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I never thought it would be this good, my second 5 Pop movie for 2015 already and what a cracker it is.
The Kingsman are the new knights of the kingdom, they are a secret society of spy’s unto themselves that have evolved from the highest level of tailors throughout history. Besides the strength of the writing and the power of the budget there is the cast and an impeccable cast it is.
Then we have Eggsy, aka Gary Unwin, played by relative newcomer Taron Egerton – welcome the big leagues you hot young thang who is about to be a pin up hero everywhere!! Delivering passionate and comprehensive entertainment coverage to millions of users world-wide each month. Directed by Matthew Vaughn, written by Vaughn and Jane Goldman, and based on a comic book written by Mark Millar, Kingsman is a Kick-Ass reunion, lending a distinctly vulgar vibe to a film that otherwise presents itself as a spy genre classic. Just as Kick-Ass kicked things up a notch by bringing Nicolas Cage in as a Batman type, Kingsman achieves a casting coup of its own with The King’s Speech Oscar winner Firth as Harry, the Galahad of the Kingsmen.
If Firth’s Harry is the Big Daddy of Kingsman, then relative newcomer Egerton is the Hit-Girl.
The supporting cast is killer, too, with Mark Strong breaking away from his typical bad-guy mold as the Merlin of the Kingsmen — more or less 007’s Q.
With a strong cast in place and a tried-and-true threesome of creatives behind the camera, Kingsman kicks ass, and a whole lot of it; nothing more, nothing less. Rarely have the dynamics of a loving yet unhealthy relationship been explored with such tenderness and insight. Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and erotomania, told about two solitary people who have nothing else in common.
A report from a panel at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival about diversity in the light of the 2015 Oscar ceremony. The premise is a simple take on any adolescent Bond fan’s dream: a streetwise lad from the East End (Taron Egerton), nicknamed Eggsy, is taken under the wing of super-spy Harry Hart (Colin Firth), codenamed Galahad, and entered into the fiercely competitive academy of Kingsman, an independent intelligence service operating outside of any government influence.
The action is crucial in any screen adaptations of Mark Millar’s work, and in this regard, Kingsman certainly doesn’t disappoint; best described as a combination of The Raid’s kung-fu speed and Kill Bill’s exaggerated, bloody brutality, but performed by a pun spewing Mr Darcy. Unfortunately, Kingman’s comedic side is not quite as well-executed as its polished action scenes. Colin Firth fills the role of the gentlemanly quasi-Bond with ease, as does Michael Caine as Arthur, the Kingsman spymaster, and Mark Strong as fellow agent, Merlin (though his Scottish accent leaves a little to be desired). While Kingsman is not a spectacular piece of cinema, it’s definitely a great “popcorn” film and immeasurably funnier than Mortdecai if you’re looking for “British” comedy (despite some over-reliance on lewd humour at points). This movie is why I go to movies, think KICK ASS for an older generation, think a combination ode to old school James Bond and Austin Powers.
He not only wrote them all, he also directs and produces and he believed so much in this story that he dropped out of directing XMEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST to adapt the screenplay from the comic books created by Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar. They dress all the high society in the finest of attire and in all their time have accumulated enough wealth to protect the planet from megalomaniacs. Firth is outstanding, this is my favourite role of his, so good seeing him a lot less than serious but at the same time still serious, this role was made for him. It should be noted I will be seeing this film again and again in the cinema and I am already on the waiting list for Blu Ray purchase from the UK.

This is a fantastic spy film and more so I love the humour (fireworks, Mcd, etc) I am surprised on the level of violence though (like u said, it’s like watching Kill Bill).
Whether it's the uplifting reunion of Andy and Red in The Shawshank Redemption or the iconic freeze frame of Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid as they go out in a blaze of glory, great endings have the power to stir audiences to the core. Eggsy comes from a household with an abusive step-father, an unlucky mother, and an even less fortunate infant sister.
Its cast consists of Oscar winners like Firth and Michael Caine, an aesthetic and tone that all but screams 007, and a convoluted villain plot that would make Doctor Evil blush.
You wouldn’t see Daniel Craig murdering an entire church filled with racist hillbillies in a Bond movie, for one thing, or breaking bread with the bad guy over a simple meal of Big Macs and fries. He’s the perfect British gentleman, complete with keen fashion sense and an appreciation of the finer things in life, like a good pint of Guinness. You will receive a weekly newsletter full of movie-related tidbits, articles, trailers, even the occasional streamable movie.
Where Kick-Ass is a comedic swipe at the superhero genre, Kingsman takes aim at the world of the secret agent, harking back to the classic 007 days of dapper suits, corrupt schemes and evil sidekicks.
Whilst Eggsy trains and competes with other young hopefuls, Harry investigates Richmond Valentine, a billionaire businessman linked to a series of mysterious, high-profile disappearances. Fighting sequences are frantically fast-paced, with most characters taking on at least two opponents at once, and the outlandish comic book style comes complete with plenty of over the top gore. The satirical take on spy movie staples is entertaining throughout, and there are many funny moments in a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Self-aware and satirical, the film presents an ode to classic spy tales with a colourful flair, including a Pistorius-influenced femme-fatale with blades for legs, and climatic fight sequences soundtracked by KC & The Sunshine Band’s “Give It Up”. This is where a film gives you some good stuff in the trailer but not too much and then has a gazillion more pieces of amazement in the movie.
Harry Hart aka Galahad is a senior Kingsman and in his training loses a young recruit who dives on a grenade to protect all the others. 40,000+ articles posted by thousands of contributors spanning the entire cultural spectrum. He’s the de facto man of the house, even if he spends his time causing problems in bars, stealing cars, and spending nights in the slammer. He comes from out of nowhere and excels under the tutelage of someone much wiser and more experienced in the art of killing-all-the-bad-guys-with-umbrella-guns. He plays Richmond Valentine, a technological innovator and Hollywood media mogul by day, and an evil environmentalist by night.
On the villain side of the aisle, Sofia Boutella plays Gazelle, Valentine’s henchwoman who cuts down everyone in her path with the aid of two very lethal artificial limbs. Bond might take issue with some details, but then again, this ain’t that kind of movie. These scenes are viscerally energetic, totally engaging and the definite highlights of Kingsman (despite some ropey CGI in larger set-pieces), with the rest of the film suffering from unremarkable, style-over-substance direction.
However, a number of gags miss the mark in a tonal sense, and the crudeness of the humour surrounding Eggsy seems out of place (where most jokes feel like they would be better suited in an Inbetweeners episode). Jackson is a solid counterpoint to the extreme Britishness displayed from the main cast, playing the lisp-y, baseball-capped villain from across the pond.

Kingsman invokes the same feeling when having watched it as when Firth and Jackson’s characters tuck into a McDonalds Happy Meal over ornate silverware: imperfect and shameless, but unarguably very enjoyable. When I mean everything, this movie never relents in its action, its comedy, its scenes, its budgets, its actors, it is an all encompassing action comedy spy movie that to me is better than Bond. He probably alienated a lot of people in KICK-ASS with the C-Bomb slinging 12yr old assassin but in KINGSMAN he includes the older generation through the wiseness, calmness and pompous tones of Colin Firth while keeping the younger generation well and truly more than satisfied.
Saddened at the loss of this man and the young family he leaves behind he keeps a lookout for them and offers a young boy a medal with a number on the back and instructions of what to do if he ever ends up in trouble. The top-secret organization consists of a murderer’s row of James Bond analogues, each of them named after a knight of Arthurian legend. It’s an unexpected and awesome new side of the 54-year-old actor, who finally gets to embrace his inner-Bond.
It’s a great breakout performance for Egerton, who more than holds his own in scenes opposite Firth. This isn’t helped by the generic “street” dialogue assigned to him and his London cohorts, which feels forced and unnatural in parts.
Newcomer Taron Egerton holds his own amongst these veterans in the role of Eggsy, and is joined by the relatively unknown Sophie Cookson as Roxy, though unfortunately her character is under-utilised and underdeveloped as Kingsman progresses.
He completely takes the piss of the entire spy movie genre but does it while improving on it, taking it to the next level and giving you something that for me was like seeing RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK of the spy genre.
Years later, the boy is a grown up lower society street kid with a dodgie mum and an even worse mum’s boyfriend.
I was not a huge fan of the lisp but it did make me giggle a couple of times, he had a lot of fun making this. Eggsy’s been selected as possible candidate to replace Lancelot, recently killed in action. Additionally, Kingsman’s 129 minute run-time is slightly too long for the tight and fun film that it sets out to be, and the final act is particularly overstretched.
He steals a car, ends up in jail and with his phone call, he calls the number and Galahad appears. He had a nice henchman in Nigerian dancer Sofia Boutella as Gazelle, in what could appear as a little take piss at the double amputee murderer from South Africa, Oscar Pitorius, but was from the comic book of two years in which Gazelle is a male. Gazelle is a double amputee and her speed leg replacements are sharpened blades and she is an acrobatic assassin, a nice addition that takes Goldfinger’s Odd Job hat to a new level.
He pretends he doesn’t recognize it and moves on like it never happened, because it never should have. And (6) A gentleman asks non-invasive questions to keep a conversation going and attention focused on others.
If you're a film fanatic eager to learn more about how your favourite films were put together or a budding filmmaker yourself, this video essay is essential viewing.

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