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Hot Heads Hair Extensions are human hair, adhesive weft extensions applied without tools or the use of heat. If you’re looking to find something new, add a little more to your look make an appointment for a free Hair Extensions Consultation with on of our experts to find out what would work best for your hair. Sep 23 Posted by nancyjrab Leave a Comment If you get the reference in the title, then you’re either a musical theater person, or of an age when long hair just seems, well, for younger people. As I’ve inched nearer and nearer to  the half-century mark, my hair has gotten shorter and shorter.
Click Here to buy The Bigger The Better the Tighter the Sweater, which includes my essay about my boobs. Click Here to buy The Knitters Gift, which features my essay on the psycho-sexual effects of being a knitter. At Secret Hair people are always asking us about our ranges of damage free hair extensions. These extensions are perfect for those who want a quick fix to achieve long hair without the hassle of clips, for those new to hair extensions or when you only have a few minutes in the morning to do your hair (nightmare!). The Secret flip it in hair is essentially a hair piece consisting of 130g in a triple weft of 100% human remy hair meaning that once wearing them you will get a thick, full of head of gorgeous hair in minutes!
What I think is the most special thing about our flip it in hair is that it is 16 inches wide; much wider than other brands I have tried. More importantly girls, they are made of real human hair in a range of colours – meaning they can be curled, straightened, washed…even dyed!
It works via the adjustable secret wire, which is shaped to fit each individual head and worn almost like a hair band, which you then pull your hair over, it is so easy and simple to do. Again, if you’re looking for something new or are trying hair extensions for the first time, I would definitely recommend a flip it in! Secret Extensions are the beauty marvel that lets you add up to 16a€? of thick, natural-looking hair instantly!
As Daisy Fuentes says, nobody will know youa€™re wearing Secret Hair Extensions, but everybody will notice. The truth is most of those perfect heads of hair we all drool over, have a little help… namely, a team of stylists and super expensive extensions– and who has the time or money like that? With my stick-straight, paper thin hair and gorgeous-tress day-dreams, I have become somewhat of an extension junkie over the years.
Well this month, I was introduced to a new line of extensions that are way better than clip-ins and transforms your hair into longer, fuller locks in minutes– literally. I like to keep my hair away from my face, so my go-to looks are usually pinned to the side or  half up-half down.
Below you can see how easy I was able to style my hair, pulled back a bit and no sign of the hair band! Simple enough to use casually as well as for special occasions, these extensions are not made of human hair but are a better quality than most clip-in synthetics I’ve used to date. Corine is an over-scheduled Mom of 3, confessed shop-aholic, clothes horse and chief Complicated Mama®. With that said, I’ve been doing a pretty good job at keeping warm this season and discovering some favorite products along the way that have become essential to my Winter blues. I love scented candles during the Winter and Prize Candle is a brand that delivers amazing scents and a prize in every candle! You definitely need a great sweater to survive Winter, and the favorite cable knit sweater from Forever21 has become my all time favorite sweater so far.

These unscented argan oil cleansing towelettes are unscented, so they’re perfect for people with sensitive skin. The secret extensions are extensions connected to a revolutionary patented headband that’s made of an elastic so it looks pretty invisible in your hair. The Natural Seal from the Natural Products Association is the first and only natural certification in the country. I love shopping at Old Navy during the Winter, they always have some really great clothes for really great prices.
Disclosure: Products marked with a * were sent to me for review consideration, all other products were purchased on my own. Vaseline petroleum jelly, it keeps my hands and feet soft, and I use it on chapped faces too.
It may be in the 70s and 80s here in Palm Springs CA but winter still ravages my already dry skin. Our stylists love the Hot Heads Extensions because they lay seamlessly and are undetectable in the hair. Great Lengths uses a keratin bond polymer that is specifically designed to mimic the molecular structure of human hair. We designed ours this way as it means the hair will fill out the whole of your hair, including your fringe – I always like my hair to look as full and as natural as possible and using wider wefts makes this possible. I will then knot the wire and trim so that it is now custom fitted according to my own head shape.
Be careful not to pull all of your hair over the weft as you want your hair to blend in with the extensions, all you really need is just enough hair to hid the wefts and wire. Putting The Secret flip it in took me less than two minutes, I love them because they’re so easy to use and even quicker to take out at night.
As Seen on TV, these Daisy Fuentes endorsed hair extensions are ready to wear and look amazingly real. While I do have a pair of Uggs I wear occasionally, my go-to boots this season have been the Mystery Boots from Hotter.
They have new scents in rotation each season and you can find a ring in every candle valued between $10 to $10,000!
They’re made with argan oil which helps cleanse your face and leaves it feel smooth and moisturized. It’s very adjustable and easy to wear and you go from short hair to long hair in a matter of seconds.
Products with the natural seal are certified to contain at least 95% natural ingredients, avoid ingredients with health risks, do not use animal testing, and include biodegradable material in the packaging. Before Christmas, I was able to score some pajama bottoms for my sisters, best friend, and myself. One reader will receive 1 secret hair extensions, 2 prize candles, and 1 ACURE organics cleansing towelettes. My hands and skin get so dry in the winter both because of the cold weather outside but also the dry, heated air indoors. Now, I know that when you hear “hair extensions” your first thought it long luscious locks, long long long! This gives both the extensions and the bonds the versatility of natural expansion and contraction when hair becomes wet and dries.
Daisy Fuentes hair extensions are a blend of keratin-conditioned fibers that look, feel and act like real hair.

For starters, they are made from a waterproof leather material that have been tested to death this season and I can confirm that they are truly waterproof. I’ve tried a couple of their candles last year and I was pleased not only with the prizes inside, but the quality of the actual candle itself. It features a round neck line and two accent zippers along the sides in the front that I think are super cute. You can use these to gently remove makeup, dirt, sweat, or whatever from your face while you’re on-the-go. One product I was able to try from the Natural Seal was the J.R Watkins Hand Cream which has become one of my essentials this Winter! BUT-I am here to tell you that there are so many ways that hair extensions can change your look in limitless ways. The Secret Hair Extensions can be washed, trimmed, straightened and curled for a variety of styles that stay securely in place. The soles feature a slip-resistant aspect that have made me almost invincible while walking on icy walkways –super important!
The scents lasted a long time when lit and I was able to enjoy the scents every time I walked in my room.
Winter brings along a ton of family parties for me and that means styling my hair more often than usual. Winter to me means having a bold lip, whether it’s burgundy, cranberry, or even black! I’ve been using this coconut oil since December 2012 and it has helped my hair grow from ear-length to chest-length in just one year! I chose the former ;) This heater is perfect for your bedroom, office, dorm, really anywhere that needs a little extra warmth.
Available in 12 multi-blended, salon-inspired colorsa€”from blonde to the darkest jet-black color. I love that it has a full inside zip for easy fitting and cushioned, breathable insoles to keep my feet feeling refreshed. My hair is currently really short, so it was cool to be able to use the secret extensions to get longer, fuller hair. The formula features natural shea and cocoa butters, with more than 10 natural oils to really moisturize and condition your skin. My room gets incredibly cold at night and I like to use this before I go to bed so my room is warm by the time I go to sleep.
Hotter offers a wide selection of shoes for both men, women, and children so be sure to check them out! One towelette removes all of my face makeup, and then I follow up with a second one to leave my face feeling refreshed. You can purchase the Mystery Boots directly from their site, and all sizes are available in wide fit as well.
I’ve tried ACURE Organics products in the past, so I know their products are of great quality and these cleansing towelettes are no exception. They are available in a bunch of colors so you can get the shade that fits your natural color, I chose dark brown and it matched really well.

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