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Offering the tranquillity of the garden daybeds, delectable cocktails on the decking, private areas for a more intimate experience or just dancing the night away in Robin's nest. The team at Secret Garden realise that no event is the same, and pride themselves on making every occasion one to remember. Secret Garden offers personalised wait staff for every event, a great selection of canapes to choose from, and of course drinks (don't forget to try one of their cocktails).
With a stunning timber deck, luxury day beds, greenery and views of the night sky, The Garden, The Deck and the Hedge Garden are 3 spaces that are each uniquely different in their own way.

This is the perfect place to escape the norms of everyday life and get lost in all that is the Secret Garden. The Hidden Treasure room is a true gem for the more intimate event, whilst the Robin's Nest is the heart of The Garden, and has the main bar and DJ console.

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