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President Barack Obama will endorse Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 not out of the random goodness of his heart but because he traded his support for Bill Clinton’s endorsement in 2012. The alleged Obama-Clinton feud is always good for selling fish wrappers, not to mention entire summer beach books, so why not? In fact, his book title is taken from a famous incident where 1990s era President Bill Clinton supposedly called Barack Obama an amateur.
As a result, Obama then agreed to give a farewell interview with 60 Minutes reporter Steve Kroft to recognize Hillary Clinton’s departure from her post as Secretary of State. Now Watch This: New App Monitors Tree Grown With Ashes of Deceased Now Read This: Can Gary Johnson Win? The US spent five years locking its trading partners in smoke-filled rooms with its most rapacious corporate lobbyists, writing a secret trade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership, all the while assuring us all that it would be great when it was done. The Electronic Frontier Foundation's initial analysis of TPP is as terrifying a parade of horribles as you could ask for on Hallowe'en week: it defines copyright as an industrial good subject to the notorious Investor State Dispute Settlement process, which lets corporations sue governments to force them to repeal public interest laws that interfere with their profits.
It also prohibits rules that force tech companies (including companies storing sensitive public data for the government) to keep their data away from the NSA; under these rules, the US government can force all its trading partners to store their sensitive data on US soil, while simultaneously refusing to grant any privacy rights to non-US citizens. This prioritization of trade interests over privacy rights pervades the rest of the chapter also.

Worse than that, paragraph 5 of Article 14.8 goes further by encouraging the parties to develop mechanisms to promote compatibility between their various privacy and data protection regimes. Similarly, the provision on net neutrality in Article 14.10 is so weak as to be meaningless. With the release of a pair of anti-Trump ads, the Clinton campaign has begun to fight a war on two fronts.
3D printing has been one of those “next big thing” innovations among early adopters and the tech circle in-crowd for a few years now. White hat hackers get paid to find holes in their own employers’ online systems, and plug those holes before they become serious security risks. Why buy one of those expensive and confusing universal remotes, clogged with enough buttons to launch a space shuttle, when you could accomplish the same electronic control right on your favorite mobile device? Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. There are going to be many months in which people will be able to look at every comma and period and semicolon in this deal.
Meanwhile, USTR Michael Froman is making the rounds at the Capitol lobbying key members of Congress to support the TPP they can’t read. What this means is that parties with comprehensive personal data protection laws are encouraged to treat the weak, voluntary arrangements of other parties as in some way equivalent to their own, in order to streamline the exchange of data by these parties across borders. It’s a job that pays handsomely…mostly because few job candidates, even experienced IT professionals, have the skills to scamper over firewalls and infiltrate the deepest recesses of a battle-tested network.

And I feel very confident that when people evaluate the actual deal that is done, that they will see that, in fact, it is the most progressive trade deal in history. If TPP will do for the American middle class all that USTR claims, releasing the text would be the single best way to prove that. After suffering through many months of extreme secrecy, classified briefings and restricted basement readings of TPP draft documents, some elected officials are angry they still can’t see the final product.
This is the same approach that was embodied in the EU-US Safe Harbor Agreement, that was thrown out by the European Court of Justice this month.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), in fact, is still being kept secret from the members of Congress who will soon vote on whether to approve it.
A group from Yale University sued the federal government under the Freedom of Information Act to release drafts of the TPP text, but last month it was ruled that the confidentiality agreements the U.S.
To characterize this as establishing any standard of data protection at all for the TPP countries is laughable; on the contrary, it legitimizes the lack of effective protection and fails to raise the bar even an inch.
A spokeswoman from Heck’s office later confirmed to The Stand that they spoke Tuesday, but said the USTR told Heck the TPP text is still not available.

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