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Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, is the only city in the world that spans two continents, Asia and Europe.
Aesop, the author of all those great fables you learned in elementary school, was born in Turkey in 620 BC. He was born a slave but won his freedom for his storytelling ability. So, by now you’re wondering, why am I peppering you with Turkey trivia?  Today’s featured property is in Akkaya Valley, a resort area in Turkey offering exquisite vacation homes.
In the midst of the beautiful Akkaya Valley in the south of Turkey lies Secret Valley Resort. Akkaya Valley, that’s “Secret Valley” in English, is an area of outstanding natural beauty located on one of Turkey’s most southern points. The Dalaman River winds its way down the mountains cutting through rock to form towering gorges. Each small enclave of properties, built with minimal disruption to the surrounding wildlife and vegetation, is secluded from others by the lush surroundings giving a feeling of privacy and exclusivity. The villas and bungalows in Secret Valley Resort are constructed from natural stone and are available in a variety of sizes.  They come with all the necessary modern amenities as well as many extras such as swimming pools and garages.

In 2017 a boutique hotel and spa will open on the grounds.  And in 2018 a 9-hole golf course will be added. Secret Valley Resort is located in Akkaya on the Turquoise Coast, a region of southwest Turkey so-called because of the beautiful azure blue of its waters. Populated since prehistoric times, it is characterized by bays, beaches and olive groves and is famous for its hot springs, rock tombs and ancient ruins.  Thanks to strict environmental protection laws, it is one of the last remaining unspoiled stretches of the Mediterranean and is a year-round holiday community.
The surrounding mountains are perfect for exploring on foot; and the area’s trails are ideal for mountain biking. Secret Valley Resort has an onsite rental program, so you can use your home when you’d like and have it rent when you’re not there, offsetting your costs of ownership. I realize Turkey probably isn’t the first place that comes to mind when thinking about buying a vacation home, but it may deserve a place in your thinking.  In addition to its natural beauty, it’s currently one of the world’s fastest-growing economies and best-established tourism markets. Although Condo Hotel Center believes the information contained in this Property Alert to be accurate and complete, Condo Hotel Center can make no such guarantee. Please speak with your personal legal and financial advisors to determine whether this property is suitable for your objectives.

I know that seems odd, but I’ll explain in a moment.  First some fun facts about Turkey to set the tone. The mountainsides are covered with pine trees and olive groves, providing natural shade for the luxury properties located there. No portion of this Property Alert may be reproduced, exhibited or distributed without the express written permission of Condo Hotel Center.
We often learn about condo hotel and condo buying opportunities in advance, when prices are low and a full selection of inventory is available. It grows and exports figs, barley, tomatoes, eggplants, green peppers, lentils and hazelnuts.

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