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The exciting news swept the Instagram world and people immediately began hashtagging their hearts out. InstagramSome trends are already emerging, so we decided to poll the most popular emojis to see how people were using them. Instagram told Buzzfeed that the three most popular hashtagged emojis (so far) were the kiss emoji, the heart eyes emoji, and the crying-while-laughing emoji. The kiss emoji had over 83,000 hashtags at the time of this post, the vast majority of which were selfies. The heart eye emoji had even more hashtags with over 128,000 hashtags at the time of the post. InstagramIt was also more diverse that the kiss emoji with photos ranging from animal pictures, to food snaps, to scenic shots, and of course quite a few selfies. InstagramMost of them were for pictures that were weird, funny, and possibly a little embarrassing.
InstagramPredictably, searching this emoji yields a lot of pups (as well as a few random cats). InstagramThere were lots of couples posing together or kissing, not to mention selfies a€” a lot, a lot of selfies.
One of my personal favorite emojis a€“ the wine glass a€” didna€™t have a ton of hashtags yet (only around 4,600 at the time of this post), but that number is likely to increase over the weekend.
InstagramUnsurprisingly, these Instagrams involved a lot of wine, wine glasses, and people drinking. The hands emoji a€” everyonea€™s favorite celebratory symbol a€” had nearly 12,000 tags at the time of this post. The emoji crown had over 15,000 hashtags, but no one could agree what it meant a€” did it symbolize a king, queen, princess, prince, royalty, etc.? InstagramBecause of this, there were lots of pictures of babies and pets ("my little princess") as well as people in the Netherlands celebrating Monday's King's Day.
InstagramOf the over 13,000 hashtags people have tagged so far, most of them were of love lost and the pain the Instagram user was feeling. Snapchat's newest feature is totally reminiscent of that — except, instead, the app does the ranking for you.
The Friend Emojis feature (which is replacing the controversial Best Friends list feature) will give contacts in your feed emoji “rankings” based on how often you communicate with them and your mutual friends.

Best friends will be denoted with a heart-shaped sticker, good friends will be marked by a blushing smiley face, and mutual friends get the sunglass-wearing emoji.
Only you'll be able to see the contact rankings (unless, of course, someone steals your phone — in which case, you're screwed). Other highlights of the app upgrade include a new low-light camera feature and a “needs love” feature, which reminds you if you haven't Snapped someone in awhile. Gillian Fuller graduated from New York University in 2014 and joined the Elite Daily team shortly after as a Staff Writer. PlayDo you think you know how to express yourself better than anyone through the use of emoji? Here's an example: One 17 year old named Osirus Aristy was arrested for making terrorist threats on his social media when he put up multiple posts, using emojis, which targeted cops.
Now, the issue is being brought to court and Aristy is not alone in being charged with harassing, hateful or terrorist speech. Colossal data breach of Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail: Culprit brags on hacker forumsA data breach on Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail has millions of users’ passwords and usernames in the wrong hands.
World Naked Gardening Day: Get in touch with your inner hippy this SaturdayThis weekend is the best time to get in touch with your inner hippy because May 7 is the 12th Annual World Naked Gardening Day.
As important as letters and words, visual images have become integrated into our text messages, making the emoji keyboard just as popular as the classic text keyboard. Social platforms like Twitter and Instagram have changed the way we communicate by using shorter and more concise content. Emojis have become a witty and creative, yet useful, tool through which we can communicate. Not only are emojis a fun and succinct way to communicate, they can be a way for brands and organizations to understand and measure what people most often talk and care about.
SwiftKey, a software company that designs keyboards for iOS and Android phones, conducted a study around global trends in emoji usage. As emojis are more frequently used, we may be better able to understand themes and topics that most resonate with people, and how brands and organizations can better deliver across these. Trademark term identifying the standard required to prove infringement of a trademark, where consumers will likely be confused or mistaken about the source of a product or service being sold under the mark.
The Australian beauty wore her dark locks out and styled with a rough wave while throwing her thick fringe over to the left.Shanina displayed minimal emotion in the photo shoot image as she kept her make-up look to a minimal, keeping all the focus directed to her barely-there clothing attire.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Users can now click the search bar and go to hashtags to see how all of their friends and strangers are using the descriptive emojis. At the time of this post, the number of dog hashtags had climbed to almost 13,000 hashtags. She previously worked as a freelance writer for Time Out New York and Racked, mainly covering fashion and beauty. The Language Monitor noted late last year that the ideograph (graphic symbol representing ideas or concepts) for “love” was considered the top word of 2014 with some variation of the heart showing up worldwide across cultures, cutting through the boundaries of language and appearing billions of times each day.
Emojis effectively and universally encapsulate many emotions, running the gamut from love to sadness and happiness to rage. Wired reported that the complaint against the teen pointed to the youth’s post as outright threats which made the police feel “intimidated and harassed—emoji and all.
The Marshal Project writes that emails, sexts, and tweets have been, for some time, entering the scrutiny of courtrooms. Now, with their increasing usage also comes the weight in meaning which cannot be differentiated from the bounds of everyday speech.
ColemanNews ExaminerTameca L Coleman is an award winning and published writer across many genres and has interests spanning a great range.
Whether telling a story or simply saying hello to a friend, text messages allow real-time dialogue to be possible when verbal communication is not. These simple illustrations help to instantly tell a story—how a person thinks and feels—through a single image.
The study analyzed emoji usage by country and language, and found that much like nations themselves, emoji usage is also shaped by culture, climate and geography.
It was the first time an emoji had received such honors, and for good reason, too, since the symbol of the heart seems to universally encapsulate a very human emotion that everyone, at some point, feels. She is also a singer, massage therapist, yogini, itinerant nerd, and tourist in her own town.

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