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It is against this backdrop of supporting the individual that gays and lesbians flourish in the society. Iceland is a country where there is no security at the prime minister’s office and where our guide attends the same gym as the president of the country.
In reflecting on our culture wars and the rancor we live with over just this one issue, I find it hard to believe that we can’t move beyond it. No, we are not doing homosexuals any favors by moving to embrace their sinful, self-destructive behavior. Perhaps the author is unaware that homogeneous and homosexual are, in fact, different words with different meanings. I had never really thought much about religion in conjunction with Iceland, but yes, the country goes to the bottom of my favored places lists. Since most Icelanders are related, would that have any bearing on the statistics that were cited? Dubious picture being painted, I know for a fact that furious Icelanders attempted to break down the studio door to attack their Prime Minister during the peak of their financial meltdown, it happened live on the air during the traditional New Year’s Eve address to the country. What the media leaves out: Army staffer who leaked thousands of documents to WikiLeaks website is homosexual activist - angry at ban on gays in military. The massive publication of top-secret documents has been called one of the greatest security breeches in US history and has reportedly endangered the lives of US personnel around the world.
Bradley Manning, who is now awaiting court-marshal at a military stockade in Quantico, VA, was arrested last May for giving a classified video to the Wikileaks website, and later it became clear that he had given them thousands of other military documents. While in the Army, Manning has openly participated in gay rights marches, even publicly demonstrating against the military. Manning said he spent 14-hour days copying the classified documents to send to the Wikileaks website. Private Manning described how he downloaded the video and lip-synched to Lady Gaga as he copied hundreds of thousand of diplomatic cables. Not surprisingly, Manning has since been applauded on homosexual blogs and websites across the country.

Ironically, a major issue with the Manning case is that the Army was ignoring its own policy on homosexuals serving openly. Army regulation restricts leaders from determining (officially) if a soldier is a homosexual and therefore someone who should be discharged.
In Manning's case, he had a Facebook page devoted to homosexual causes that included a photo of him marching in a gay pride parade. The inherent emotional weakness and moral instability of people involved in homosexual behaviors and its resulting possible damage to the military have been documented going back over 100 years.
Disney's animated blockbuster Frozen has come under fire from a pair of extreme Christian radio hosts in the US, who claim the children's movie is pushing a "homosexual agenda" and pro-bestiality message. Click to play video Return to video Video settings Please Log in to update your video settings Video will begin in 5 seconds.
Gay Pride, which takes place every August, has been known to draw more than 50,000 people to its streets, and most of them are part of the non-gay population of Iceland. People have to be nice to each other because, in a country where there are just 330,000 or so people, you have to learn to get along. Ratner may regard Iceland’s embrace of all things homosexual as worthy of emulation, homosexuals in Iceland are no different than anywhere else, and they will invariably experience much higher rates of disease, depression, substance abuse, suicide and domestic violence than non-homosexuals.
Encouraging homosexuals in their sin does them no good, and a nation that moves to force the mainstream acceptance of such deviancy will pay a terrible price for it.
Iceland is idyllic because it told bankers and bank bondholders to go to jail and hell, respectively, and refused to stick taxpayers with the tab for the bad debts bankers had accrued. Ratner should eat a large serving of that every day for a month before she considers embracing Icleandic ways. These Western European countries are either in the first few stages of economic and social breakdown, or they’re 1984-esque police states ala Sweden. I was there a couple of years ago, thought I would try it, but chickened out as it got closer to my nose. And so ruggedly beautiful -— visited briefly eons ago when aircraft had to make a refueling stop vs.

He is an open homosexual, and his anger at the military's rejection of homosexuality appears to be the major reason for his actions. To our knowledge, none of the major TV or cable network news programs have discussed it. The in-flight magazine noted that the straight mayor of Reykjavik was on a float dressed in drag! Iceland ranks 15th among 178 nations in the rate of private gun ownership, and it has a very low gun death and murder rate.
That agenda includes the destruction of the meaning of marriage and the trampling of the freedom of speech, association and religion of Christians and any others who oppose it.
No one cares if you are gay or gay married, and the country moves ahead with trade, tourism and tolerance. Homosexual apologists claim these glaring statistics are due to discrimination, but that’s not true. They run free most places there, and if one jumps in front of you and you hit it it's YOUR fault. The Center for Military Readiness (CMR) says this in its analysis of current Department of Defense policy.
Whenever we behave in a manner contrary to God’s design, we will suffer all kinds of ill effects from it.
And like many male homosexuals, Manning reportedly had a terrible relationship with his father, who had also been in the military and was divorced from his mother. Several have said that he was angry with the military because of the failure to repeal the homosexual exclusion policy.
Incredibly, however, the Army may not have considered any of the credible evidence that he was a homosexual.

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