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Humour in books is a strange beast – well, for me it is, because for the longest time I was convinced I could never read a book that was laugh-out-loud funny — probably because crime was my favourite genre at the time, and that usually involved people meeting with a bloody end. I read on the train to and from work, and a couple of years ago, during one of those rides I was reading a Harry Potter novel, and for the first time in a long time, I found myself giggling at what I was reading because it was so funny – I was reading about Fred and George and their antics, and as much as I loved the movies, they never did make me laugh like the book did. Laura Resnick, in her Esther Diamond series, writes Esther with the wit of a New Yorker, who has seen everything and more, and still manages to be human and humourous. I’ve long been a voracious reader of his urban fantasy series – the Nightside and The Secret Histories. Green says the humour and the one-liners in his work are just him, and I suspect the same could be said of Kevin Hearne, author of the Iron Druid series. One would expected a 2000-year old druid to be a master at a quick retort and Atticus is, very much so. So, those are some of the authors I find funny — sort of grouped together in one genre, aren’t they? In a broken down church on an isolated planet, Bernice discovers more than she bargained for on her latest excavation. With an audience of the dead to entertain, Bernice tells them stories from her life and those of her friends, spanning the distant past to her recent present, from before civilisation to depths of space. I love this so much.And Gideon Malick, Rosalind Price, and Will Daniels are more than likely members of ZODIAC. I Am Number Four: The: is a collection of three action-packed novellas by bestselling author Pittacus Lore!

The first young adult novel by "New York Times"-bestselling author Wilson, starring his most popular character--Repairman Jack--as a teenager. In looking over the papers of Francis Purcell, a parish priest in the south of Ireland, I met with many documents such as the following.
Picking my taste in humour when it comes to movies and TV is much easier – Frasier humour gets a big yes, as does The Big Bang Theory, but not the Hangover and American Pie movie humour. I like my humour uncomplicated, woven into the text so seamlessly that I’m laughing before I finish the sentence. Esther’s voice is marvellous in its tone – somewhat dry and yes snarky too, but that never overtakes the genuine humour in the books, which includes physical humour that has left me laughing on the train may a time. Resnick’s Esther Diamond series would get copious amounts of stars for making me genuinely enjoying a book because it made me laugh.
Max – the character with the actual power in the story – reminds me of a favourite uncle and not so much the all powerful wizard that he actually is. Both are filled with fantasy and flights of imagination that humour tends to ground for me. When I read their books, I often think they’re the type of person that will always have a one-liner at hand for every situation. While he’s certainly capable of being snide, I find Atticus’s snark is of a gentler kind (unless he’s sword-fighting someone) compared to the other books in this genre.
An old crime is uncovered, and Bernice is asked to find out what she can about the culprits. Originally published as the e-novellas The Search for Sam, The Last Days of Lorien, and The Forgotten Ones, now, for the first time ever.

Larkin reads his 1984, Burmese Days and other writings, finding chilling parallels in Burma today.
He’s never quite got the hang of the modern world, and tends to still stick out like a sore thumb.  Esther, is the human in the story but that she manages to hold her own and guide the supernatural being in the story – Max – through their adventures is a lovely subversion of the tropes that are usually in this genre. There are few forms upon which the mantle of mystery and romance could seem to hang more ungracefully than upon that of the uncouth and clownish Schalken -- the Dutch boor -- whose pieces delight the initiated of the present day almost as much as his manners disgusted the refined of his own. She talks to serving boys, writers, political prisoners, historians and Anglo-Burmese relics; sometimes obliquely, sometimes with open rage or despair, they tell her what they cannot tell even each other. I do think that she was sent by Malick to get close to Coulson so that she would eventually bring Coulson to Malick.
Yet this man, so rude, so dogged, so slovenly, figures as the hero of a romance by no means devoid of interest or of mystery. Green and Kevin Hearne who all weave humour and a fair bit of (gentle) snark into their writing that leaves me grinning when I read their work.  Yes, alright they’re all urban fantasy authors – I have a type – but they’re undeniably funny with their talent for humour. 50 Cent hottest mixtapes, albums and music, The Tape (Hosted By DJ Drama), The Big 10, 5 (Murder by Numbers), No Mercy, No Fear, 50 Cent Is. Youll gain further insight into some of the main characters in the series, as well as learn more about Lorien and their enemy.

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