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One of my favorite things to do lately, when I see friends, is to show up or receive guests wearing my new Secret Extensions extra hair. The extensions I have are actually the double weft – you can pay extra to get double the thickness depending on the thickness of your hair. If you have a good stylist, bring the extensions to him or her and have them trimmed to fit the shape of your hair. Secret Extensions also makes removable bangs (I KNOW!) and a funky ponytail extension that makes it look like you have a cute little up-do in a snap! So far they are only sold online, Diane, and I’m told they were such a hit that there is a 3 week backorder in progress!
At Secret Hair Extensions UK we fully understand the impact that hair has on boosting a woman’s self image.
Whether your wish is to change your look completely, add length or just volume, Secret Hair Extensions can achieve all with ease. Whilst working in the hair extension industry we have refined our techniques and our hair supplies and now pride ourselves on using the best human hair extensions available in Europe. We know only too well that there is an abundance of synthetic hair on the market today, at Secret Hair Extensions we select only the finest quality genuine remy human hair for our clients.
You can have confidence to extend or thicken your hair with hair extensions from the UK’s leading specialists in hair enhancement. As hair extension specialists we can provide you with the hair you have always wished for and what’s more it will look 100% natural.
In order to achieve the most natural looking hairstyle possible, the quality of our hair is paramount. We have listened to what our customers want and have now replaced our regular weight Secret Weft with the Deluxe Secret version which is now has 30% more hair in the construction.

This is made of finest mongolian hair and is double drawn which means that the hair is thick from the top right through to the ends! In order to hide the headband, you must pull your own hair through to cover it or it will be visible. Do not use temperatures in excess of 320 degrees Fahrenheit on your Secret Extension Headbands. I seen Daisy's commercials and was a fan but then I caught her on HSN and ordered 2 colors!! Just leave a comment below to let me know that you want to enter and make sure I have your contact information by using a real email address. We all know too well that by changing our hair we can change the way we feel about ourselves inside and out. Our exclusive hand-sourced hair extensions will quickly transform the appearance of fine, thin or short hair to provide you with new luscious long thick locks. Its easy and simple to use, the triple weft comes with an invisible wire and is easy to adjust and easily slipped on underneath your own hair which takes one minute to fit and only one second to remove.
We only use the finest quality 100% human hair available, which blends perfectly with natural hair.
No person's hair is all one color, so you may wish to match your extensions to the ends of your hair for a more natural look. But I was excited to try out some of these wildly long extensions for a SUPER long hair look that I know I could never achieve on a daily basis. Because Secret flip in hair is made from premium quality human hair, it means you can treat it just like your own.
Just pull over like a regular headband, and these locks will blend seamlessly into your natural hair for the added volume and length you've been wishing for.

No need for tweeting or sharing for extra entries (but I would love it if you’d share with friends who might like this post).
You can straighten, curl and otherwise style them to give your hair the added oomph it needs.
They looked pretty red online but when I received them they were nowhere close to my red hair and sadly found out they could not be colored so had to return them.
I'm so happy with my purchase in the red-brown since I change my haircolor and these blend beautiful!
I would love to enter the contest for the Secret Extensions, especially since I have been thinking about going shorter. It is an instant hair extension which simply sits on your head and stays perfectly in place thanks to the secret transparent wire, which is undetectable and easily hidden by your own hair. With salon-inspired colors to pick from, it's the fast and stylish way to get the glamorous look you crave. But on special occasions and days when I just want to play, it sure if fun to have options!I watched my friends as their transformations took place. That magical transformative experience that changes everything and is as simple to apply as a slash of lipstick.Don’t believe me?
Thanks, Ede Judith Washburn saysApril 16, 2015 at 3:17 pm I would also like to have gray extensions .

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