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The Secret Dealers have just one hour in two treasure-filled homes to place secret bids on the antiques and collectibles they most want to buy while the homeowners are away. It’s a battle of sentiment versus cash for the homeowners once the Secret Dealers have been through their houses making their secret bids on the items they want to buy.
Homeowner Anne gets more than she bargained for with today’s dealers, as an oil on canvas landscape painting reduces dealer Alison to floods of tears. The Secret Dealers are given access-all-areas in two very different homes to compete with each other for the best antiques and collectables.
Amongst the fabulous items these octogenarian gems have in their collections are 18 gold sovereigns worth a whopping four-figure sum, and a lovely pair of Victorian London silver candlesticks from 1887.
Secret Dealers Mike, Simon and Karen are given access-all-areas to Win’s treasure-filled house, where her stunning collection of antiques and collectibles is up for grabs.
Amongst the items for which there are some intense bidding wars are an arts and crafts oak cherub, a nineteenth century coral and silver baby’s rattle and an unusual and mysterious late nineteen twenties silver hunting horn that has the dealers stumped as to its use. First stop for our dealers today is a stunning, sublime stately manor with an incredible fifty two rooms.
The second home is a complete contrast – a cavern of kitsch belonging to sprightly homeowner Evie.
The Secret Dealers are given one hour in two antique-filled homes to make secret bids on the best items while the homeowners are away. Christopher, Mark and Simon are let loose in the first house, where homeowner Kerry has been picking up car boot bargains for years. Mike, David and Karen do battle in the next house, where international diver Martin has collected an eclectic array of items from all around the world.
Today’s dealers are Christopher Selkirk, Mark Stevens, Simon Schneider, Mike Melody, David Ford and Karen Dalmeny. Three Secret Dealers are given the run of two antique and collectible-filled homes, placing secret bids on the items they want the most. It would seem that the Antique Trail does in fact wind its way through England to Southport. Before that "Bargain Hunt" and of cause "Antique Road Show" all these shows have chosen Southport for their venue. Today the first part of the show was filmed, with the production team of Naomi French and Ryan Woolmington. While the camera was being set up my wife and I and one of my children where looking through some photographs of Cyprus.
Karen Dalmeny, Simon Schneider, DAVID FORD, James Layte, Stuart Hofgartner, David Hakeney, David Tupman, Alison Chapman, Brenda Haller, MIKE MELODY, and Tim Hogarth. I have known Mike Melody one of the secret dealers and his wife Margaret for over 35 years and have appeared with an other secret dealer,David Ford on the David Dickinson show Real Deal". Secret Dealers basically about a family that allows three competing antiques dealers looking for items to sell to visit their homes while they are out, in order for the dealers to value their possessions.
Talking of Cyprus--way back in the '60s, my husband and I got to know a professional wrestler by the name of Tony Costas (not his real name, which was Tony Hadjihanis--or something like that.) He was from Cyprus originally--the Greek side. He loved to fight and when going home to Cyprus one time, to visit his mother, he heard about a fight going on between Greeks and Turks, went straight to the fight and missed visiting his mum! Secret Dealers competition and show is back on itv and along with that comes the new itv competition as well. This seems to be a win win situation for someone who has decided to allow the dealers into their house.

The new Itv competition around secret dealers is getting enough and more responses day by day. This speaks volumes about the popularity of the show and how much people are engaged with the show.
As shown on ITV Monday 27th July to Friday 31st July and Monday 17th August to Friday 21st August.
Good Morning Britain and Lorraine Competition as on ITV 3rd - 7th August & 24th - 28th August. Every week on our TV screens you have the opportunity to win thousands of pounds, cars, holidays, gadgets and so much more.
The hit TV show “Secret Dealers” is returning to ITV and is on the hunt for people to take part. Complete with a fresh look for the new series, Secret Dealers sees three rival antique dealers doing battle in private homes for items they can sell.
The owners are then faced with a bonanza of surprise valuations and cash offers on some of their most prized (or not so prized) possessions. We are now looking for people nationwide to take part, so if you think you have at least 12 quality antique items or collectables then we would like to hear from you. About The Knutsford TimesOriginally the Knutsford Times was established as a citizen powered title designed to support the community and local business. When the homeowners return, the bids are revealed and they have to make a difficult choice – accept the highest offer, haggle for more money or turn it down completely. The homeowners have to decide whether to keep or sell their most precious belongings once the bids are revealed.
Luckily fellow dealers Tim and Mark are on hand to help mop things up, in their own inimitable way. Bidding in secret with their own money they battle it out between each other and the owners who have to choose between sentimental attachment and hard cash. But the dealers rapidly realise it’s not a fair fight, as 87 year-old Walter has them on the ropes in the first house, and 91 year-old Doris lands some killer blows in the second. But these homeowners are masters at squeezing every last penny from our long-suffering dealers. They have just two hours to rummage through her stuff, placing secret bids using their own money on the items they want the most. They are determined to seek out the best antiques and collectables, leaving secret bids in an attempt to take them home. It’s open to the public and owners Paul and Victoria conduct tours around it to help with the upkeep. Dealer David joins Mike and Karen in a battle for her items, including a unique painted leather model of Landgirls and onions. But when the homeowners return they are faced with some tough choices – sell their family heirlooms to the highest bidder and make a stash of cash, or hang on to the treasures? She has the dealers wrapped around her little finger as she watches her profits climb up and up. A little patch box gets the dealers bidding ferociously against each other, but a set of mysterious, odd-looking Polynesian wooden items leaves all the dealers up the proverbial creek wondering what they are.
When they return, they can either accept or reject the offers made by the dealers, forcing them to choose between sentimental attachment or making some money. Itv has always relied on competitions to promote their interesting shows on the television and this approach has never disappointed them in meeting their end objectives.

New Itv competition is a perfect way to ensure that the show remains alive in the memories of the audience even after the episode has already finished.
In this show the 3 expert dealers of the show visit your home and hunt for heritage items of value.
You get to know the evaluation of your heritage pieces, popularity is all yours and you could end up selling your piece of treasure for a bounty and become richer overnight. We are not connected in any way with the TV shows or competitions that feature on this site. They can either accept or reject the offers and the owners must then face the choice between sentimental attachment and the chance to make a fast buck. It has grown from just a few articles per month since its inception in 2008 to hosting nearly a thousand articles that are read all over the world.
When Win returns she will have to make some difficult decisions as the bids are revealed – sell, haggle for more, or keep?
Going head to head with each other and the homeowners, the dealers put their own cash on the line.
Now they’ve called the Secret Dealers in to try and raise some more cash, and there are some amazing items up for grabs. A 9 carat gold spider brooch and a broken 19th century walking stick top make her the most money as the bidding wars between the dealers heats up. Lets hope the dealers arrive with lots of pounds, I am not really interested in the pennies". It also allows the general viewers to engage with the program and feel that they are a part of the show itself- they get so engrossed in the completion. They do the evaluation of all such pieces in your house and then ask the audience to bid on these objects. In case you do not want to sell your piece even to the highest bidder, you can still walk away with your special memory. In addition to this the show is also quite interesting and captivates the attention of a viewer. Britain's Got Talent competition, Daybreak, This Morning and Loose Women are some of the best.
From jewellery, sideboards and children’s toys, to jumbled attics, and furniture; nothing is out of bounds to the dealers. The dealers must use all their skill to sell the items and compete to make the most profit. Mike, Simon and Karen have a real task on their hands as they race around the rooms looking for the goodies, but it’s a fabulous Victorian mahogany-cased travelling games compendium and an unusual industrial Lancashire wool winder that stops them in their tracks and gets the bidding wars going.
After the bidding has been closed, you still have an option to either sell the object or keep it with you. Everybody would like to try their luck at the impressive jackpot and hence wait eagerly for the next week’s episode to come and question to be answered.
They need not worry about the content since majority of their shows already enjoy quite a good loyal audience. New Itv Competition ensure that the list of loyal audience is continuously being revamped and get longer every day with The secret dealers competition.

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