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Maybe Joo Won desperately to make Ra Im his little mermaid, but instead gave it up and  flip the situation. Ra Im, actually whoever becomes little mermaid will not change the situation, any deep as their love would still eventually disappear like seafoam, the future of their relationship will end up with nothing.
Ra Im said,no matter how beautiful and happy the relationship was, but if it just ended up as the seafoam, no woman would want it. Moreover, Joo Won felt Ra Im actually want the relationship because she had fallen for him. Joo Won asked Ra Im to consider his offer as her little mermaid, Joo Won expected an answer soon. Ah Yeong and Secretary Kim were still in shock that their President could find many details about Ah Yeong personal information. She check on the chandelier at home, thinking maybe Joo Won had installed some hidden cameras there.
Madam Moon got a report about Joo Won drew the EChun map, addressed Oska with oppa, and using Oska-printed-socks. Joo Won said he thought about her always, while she never had a ny time to just answer his phone. Madam Moon brought Yoon Seul to the family gathering, and introduced her as a woman who was going to be paired with Joo Won. Director Park heard that Joo Won paid for the Action school debt, the place where Gil Ra Im work. Hwang Jung Eum (Hwang sunbae) came to Joo Won to invite him to the action school workshop (as he had promised). When the others went into a retreat, Joo Won hold Ra Im, he wanted to ask Ra Im about the little mermaid.
Apparently, the director of action school’s position had to have a roling every year.
Out side the meeting room, Joo Won complimented Jong Soo for handling this matter quite well. When he entered the recration room, he saw Ra Im was already asleep on the floor with others. Kdramachoa is a blog owned by childhood best friends Rizz and Blossom, about liking Korean drama, music, and movie.
The following websites may restrict viewership if you are watching from outside of mainland China. Girl group Secret fired up the crowd at the 20th Asian Television Awards, an equivalent to America’s Emmy Awards. On December 3, Secret attended the “Asian Television Awards” in Singapore as the representatives of K-pop.

Held every December, the “Asian Television Awards” drew about 1,371 entries in 2014 from a wide range of broadcasters from 14 different countries in Asia.
Secret is a girl group in Korea who put out many hit songs such as “Magic,” “Madonna,” and “YooHoo.” The girls of the group have also started acting as well.
Ah Young  thought those things could only be known by Ra Im, but surely her best friend wouldn’t ever share it with President Kim.
She remembered  Ji Hyun,  Joo Won’s therapist, and concluded that her son might be mentally imbalance. At the museum she told her that one hour before Joo Won was also in that place doing a match meeting. She just a victim who had been hurt so badly that it’s just a natural if she turned out to be a ruthless and sometime heartless person.
Yoon Seul was amazed how he had changed from a cold person to be someone who believed in love, thanks to Ra Im. This was to minimize the risk of losing the head of school because of the dangerous work as a stuntman. We would like to share information, opinions and many things about Kdrama with people out there. Secret, who received great applause upon their entrance on the red carpet, put up an awesome performance of their hit songs, “I’m in Love” and “Love is MOVE.” Hyosung, the leader of the group, said, “I was very happy to be greeted so warmly by all of our fans in Singapore.
Members Han Sun Hwa, Jun Hyosung, and Song Ji Eun have acted in the dramas “Rosy Lovers,” “Cheo Yong 2,” and “Sweet Home, Sweet Honey,” respectively. Im said that she has no right to be little mermaid because she didn’t love him and Ra Im never thought about him though just in 5 minutes, and unfortunately he always thought of Ra Im, so he decided to be the little mermaid for Ra Im.
Too many people are having an interest in his life (his rivals, his mother, investors, stakeholders, etc) and finally one day he had to do his politic-marriage.
In his opinion, there were many couples who love each other but didn’t end up married.
She then successfully forced Joo Won to follow the match meeting again after she threatened that Ra Im would be kicked out from Korea.
Yoon Seul said that to Ra Im because she realized Joo Won-Ra Im relationship was serious and she wanted to clarify their position. Then Joo Won took a picture of the sullen Ra Im, and said that Ra Im looked prettier when she was angry. Yoon Seul said she was invited by Joo Won’s mother, and also wanted to see his face shivering because of her. She said a woman could be a maid or a queen depend on the way she was treated by the man she loved. Oska told Ra Im the truth that the reason he asked to meet her when she called was to make Joo Won upset.

He came to LOEL to confront him, but at the front gate he saved (again) Hee Won who was almost got a hard slap by a jerk. Apparently when Joo Won being Kim Ra Im, he came into Jong Soo’s office to see Ra Im’s files. Jung Eum accepted it gladly, and said Joo Won’s presence hopefuly could cheer up Ra Im whose two students had just resigned.
Then Oska asked why Tae Sun didn’t sue people who had sold his song on Oska management and had put him down as a songwriter. Joo Won instantly told Jong Soo to fired Ra Im for any reason such as being too sexy or something.
Or even if eventually he decided to choose Ra Im and lost everything to simple life, until when will the happiness last. It was Joo Won humiliating Yoon Seul bu saying that she and Oska had already known each other in front of their family. Joo Won knew that Yoon Seul used him to make Oska upset, and asked her to stop because he was tired of being dragged within their problems. He even met Ji Hyun and pretended to be a claustrophobia patient in order to get some information about Joo Won’s illness. Tae Sun said that person had regreted it and he worried if he had sued the person, Oska would have been in trouble too. But he still wondered what Ra Im to do with Oska when they meeting last time, whether Ra Im  put her cutie face on Oska and made spoiled voices for Oska . Yoon Seul said that in fact there was no problem for Joo Won because his relationship with Ra Im won’t end up happily ever after anyway. Her stare reminded me of Joo Won’s, but hopefully she was not as crazy as her brother in the love matter. But he said that job was everything to Ra Im, and he didn’t have a right to grab it from Ra Im. Ra Im said that what really happened between Oska and Yoon Seul was just a misunderstanding.
He didn’t want to have Ra Im answered that kind of phone and thought hard about the debt. Director Park said he was suffered by the pressure from his boss who was arrogant and always put him down.
Oska knew it was just a misunderstanding, but he was afraid that the real reason behind his cruel intention was because of the love she still had for him.

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