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With the help of various landmarks in both the screenshots and the trailers, fans were able to discern the exact placement of these locations and render them onto a map.
The map ofcource isn’t accurate, its made based on the video trailers and screenshots of the game.
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It’s amazing that since the game release on September 17, it looks like there are still plenty of secrets that GTA V gamers have yet to solve. You have probably already seen confirmation of the UFO spawn on the mountain at 3am, but many gamers also believe that there same map is linked to unlocking a GTA V jetpack as well. Head to message boards such as Neoseeker here to see what people are saying about the GTA V jetpack mystery and how far gamers have gotten with solving it so far. Some curous GTA 5 fans from gtaforums has surprisingly managed to put pieces together and create a map of San Andreas where GTA 5 is supposed to be played. Note that some of the them might contain spoilers if you have not yet completed the game (or otherwise explored every single inch of the world map), so take care with what you read!
One of the biggest is undoubtedly the GTA V Chiliad mural map, which seemingly leads to the unravelling of a UFO in the sky.
The mural on Chiliad map is just waiting to be uncovered and is just sitting there as one big massive tease that must be making Rockstar’s developers happy the longer it goes on unsolved. Even just the thought of having another jetpack in the game after SanAndreas is enough to send fans hunting, and it looks like the excitement and hype level is going through the roof. There’s also a useful GTA V jetpack hunt thread ongoing at the GTAForums which you may like to read through.
However, some gamers believe that there is more to the map than meets the eye and could also lead to the mystery behind unlocking the GTA V jetpack location secret too.

If you have completed the game 100% and are now working on solving the jetpack secret too, let us know any theories that you may have for us below. Just make sure the bass on your speakers isn’t set to max (don’t wanna blow them)! Also pretty impressive that the console (PS3) can handle everything happening at once like this with a pretty stable frame rate.Agent (Rockstar Game)Agent is a stealth-action single player in development by Rockstar North. It was announced exclusively for the PS3 way back in June 2009 and we haven’t heard much information since. Then head on over to the barber shop and get the free Wood haircut to bald your head and give Michael the full beard.
RockstarAfter more than a year of waiting, "GTA 5" Heists DLC was finally available for download for all consoles on Tuesday, March 10.
Take a look around and you’ll notice right away that it looks like the Playboy Mansion. That said, some of us are either busy with real life responsibilities or must wait on friends before beginning the missions.
For those that have yet to experience the new Heists DLC for whatever reasons, complete Heist mission walkthroughs, complete with side quests and all cut scenes are already completely available on YouTube."GTA 5" YouTuber Noahj456 shared his Heists missions online by breaking down his gameplay into four separate videos, each streaming one full mission of Heist. The missions begin with the Fleeca Job, which involves robbing a bank and cleaning out its cash. The final mission is the Humane Lab Raid. In total, all "GTA 5" Heists missions add up to approximately eight hours of gameplay.
The following videos are much longer than usual so we recommend skipping around to experience the highlights. Now it's your turn: let us know which Heist mission excites you most! WE SHALL BOOM AGAIN.Thanks ShadowPaws BigfootUpdate: you can now play the game as Bigfoot by eating a special Peyote plant!
Basically both Michael and Trevor arrive at a forest in a chopper and the idea is that Michael takes them out with sniper rifle.Forget though and aim as far as you can to the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Turn on your thermal scope and you should be able to make out Bigfoot!Just make sure that you don’t put your sights on him directly, because he’ll disappear then!
You can interact with this classic looking flying saucer and even shoot it down.19 – Area 51Could these aliens be looking for their friend that is frozen in the ice? Don’t be such a creep!Dying from Exhaust FumesIf you are in your vehicle in your garage for a long period then you will slowly lose health and get dizzy. Then eventually you will due from exhaust fume inhalation.Easter Eggs Locations MapThe map below shows the location of various Easter Eggs that can be found within Los Santos and Blaine County. Rumor has it that the UFO mystery in GTA could find itself to be a an expansion in the form of downloadable content.
The stately curved driveway that goes to the lower-level garage is reminiscent of the New Jersey mansion that the Soprano family lived in on the show of the same name. We’re going for a little ride!Whatever family member it is will now drive you around.
Otherwise sometimes they’ll start a fight with you!Radio Stations Chop HatesGet into a vehicle with Chop the dog and turn on either Worldwide FM, Rebel Radio and any talk back station and he will bark non-stop! Bring $500,000 cash.Reddit user LostDelta also made a full version of the map with the secret messages included! If you whip out your cell phone and take a picture they will call you a dreep and then their boyfriends might show up looking for a fight.Trevor’s Hot Rod BlazerLike the look of this? You can find him at the location indicated on the map below and have a chat by pressing right on the digital pad when you’re nearby.

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