themselves musically.
The CD edition is still available at our online store, while plans for a second LP pressing are under way.
It will be available through our mail order and on digital stores worldwide in october, while a physical edition (available as CD or LP + CD) will be distributed by Rough Trade in Europe in february 2014. More info here.You can listen to a sneak preview of the new songs in this video trailer and pre-order either the single volume or the whole series at Shiny Beast.
Meanwhile just let us share with you our joy for having the chance to play and meet such a gifted artist and good, pleasant, profound human being.
Among the other artists who'll take part in the festival - which will take place from 14th thru 17th march - Daniel Higgs, Charlemagne Palestine, Stephen O'Malley, Alexander Tucker. It will include two covers: we deliver our version of "Who is he and what is he to you" originally by Bill Withers (mixed with elements of "Little Johnny Jewel" by Television), while Cut present their rendition of Hot Chocolate's "Emma" (mixed with elements of "Dream Baby Dream" by Suicide). This new digital EP features 3 brand new remixes of "Dark Leopards of the Moon" that will get your feet dancing and your mind wander - featuring remixes by Weight And Treble, BloodyKangaroo, Binary & Dyslexic. The recording - which follows our live performance together with Philip Corner on 15 september in Reggio - is a temporary exclusive of the exhibition, so the only way to listen to it is by visiting Palazzo Magnani, which we highly recommend, both if you are familiar with the art of Fluxus or just curious.
It's full of italian bands, mainly from our area, so it really can be your chance to get to know many artists from Italy and get an idea of what happens in music around here while providing funds for a good cause that touches us personally. Berardo (happy birthday, old man!), Maghy, Paolo, Fred and everyone at Exit07 and D:qliq for the great hospitality, Afterhours, Sawitri, Miguel and everyone at La Buena Onda in St. This limited edition record contains two covers: The Tarot, from the soundtrack of "The Holy Mountain" by Alejandro Jodorowsky and O Venezia Venaga Venusia from the soundtrack of "Fellini's Casanova", written by the Maestro Nino Rota.
The second gift is a cd-r containing 3 unreleased songs: an out-take from the new Mariposa album, our own cover of the Escape from New York theme by John Carpenter and above all a cover of It's About That Time by Miles Davis recorded by the two bands together, 12 musicians playing live in the studio, no overdubs. In this picture - taken by Azzurra - we are in Sicily, we have tired faces but hungry hearts, right in the middle of us there's our new little sister Laura Agnusdei who joined us on these last few shows enriching our sound with new and unexpected colors. He was part of our musical family, the best tour manager a band can hope to have by its side and all of the promoters around Europe who have dealt with him can testify of his professionality and precision.
Of course this award makes us very proud and we'd like to publicly thank Pasquale for creating such a perfect visual match for our music. The compilation is available on all the major digital stores, find a detailed list and get a preview of all the songs here. Making it Music is all about bringing you the best tips, strategies and information to help carve your niche in the music industry. Maybe now that she knows us a little better she's aware that there is no greater gift for us, always looking for a music that's ever-changing, like life. He was nonetheless an extremely funny fellow, mad as a cow (or too sane), always entertaining, with a surreal sense of humor (we have in fact passed an entire afternoon wondering if this might be one of those silly practical jokes of his.
Whether you're an industry pro, an emerging music artist, or merely a concerned mother wanting to know more about what her son or daughter is getting into! He was totally allergic to any kind of celebration (he went to weddings in his pajamas, true story), so we won’t add anything more.

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