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Een hecht team van FBI onderzoekers, Ray (Chiwetel Ejiofor) en Jess (Julia Roberts), raakt verscheurd wanneer ze ontdekken dat de tienerdochter van Jess op brute en onverklaarbare wijze is vermoord.
One drawback: the foreign language film is entirely subtitled, and the subtitles move fast. Funny, with cool ’50s attire and decor (and for the guys, beautiful women whom OSS beds a la Bond), I enjoyed this movie a lot.
In French with subtitles, and they move quickly, so if you don’t speak French, you must work fast.
The long-rumored story about Olympic Gold Medalist Carl Lewis using steroids and getting a pass is confirmed.

The actor who plays Khan is named Asano Tadanobu and he’s one of THE greatest actors in Japan. Today he would be a blood-thirsty despot, but in his own time he was quite progressive and as top Khan never forgot his experiences near the bottom of the social strata. Dertien jaar later, na iedere dag obsessief op zoek te zijn naar de ongrijpbare moordenaar, heeft Ray eindelijk een nieuw spoor ontdekt waarvan hij zeker is dat hij de zaak kan oplossen. We do not intend to infringe any legitimate intellectual right, artistic rights or copyright. I started tracking this movie around 2 years ago and have eagerly waited for it to hit the USA.

Indeed, from your review I wonder if Mongol was shot from a translation of that old script. Not only is he talented in his own right but he makes amazingly good choices in his career.

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