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Special thanks to our Forum Members, Saint_Leon and Aerith for finding these Extended Secret Ending screenshots on GameFAQs! THAT’S WAS THE BEGGINING OF EVRYTHING!the secret scene shows xehanort begginig to transform himself into a nobody. Look, here are some possible ways Sora could have been tempted into darkness: For power, for Kairi (possibly to save her or because someone has taken her hostage and threatened to kill her unless Sora gives up his heart to darkness.
And I am not only suggesting this theory because I really really really… really want ROXAS to be in the next kh series.
Why is everyone saying that the Keyblade was passed to Sora cause if you remeber in Kingdom Hearts 1 Riku was the real Keyblade Bearer but only chose Sora because Riku turned to darkness. Ahh it does say somewhere in Kingdom Hearts 1 (I can’t remember where) that Riku was the TRUE keyblade bearer and that in at the start it shows Darkside with the huge black orb and Riku gets swallowed up by darkness along with Sora.

And just in case you all haven’t figured it out yet, yes, I do have a major ubsession with ROXAS.
Well,the so-called leader is Terra.The short(Roxan-lookalike)is Ven,and the blue-haired girl is Aqua. But hey, don’t bash a guy for trying to us his mind and imagination to think about what the next series is about like Nomura told us to do. I know it loos like the thing jus appeared beside the guy after he multiplied but still Heartless don’t have keblades and that thing did. Besides, all of my theories were recently crushed when Nomura finally revealed who the chasers were, and stated that Ven is not Roxas (sigh). I mean he couldhave some affiliations with Xehanort, and may even come form a certain organization type thing.

Nomura did say something about the connection between Sora and Roxas is a big factor in the next game.
Seeing that this guy came from something Xehanort also came from, both may have that certain ability of summoning a shadow type creature to guard them.

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