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Although compassion fatigue is a relatively new concept to the veterinary profession, burn out is not!  We would all probably say “Yes!” if asked if we have experienced burn out.
Burn out is a result of the stresses that arise from the work environment, whereas compassion fatigue is a result of the stresses that arise from our personal relationships with clients and patient. So, if you are tired of long shifts, low pay, a long commute, a broken-down facility with equipment in disarray, you are experiencing stress because of the external environment surrounding you at work. However, if you form very strong relationships with the pets and their families, you are susceptible to compassion fatigue. I spent much of today watching two versions of The Secret Garden for inspiration for an illustration for my soon to be sister-in-law’s new tattoo!
I love the way this sketch is coming along and I hope you enjoy watching it evolve as Heather and I work out the details. My name is Jenna and I created The Feeding Edge almost four years ago as a place to post my Art Apple A Day Awareness project. Please say hello if you have a moment - I love comments and you are just a friend I've yet to meet. Even more interesting, young Donnie Dunagan, who plays little Peter Von Frankenstein, had a short but distinct film career, culminating with providing the voice of Bambi.
In fact, these are both conditions that can lead to lower job satisfaction and decreased physical and mental health, but for different reasons.

The difficulty is learning how to have these relationships when we are so empathic that hearing stories of trauma from our families, watching a befriended animal die, or feeling the myriad of emotions overwhelms and disables us.
Some of us will take big, heavy bricks, grunt, pull, work hard to put them in place and hide behind this impermeable barricade. Or do you care too much?  Getting closer to an answer for YOU will help you start navigating the territory where compassion fatigue lives. After the general composition is approved I can move on to blocking out the design to the proper size. I share my art through tutorials and in conjunction with posts about creative living, gardening, anti-inflammatory eating recipes, and social art for good projects like Apples For A Cure and AS Awareness campaigns like Walk Your A.S. Join me in putting on rose colored glasses - together we'll learn how to let go of the hurts and disappointments of life. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! I will actually produce the design at one and a half times the size of what it needs to be so that I can produce the details easier. The style and whimsy and detail won’t be present for a few more steps and many things will change. I had this general idea brewing but by watching the movie I was able to get a clearer vision of how to create the feel of a walled in and secret place as well as pick up details of the story.

I wish I didn’t feel this way but it bears my soft belly more than anything else I do. I also know that we are kindred souls and that will make this collaboration all the more beautiful. First I needed to figure out how to show the outside wall with an open door at the same time showing the inside. The second difficulty is that since this is a sleeve tattoo I need to keep in mind how the illustration will work in the round and not have a seem of sorts. The tree on the left of the page and the tree on the right of the page are the same tree if that makes sense. The rest of you – promise to go easy on me and if you do I promise to keep sharing the nitty gritty of creating.

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