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Hannah keeps many secrets from the people in her life - her family and friends think she's a legal secretary, while her clients know her as Belle - but she's never less than candid while addressing us in the audience, even if the show she's on isn't always honest with itself. If this seems at first like Hannah trying to sell herself on the idea of selling herself, it quickly becomes clear that, yes, she does enjoy the sex, and the money, and the adventure and other aspects of the world's oldest profession.
No doubt, there are call girls out here in the real world who weren't sent into the business by personal trauma or desperate circumstances, but they'd be as much of a non-representative sample as the number of people who subscribe to Maxim for the articles.
If HBO's "Big Love" is a show about polygamy that strips away virtually everything icky other than the fundamental idea of multiple wives, then "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" does the same with prostitution.
But the longer you watch the show (I've seen all eight episodes of its first season), the emptier and more frustrating it becomes, to the point where even the brief running time begins to feel too long. TV recaps, movie and music reviews, local dining guides, and the latest in Atlantic City entertainment news delivered to your inbox! Call Girl is offensively riddled with cliches that are frankly insulting to the audience's intelligence – even on ITV2. Piper seems intent on forging a career for herself as Robin Askwith du nos jours, with endless raunchy romps, comedy erections, and compromising positions. Last night, one girl complained of virgins who "come too quickly" – when it's safe to assume most working girls would nothing love nothing better. Being a prostitute seems such a great profession it's a wonder that more careers department don't recommend it.

Any suggestion that Belle is in struggling with the morals or negative side of her chosen career is marginal; she's just gleeful at making so much money and having such a great time. Predictably, but improbably, her clean-cut, sweet-natured boyfriend doesn't mind that she gets screwed senseless 10 times a day either. To advertise Prime’s sexy new drama “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” DraftFCB Auckland wanted the ads themselves to reflect the duplicity of the main characters double life. And, certainly, the most interesting drama often comes from people and events which are exceptions to the norm - cop shows don't spend a lot of time on clerical work - but being a prostitute is already enough of an exception that Hannah's guiltless embrace of her career seems less about finding an interesting subject than one whose story won't be relentlessly grim. The difference is that "Big Love," at its best, is asking interesting questions about the nature of marriage, ones that can maybe only be asked with that premise, and only if we're not distracted by the child brides and other seedy elements. Billie Piper - a former Brit teen pop star turned sidekick on the new version of "Doctor Who" - looks fabulous and is overflowing with impudent charm.
And if the series doesn't exactly turn into an aspirational fantasy, at times it comes close, with all the glamour shots of London at night and Hannah strutting through the streets in her designer outfits. And is there anything worse than finding yourself offended – like some Daily Mail reader – by something on TV? Unsurprisingly, it was predicated on that, um, hoary old view that said whore was not a victim, a damaged, deluded fantasist, but A Woman In Control. According to the show the sex call girls have is not remotely grubby or soul-destroying but is, in fact, amusing, invigorating and sexually satisfying.

Then again, Belle is such a nice girl she makes it a matter of personal pride to make sure everyone goes home happy.
Of course, there's no possibility that Belle might be prostituting herself to support her drug habit. But it actually manages to be both trite, inane fluff and seriously pernicious, sending what is a depressing message to young girls who see Billie Piper as a role model. They created what first appears to be standard fashion advertising photography but on closer reflection reveals the intriguing secret details of a high class call girls’ occupation. In the early going, as we see the nuts and bolts of Hannah's work life - how she loosens up a new client by figuring out his fetish, or the amount of rehearsal and personal grooming that's required when she's teamed with another prostitute - the show can be an amusing comedy of sexual manners.
Being 'sexy' is invariably encapsulated by Piper prancing around in stockings and suspenders in a manner that suggests she and the writers have never really recovered from watching 9? Weeks in the 1980s.
It helps that each episode clocks in at barely more than 20 minutes; like Hannah with (most of) her clients, it comes and goes so quickly that there's no awkwardness at the end.

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