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For the past several years, Dubuc and his fusion of sugary pop hooks, laid atop a host of samples and caked with computer-enhanced effects, created the signature electronic-pop sound that landed him the sort of success that many artists in indie circuits could only wish for.
For his latest full-length, Night & Day, Dubuc wasn’t going to resign himself to recording a similar batch of tracks once more. The album’s first single is “Domino,” a track about Dubuc’s friends who gave up on everything in music and stopped trying to progress.
After watching that clip, I have come to the realization there is a whole bunch of homoerotic goings on, Jay Z as usual with his Brooklyn swag in full gear and lil ole wizard Julez working his court side magik. Julez looks like Richard Simmons that use to teach fitness lessons,Can this child speak.Jay most probably was saying once I get rid of this old hag behind me. That's cool that Lebron gave his things to Julez, but pretty damn nasty that the sweaty head band went over his eyes. I think Jay-z should get a nose job and lip reduction, why not, since he's second to God and royalty no one will judge him are clown him.
Every time I see Lebron I think of that video of him farting on the bench and laughing, and the white guy who smelled it looking like he wanted to fall out! The Secret Handshake (Luis Dubuc) is gearing up to release his sixth studio album, Night & Day to be released August 17, 2010 on Triple Crown Records.

You can listen to the first single “Domino” here and a stream of the second single “Woman” is available to stream here.
Featured Artist: Rescue KidSouth Florida's Rescue Kid (featuring former Hey Monday guitarist, Mike Gentile) are set to release their Re-Ignite EP on March 25.
The Secret Handshake is set to release, Night & Day, on August 17 through Triple Crown Records. Parking: Metered street parking (free after 6pm) is available in front of, and all around the Sacramento Comedy Spot. Accessibility Information: Currently, no accessibility information is available for this event. His influences are wide ranging, including The Temptations, Jackson 5, plus Motown-inspired hitmakers like Blood, Sweat and Tears and Tower of Power. At the end of the video Lebron James strips off his sweaty headband, wrist bands and sneakers and presents them to Solange's son Julez. They had a hand shake that a lot of people do and they they had a private conversation cause the camera in their face.
With less than one month to go, you can now pre-order a bundle pack which includes a Night & Day CD, Download card for the Night Version (electro mixes), Poster, Stickers and a Tote Bag.

The album includes six original tracks from their April 2013 release Ignite, one new track titled "Beneath The Li(e)lac Tree," and three acoustic tracks "Secrets," "The Distance," and "Make You Mine" featuring Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set.
There is also a parking garage open to the public on the weekends on 20th Street between K and L Streets. The gripping melodies are still firmly in place, but that’s where the similarities between Dubuc’s back catalog and his latest creation end. Live drums, bass, guitar and piano all played in the same little room at Walden Sound in LA where the album was recorded over the course of 5 weeks. Beyonce is dumb as fuck, all that trick knows how to do is shake her azz and flaunt her vagina for money. SorryI think Jay loves the cameras on him and would feel worthless without media attention that is why he won't retire. The collage of images were all created by Bunny and if you look closely you can even spot some of Luis’ tattoos.

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