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Ben Stiller's 1999 classic 'Heat Vision and Jack': Jack Black as a hyper-intelligent astronaut and Owen Wilson as a jive talking motorcycle. From Luis: Well, to start this off right, I’d like to say that I don’t know any six things that everyone should have.
I think the snap back hat is essential in these times where everyone from your brother to your football coach and even the retard down the street has a fitted hat. I’ve been trying to cut down on taking luggage with me places and so I’ve been just bringing this little guy.
Got this sweater on my last trip to NYC and though it’s way too hot to wear it in the current summer months it is still something you can wear to the movies or some other place that has way too much air conditioning all the time.

Bought a pair of these shitty penny loafers at Goodwill a couple months ago and its pretty much all I wear these days. The Secret Handshake (Luis Dubuc) will be releasing his sixth studio album, Night & Day (our Featured Album of the Week!) this Tuesday via Triple Crown Records.
Featured Artist: Rescue KidSouth Florida's Rescue Kid (featuring former Hey Monday guitarist, Mike Gentile) are set to release their Re-Ignite EP on March 25. At a staggering cost of FIVE DOLLARS they’re actually super comfy and you’ll look cool while killing everyone you know at Scrabble. Seriously though, The Wire was a great show and every time I wear this shirt out people ask about it quite a bit.

The album includes six original tracks from their April 2013 release Ignite, one new track titled "Beneath The Li(e)lac Tree," and three acoustic tracks "Secrets," "The Distance," and "Make You Mine" featuring Jordan Witzigreuter of The Ready Set.
Either way it’s a staple for me because I want to feel like I can crush anyone at any moment and this belt does just that.

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