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NYC was under a sweltering week-long heat wave, where the temperature seemed to be set to the flames of hell, hence the city being renamed to THE BAKED APPLE! Like Carrie in Sex & The City (we’re both writers, curly hair girls and have a love for shoes), I enlisted the help of my romantically challenged gal pal and we decided to FAKE DATE (Sorry, babe!
Now, I wasn’t cheating, as this was purposely for work, but the stress of someone flirting with me was enough to turn up the heat… and my sweat glands! Apocrine glands release sweat that’s 80% water and 20% nutrients (lipids & proteins) versus the sweat from heat and activity (from the Eccrine glands), which releases 99% water. Secret Clinical Strength Stress Response has proprietary technology in the formula (BCD molecules) that actually traps and locks away odor to neutralize it and then release a fresh scent, which is most important when protecting you from stress sweat; simply covering it up with fragrance can make you smell even worse.
See, a gal like me who isn’t SINGLE can’t technically date (though some do, I’m not judging in any way), or go out on a date with your other half and call it “stressful”. Date 1: One guy, who vowed to be the best thing since sliced bread (yawn!), called me one night, but it turned out to be his wife and mother of 3 kids!
Date 3: While I was digging into my crab legs at City Island, this one guy would NOT take no for an answer.
I did run into a few friends who looked beyond shocked when they saw me with another guy, QUICKLY jumping to conclusions. My worst nightmare was a gossip fest on social media about me and “a new guy.” No worries, I pulled my friends into the ladies room and quickly explained — THAT moment caused me to sweat and shine, but my deodorant kept me fresh! That’s why THIS Cinderella would rather walk home barefoot, over broken glass, than endure kissing frogs. I usually use Secret Powder Fresh Deodorant, an invisible solid, but I had seriously never tried any of the Clinical Strength ones, as I didn’t think I needed it.

As for one of my “blind dates”, well, he did continue to contact me, but I had to come clean and fess up. Whether it’s caused by a work deadline, chaotic day with the kids, or visit from the in-laws, stress stinks… literally!
I stress out about time management - there aren't enough hours in each day to get everything done that I want to! I would love to try the Completely Clean in Invisible solid so there would be not sign of it on my underarms and it would not get on my clothes. What stresses me out the most, is working part time and then having to be solely responsible for taking care of an Elderly parent with dementia.
I am really excited about trying the clear secret clinical and I would probably like the ohh-la-lavendar scent! I would personally love to try the Powder Protection because it seems like a gentle smell and that is what I like.
I would love to try the Completely Clean Invisible solid because I am obsessed with anything lavender! I would like to try the Completely Clean scent as I use that scent in one of their other products. The Secret Clinical Strength scent I would most like to try is the Ooh-la-la Lavender in Clear Gel because that is one of my favorite scents and it leaves NO white marks. Secret Mean Stinks Clinical Strength deodorant gives you 100% confidence to help put an end to girl-to-girl bullying. I received my Secret Clinical Strength STRESS RESPONSE ($7.99) in Serene Citrus for review, and the timing couldn’t have been better.

I kept it PG, I promise!) by going out in the massive heat wave for drinks to “mingle as if single” — putting Secret Clinical Strength STRESS RESPONSE to the test. It comes from a different gland than heat- or activity-induced sweat – causing more bacteria and odor. The bacteria that naturally occurs on our skin feeds off of the nutrients from stress sweat, which is what causes the odor. Well, let me tell you that just hearing all the dating drama, me personally getting hit on, enduring  interrogation-type questionnaires on some blind dates made me SWEAT! Most women would be shy or nervous, but I continued to devour my seafood feast, like Madison in the movie Splash.
Having an NYPD officer beau (see why I’m nervous!), this gal knows a few self-defense moves.
I admitted to him that I was working on a story, but explaining to him became complicated, so I’m hoping that once he reads my review he’ll laugh about it.
Moisture activated, and formulated with odor-neutralizing ingredients that release a fresh scent, Secret Clinical Strength is proven to give you 4 times* the protection against stress sweat. On top of that, time management, and trying to balance it all - being a good mom, keeping the house in order, ect. He figured he would “keep me company” as I ate, or eventually make me cave in and surrender my phone number.

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