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A Ronin uses blade skills and observation to destroy enemies in a flash by striking their weaknesses.
Those who wield the tachi have unparalleled Sword skills and observational skills so that they can calmly wait and watch for the enemy's flaw.
Release your blade's souls to increase your attack power while empowering you to use a Mastery skill.
Guide your tachi in a flurry of shredding waves, dealing massive damage to enemies within range. With the accuracy of a lashing snake, strike at your enemy's weak point, dealing Dark DMG to all targets in your path. Leap high in the air to slash at your targets from the sky like a dragon diving for a kill, burning enemies within the skill's range and stunning them.

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The Wizard courses focus on development of Mental Mastery, and provide insights, practices, and techniques to awaken your mind and apply it, as precisely as a sword master, to creating or changing whatever you want in the world. These Access Keys include the course above, and also give you other courses in the series with a huge package discount!
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Souls stored in the Tachi can be released in battle, destroying all that stands in their way.

Through clashing blades with opponents, wielders of the Tachi are able to raise their soulblade and then unleash immeasurable power in the midst of battle; cutting down all obstacles and creating a path to victory. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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