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Sometimes it can be hard to explain the seemingly masochistic tendency to keep playing modern point and click adventure games when almost every one of them is terrible.
Secret Files: Tunguska follows Nina Kalenkov, supposedly a Russian but portrayed in the game with a thoroughly American accent, as she turns up at a museum to visit her father and finds (or rather fails to find) him missing. Ita€™s not just the bizarre nature of the situations but also the poor quality of the puzzles themselves. It also has the sort of puzzles that lead to your character doing unpleasant things just to achieve their goals, no matter how insignificant the task might be and with no regard to characterisation. Thanks in part to puzzles like this but mostly to the quality of either the writing or the translation from the original German, the main characters arena€™t very well developed, most of them being bland and lacking any distinct personality. It needs to be noted that the ending of the game does change depending on which version youa€™re using. Gameplay: The mechanics are handled well but the puzzles are so bad that it cancels that out. Nina is torn from her day-to-day routine when she discovers that her father has disappeared without a trace.
The Secret Files: Tunguska is puzzle game and it is completely based on the real Tunguska event that trapped in the year 1908. The Secret Files: Tunguska is a new kind of puzzle game which takes you deeper into the story of original event.
After playing the entire “The Secret Files: Tunguska” I just want to describe it in some words that storyline is interesting, graphics are much attractive and the last but most important that it works well on my PC. The most interesting thing about this game is that the localization is really good and the English-speaking cast does a good job which brings the dialog to life. Don’t miss the opportunity of downloading The Secret Files: Tunguska because it is one of the best puzzle games which offer you to play where you can get the chance to solve the greatest mystery with your friends.
There are various clues and hints included in The Secret Files: Tunguska which helps me to find Nina’s missing father as well as get the reason behind greatest event of the world. En estos dias de celebracion no puede faltar la racion semanal de los mejores juegos Android de la semana, que nos ayude a disfrutar al maximo de nuestro tiempo libre en vacaciones o para soportar amenizar las infinitas reuniones familiares.
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Un juego de puzles de aspecto simple con tematica de trenes que hara sudar a tu logica y a tu ingenio. MMO futurista postapocaliptico de estrategia en el que podras competir o colaborar con otros jugadores por el dominio de una tierra yerma azotada por la guerra. Este juego de tipo arcade esta basado en el clasico Frogger, y posee una mecanica simple: deberemos evitar que nuestro personaje sea atropellado, o se ahogue o se lo lleve un aguila al intentar cruzar carreteras, rios, vias, etc. La nueva serie de animacion de Transformers ya tiene tiene juego para Android y lleva su mismo titulo, Transformers: Robots in Disguise.
Descarga el juego de forma gratuita sin compras dentro de la aplicacion y haz reinar la paz. En Secret Files Tunguska tenemos la clasica aventura grafica llena de misterio, acertijos y escenarios increibles.
Los protagonistas, Nina y Max, comienzan investigando la desaparicion del cientifico Vladimir Kalenkow, pero esto los lleva a involucrarse en una conspiracion a gran escala.
El juego tiene un precio de 4,49 €, sin compras in-app ni episodios y completamente en espanol. Sigue unos sencillos pasos y la aplicacion creara la magia haciendo creer a tus hijos que esos seres tan especiales que traen regalos lo estan haciendo ?en ese mismo instante! La lista de dispositivos compatibles del juego de transformers me ha encantado…esta en la play Store pero solo aparecen los de Apple, muy bien campeones!! Normalmente escribis bien pero se nota que el vinillo de las fiestas ha hecho mella…. This traditional adventure game is based on the mysterious Tunguska phenomenon that occurred in July 1908 in which the Siberian region of Tunguska was engulfed in an inferno of flames that turned everything into debris and ashes. Take charge of a band of mercenaries and journey with them into an epic and cinematic adventure in The Last Story for Wii. A unique title in Nintendo's beloved adventure franchise, utilizing the powers of the Wii controller for all-new ways to explore Hyrule.
The patience is rewarded however when the occasional gem turns up, so I keep playing in the hopes of unearthing another Longest Journey or Gray Matter. She meets up with Max Gruber, an equally American sounding German scientist and colleague of Ninaa€™s father who disappointingly doesna€™t seem to own a little tank.

The developers apparently couldna€™t find a good way to integrate the puzzles into the story and have instead created rather arbitrary challenges to block your progress. The game contains the sort of nonsensical adventure game logic that leads to combining seemingly random items that inexplicably lead to a solution that you could never have thought of. This reaches its most jarring during one of the occasional scenes where you get to play as Max Gruber, the 19th century scientist whoa€¦ oh sorry, wrong person. The rendered backgrounds often look quite good, occasionally verging on beautiful, and therea€™s plenty of animation included in the scenes to bring them to life. Ita€™s as if it was being created by a group of people with different aims, some wanting to make a serious sci-fi conspiracy story and some wanting to make a cartoon comedy adventure.
Most of the scenes look ok, some look very good, the characters are passable and the cutscenes weak. It must have been a real effort to take a plot involving a mysterious explosion in 1908, a mysterious cult, a kidnapped scientist and potential aliens and come out with something so dull. As the police seem reluctant to help her, Nina sets off to look for clues relating to her father’s whereabouts. The complete game is inspired from the well-known incident that caused in the year of 1908.
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Crossy Road trata esta y otras tantas preguntas trascendentales sobre animales y demas personajes que intentan cruzar carreteras, rios, vias de tren, poniendo en peligro su integridad, literalmente.
Tal vez, tras jugarlo, sigamos sin encontrar una respuesta clara, pero habremos conseguido una infinidad de diversion. Vuelve a ayudar a los Autobots a luchar contra los Decepticons de la mano de un joven Bumblebee, o alguno de sus companeros.
Esta ya cautivo para PC en 2007 y ahora volvemos a tener la oportunidad disfrutarla para nuestro Android.
Interactua con el entorno, habla con diferentes personajes y encaja las piezas del puzzle para resolver este misterio de escala epica. Far more often, I end up playing games like this; games that are well intentioned but for various reasons just dona€™t have the quality needed to revitalise the flagging genre. Together (since in stories of this sort any man and woman who randomly meet are inevitably going to end up in love despite only knowing each other for a couple of hours) they set off to investigate and in the process uncover information about the Tunguska incident. The ideas they have come up with for this are some of the most ridiculous Ia€™ve encountered. Some of the puzzles are logical and make perfect sense, but far more often youa€™re left using the old tricks of trying every item on everything else until something works.
At one point he covers up a road sign on a dangerous road to cause a truck to have an accident. As is far too often the case in adventure games these days, the voice acting is mediocre at best. The characters themselves dona€™t look quite so good though, and the pre-rendered cutscenes in particular are of significantly lower quality than the rest of the game.
She joins efforts with Max Gruber, a young colleague of her father who impulsively offers to help the attractive young lady. This game tells you the story of Nina, a young lady who always worn out from her day-to-day routine at the museum and once she find out that her father has disappeared without a trace.
Personalizalos con diferentes armas y modulos, y disfruta del modo vehiculo con el que podras golpear a tus enemigos con mas impulso. SantApp quiere ayudar a los padres a mantener la ilusion de los mas pequenos por Papa Noel, e incluso por los Reyes Magos.
With its unique mysterious setting, spectacular graphics, and innovative puzzles, Secrets Files: Tunguska sets the stage for intrigue, drama, and a deep conspiracy to uncover.
In a more cartoonish game these sorts of situations could work (though theya€™d have to be done better than they are here) but here theya€™re at odds with the style of the story.
Usually when this happens you end up wondering how you were ever supposed to think of that rather than feeling foolish for not coming up with the solution yourself. The reason for causing this potentially fatal crash: he needs to get a lemon for someone to squeeze onto their fish.
Perhaps more significantly it adds a narrated set of synopses explaining what happened to all of the characters in the game. It fails to achieve that fine balance between the two that games like the Broken Sword series managed.

Together, they quickly determine that Nina’s father was involved with a research expedition to Siberia in an attempt to reveal the causes of the mysterious Tunguska catastrophe of 1908.
Now Nina starts finding important clues by which she reached to her missing father's location.
For anyone who doesna€™t know, the Tunguska event was an explosion about a thousand times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb that occurred in 1908, knocking down trees across an area of over 800 square miles.
For example, at one point you need to speak to a scientist before youa€™re allowed to look around the room. It can also take a while, since Nina has the same sort of bottomless pockets that most adventure games protagonists have, able to easily fit a couple of bricks, a length of hose, a sandwich and a lit cigarette without any visible signs.
To be fair, the main actors probably try their best with the material given, but it seems to lack any sort of direction. This bit is actually very well done and is funnier than any of the attempts at humour in the original game. Much of this could well be down to a poor translation and lack of direction, but whatever the cause, ita€™s a significant issue.
In that mysterious event, a mighty explosion triggered an inferno that decimated the land of Tunguska. Another time she walks around with a soup ladle, two fire logs and an onion amongst other things. Gruber hasna€™t heard of greengrocers due to too much time fighting with Bruce Willis at Nakatomi Plaza. The lines were probably recorded separately with nobody telling the actors the context of the lines, leading to the wrong words being stressed. Ita€™s hard to completely dislike Secret Files: Tunguska, but therea€™s really very little here to recommend it to anyone other than the diehard adventure game fanatic.
As they both Nina and Max Gruber move forward in their progress Nina comes to know that her father was involved with a research mission to Siberia that attempt to expose the causes of the mysterious Tunguska catastrophe of 1908.
The only resolution option you get is a checkbox to use the desktop resolution, but while this initially sounded promising, loading the game reveals that you simply get a smaller 1024 X 768 picture in the middle of the screen with a black border around it. In a more bizarre moment, we get a series of faux-outtakes over the closing credits, made as if the game was actually being filmed with people making mistakes. In the mysterious event a number of explosion activates that destroys the land of Tunguska. Thankfully the game does utilise some of the features that are becoming standard for the genre these days. Both Nina and Max realize that her father's disappearance is related to the Tunguska event and to get the answer of it they both went to different location of world like Berlin, Moscow, Cuba, China & the Antarctic.
No, far more sensibly, it turns out hea€™s in a bad mood and his assistant reveals it is because therea€™s no jam on the train so he cana€™t have his bread and jam.
Ninaa€™s walking pace is rather slow, but double clicking on an exit will instantly move you to the next screen.
Now is it is in your hand to save Ninaa€™s father and get the reason behind greatest Tunguska event. As Bruce Banner might say: a€?You wouldna€™t like him when hea€™s hungry!a€? Queue running around making a€?jama€? out of a bunch of random ingredients, which he of course enjoys as if it was the real thing. More importantly, therea€™s a magnifying glass button that you can click on to reveal all the hotspots in the scene, removing the irritation of working out which items in the sometimes cluttered environments you can actually interact with. Moreover, this game contains cinematic storyline and attractive leading characters which make realized of an original mystery movie. They genuinely couldna€™t think of a better puzzle than getting the player to make a jam sandwich. The complete gameplay experience becomes more interesting through superior graphics, story, puzzle designs, user interface and many more. Thanks to this discordance, most of the actual story ends up being revealed in big info dumps at the end of scenes, with a character telling you everything thata€™s going on rather than you ever getting to learn it through your actions.

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