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Penguin Books Ltd: A misfit at an exclusive New England college, Richard finds kindred spirits in the five eccentric students of his ancient Greek class.
Donna Tarttvek: 52 rokovDonna Tartt je americka spisovatelka, drzitelka Nobelovej ceny za literaturu z roku 2014.
With the publication of her third novel, The Goldfinch, which won the 2014 Pulitzer Prize for fiction, Mississippian Donna Tartt’s place in literary history was assured. Born in Greenwood and raised in Grenada, Tartt’s experience at Ole Miss as a freshman is the stuff literary legends are made of. It’s no surprise, then, that the setting for her first novel is the fictional Hampden College, which is described in the book as a small liberal arts school in Vermont.
A perfect blend of murder mystery and decadent college tale, The Secret History focuses on an elite group of Greek classics students at Hampden who kill one of their own classmates. Richard Papen, a kid from California who transfers to Hampden and falls in with this isolated group of wealthy, intellectual oddballs and their reclusive professor, serves as narrator. So vivid are Tartt’s descriptions of college life and Vermont that it’s easy to feel you’re right there, surrounded by old brick buildings, dusty library books, and drunken underclassmen. I grew up in Carrollton a small town between Greenwood and Grenada, but I didnt discover Donna Tartt until I was an adult living in NYC.
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With the launch of our new blog, what better time than now to share these exciting interviews?  We are proud to present you with the first of our new and ongoing series, an exclusive interview with Donna Tartt, bestselling author of The Secret History.
I was studying classical civilization and philosophy at the time I was writing The Secret History, and hence was really wrapped up in the background material before I wrote a word of the novel. The novel took me ten years to write, in starts and stops. I wrote it longhand, in notebooks, and typed up pages as I went along.

I wasn’t really trying to write any type of novel—actually, at the time I was writing the book I was fairly aware that there was no easy way to pigeonhole it. I am a tough reader—on one hand, I don’t enjoy most actual thrillers because I find them thin on character and poorly written, but on the other hand, beautiful writing is not enough to pull me through some of the dull, quotidian, marriage-and-family subject matter of much modern literary fiction. Writing process—well, I still write in notebooks but computers have changed things, obviously. The obsessive quality I have with my work—well, this is why my books take so long to write, I am basically painting a very, very large wall-sized mural with a brush the size of an eyelash.
Donna Tartt was born in Greenwood, Mississippi and attended The University of Mississippi and Bennington College in Vermont.
I like some of this cast, particularly Anna and PSH, and I'm not a fan of Hayden but he would make a great Francis, however they look a little emo. These are absolutely perfect, and more or less exactly how i had pictured them!Its a shame there isnt a movie, but i suppose the amazingly well written book is enough? Her first book, The Secret History, is every bit as fascinating and has been hooking readers with its blend of chilling mystery and social commentary since its publication in 1992. She enrolled in the fall of 1981, and her work caught the eye of then writers-in-residence Willie Morris and Barry Hannah. If she’d stayed at Ole Miss and written a similar book, would it have been filled with images of the Grove in the fall instead of winter in New England?
You find out from the first sentence that they’ve committed this crime, but the reasons behind it develop slowly over the book’s 576 pages.
Richard never quite feels he fits in and is at a sort of distance throughout the novel from the other characters. The book works, too, as a modern stand-in for a classic Greek tragedy, complete with the seemingly fated inevitability of each character’s subsequent outcome. I really agree about McAvoy and Philip Seymour Hoffman.I picture more Cillian Murphy than Gaspard Ulliel for Henry though, Ulliel seems naturally creepy (at least to me xD) whereas Cillian Murphy is just your handsome charming boy whom your parents would love to meet.

When blackmail and violence threaten to blow their privileged lives apart, they drag Richard into the nightmare that engulfs them. Together they encouraged her to take her talents elsewhere and she transferred after one year to the exclusive, private, liberal-arts-focused Bennington College in Vermont. Therefore, we as readers are, too, and we’re left to piece things together as Richard does, always intuiting that there are bits of knowledge and information beyond our grasp. Regardless, she started writing it in her second year at Bennington, and thanks to help from friend and classmate Bret Easton Ellis, managed to get an agent, a deal, and a $450,000 advance for it. She lives with her two pugs and a Boston Terrier and divides her time between Manhattan and Virginia. Anna is too pretty to play Camilla- your first choices of Danes and Dunst would be right on the money- I don't think Paquin has the acting capacity to be Camilla. Dominic looks nothing like how Charles is described; cherubic does not go with hobbit-like. Hayden would make an okay Francis, but he has a certain rugged charm that I don't really think would correspond with the character- like you said, delicate. I pictured Julian as stout, but in an older gentleman sort of way, not a Capote kind of way. Sorry to be a bit brusque, but I'm re-reading the book now so I'm kind of really into the whole character scene. Again, I did not want this to become the Twilight!Cast!TSH - but I dare you to find a better actor for Bunny than Robert Pattinson.

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