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Filipino viewers can relate to the story of Secret Love as it will bring excitement every night with its unpredictable scenes.
The story revolves around the life of Dominic (Ji Sung), a cold-hearted heir to a business empire who seeks revenge following the death of his girlfriend caused by a hit-and-run accident. Elise will take the blame for the death of Dominic’s girlfriend because she could not take to see her boyfriend in jail.
Determined to take revenge, Dominic becomes obsessed with Elise to the point that he discreetly follows her around to make sure she gets the punishment that she deserves. Since stalking her gives him the chance to get to know her better, Dominic’s hatred will turn into secret love. Directed by Brad Bird from a script he wrote with Damon Lindelof and Jeff Jensen, Tomorrowland also stars Raffey Cassidy and Thomas Robinson and is scheduled for a Dec. Jedes Jahr fiebern die besten Models der Welt der Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show entgegen und jede stellt sich die Frage, wer wohl den teuersten BH des Jahres tragen darf.
Wie ein Marchen aus 1001 Nacht sieht dieser BH aus. Orientalisch angehaucht mit 4200 Edelsteinen, darunter Rubine, Diamanten und Saphire.
We must admit that this was a smart business decision as Schiffer is well known across the world. Star Wars, the first film in George Lucas's sci-fi saga, opened in United States cinemas on 25 May 1977.
Han Solo's spaceship, the Millennium Falcon, was hired by Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode IV. The model Millennium Falcon was built over three months in early 1979 by a Pembroke Dock company, Marcon Fabrications.
Weighing 23 tons and 70 feet in diameter, the full-scale Millennium Falcon was constructed in a giant aircraft hangar out of wood and a steel frame. Please update the article to reflect recent events, and remove this template when finished.
It started off as the Separatist Ultimate Weapon before becoming the Expeditionary Battle Planetoid Development Initiative or Project Death Star after it ceased to be a Separatist project and became an Imperial one in 19 BBY. The basic structure of the station was a sphere the size of a small class-IV moon, with a kilometer-wide trench containing docking bays running around its equator. The first Death Star, like its successor, was divided into two hemispheres, each subdivided into 12 bridge-controlled zones. The Death Star was said to comprise eighty-four separate internal levels, stacked south to north. Facilities included parks, shops, and other amenities for the Human crew, as well as numerous maintenance necessities such as trash compactors, like Garbage Compactor 3263827. The battlestation also included two massive sublight engines in the midsection, as well as a formidable hyperdrive system. Near the northern pole, a hundred meter tower was constructed and shielded to near impenetrability for the Emperor to use as personal quarters while on board. The Death Star's design included a small but significant flaw: an exposed thermal exhaust port. As impressive as the Death Star's design was, its armament and defensive measures were also extensive. A downside to the installment of the superlaser was that the Death Star had to remove all but the most rudimentary shielding capabilities in order to achieve such destructive power. Shield-projection towers were also on the Death Star's surface, which emitted energy fields that covered the Death Star's city sprawls, protecting them from space debris as well as providing limited defense against energy weapons, due to most of the Death Star's energy reserves being harnessed for the superlaser weapon. The Death Star's hull plating was made of military-grade Quadanium steel, most of which had been drawn and processed from asteroidal metal. The Death Star also had 768 modified Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors, of which 24 were assigned for each zone of the Death Star. It also had access to 11,000 combat vehicles,[1] as well as more than 7,000 TIE fighters, shuttles, and other craft. Nominally, the battle station was under the direct command of a triumvirate composed of Army Command, Naval Command, and Battle Station Command, represented by High General Cassio Tagge, Admiral Conan Antonio Motti, and Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, respectively, although when the Galactic Emperor made visits, his authority superceded theirs. The only exceptions to the command structure were members of the Stormtrooper Corps, and the Emperor's emissiary Lord Darth Vader, the latter of whom answered to Grand Moff Tarkin alone. This particular issue also features, what in my opinionis, the best of all the Dell series comic covers showcasing 'FiremanFelix' searching high and low for the source of the smoke thatsurrounds him.
This Batman Classics 1966 TV Series Batman Action Figure features the Caped Crusader as he looked during the campy show, and features a realistic head sculpt of the iconic actor who played him, Adam West. This Godzilla1964 Soft Para Vinyl Figure features the King of the Monsters as a greatlooking and stylized soft vinyl figure.
This Pacific Rim Gipsy Danger and Knifehead Action Figure 2-Pack features the main mecha Jaeger, Gipsy Danger, and the dangerous Kaiju, Knifehead. Speak Like Martok, Worf, and Gowron!We live in an increasingly global economy, and language is an important skill, as it lets you communicate around the whole world.

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While you probably can't replicate Jabba the Hutt's sheer girth, the inflatable Jabba the Hutt costume comes close. They are an intelligent, bipedal reptilian species whose Captain fought with Captain Kirk on stardate 3045.6, under the assumption that the Federation was threatening the Gorn claim to the planet Cestus III.
The Cybercop 1:4 scale statue is Inspired by the cover artwork brilliantly created by Alex Horley for the January 2003 edition of Heavy Metal Magazine, featuring Heavy Metal cover model Stacy E. The astonishing Darth Vader Supreme Edition Costume is manufactured with such amazing quality and detail that you'll think it was stolen off the lot.
The Steampunk Engineer Corset's construction is artificial black leather, with soft brown ultra-suede.
The performances of the cast also give a different touch to its storyline, making it more appealing to the viewers. Her death will be accused to Elise (Hwang Jung Eum), a selfless young lady who is in the car with her boyfriend Howard (Bae Soo Bin), who was driving when the accident happened. He will also get to witness how Howard treats her badly until such time she gets imprisoned and finally leaves the jail as a stronger woman.
According to Variety, Britt Robertson (Under the Dome, Secret Circle) has signed on to fill the role of Casey Newton opposite George Clooney in the sci-fi action adventure from Disney. Die 24-Jahrige ist ganz entzuckt von dem 52-karatigen Rubin in Tropfenform, der in der Mitte den BH ziert. Dementsprechend wird er dann wohl auf die Tragerin umgeformt, denn dieser hier wurde extra fur den Luxuskorper von Candice Swanepoel erschaffen.
If that got your attention, let us tell you about one gorgeous, blue-eyed goddess and the company that asked her to be their new brand ambassador. Driven by 123 individual generators tied to one navigational matrix,[11] the Class 4 hyperdrive was fast enough to allow the Death Star to travel thousands of light years from Alderaan to Yavin IV in only a few hours. Operational command of the space station took place from the overbridge, which included the conference room. Although the exhaust port was eventually installed as per the original design plan, at one point in the construction process it was identified as unnecessary. Its primary weapon was its Concave Dish Composite Beam Superlaser, which had been included by Bevel Lemelisk into the final design. However, its surface-to-air defenses were sufficient enough to make up for its lack of efficient shielding. At least three shield-projection towers were necessary for a city sprawl, with their power cells, machinery, and shield-operator stations being located at the bases of the towers.
Because of the challenges of not only creating the material necessary, but also producing enough to install the plating onto the station, several sections of the Death Star were pressurized during the installation of the hull for efficiency purposes, such as storage space for supplies during construction as well as temporary habitats for laborers. The projectors in each zone could concentrate one or all of their tractor beams onto a single target from a significant enough distance to ensnare distant enemy ships in a virtually unbreakable energy bubble, as well as being powerful enough to capture the vessels long before the vessels' sensors could identify it as a battle station instead of a small moon. Below them were the Operations Chiefs for the Army, Navy and Battle Station Operations, all of whom were held by officers with the rank of colonel.
Members of the Army and Navy portions of the Death Star could call upon the stormtroopers' services if necessary, although with the firm understanding that they fell under neither jurisdiction and were to obey the Emperor alone. Measuring approximately 6-inches tall, this action figure of the original live-action version of Batman is a great item for young and old collectors alike! The Hollywood Collectibles Group decided to do us all a solid by creating the Star Trek Original Series Mr. With each action figure measuring in the 7-inch scale, this great 2-pack is a must-have for fans of the Pacific Rim film! Standing 3-inches tall, this awesome vinyl figure finds Charlie Brown sporting cute fangs and a black cape with red inner trim around the neck piece. This incredible piece of art is constructed from heavyweight polystone and then hand painted to the finest detail.
Enterprise NCC-1701 from the original Star Trek TV series, the Star Trek Original Series Dr.
Instead, get yourself a Mugato Mask likes this one, based on the Star Trek: The Original Series TV show. This authentic headscarf with built-in dreadlocks is made of cotton and polyester, and is based on designs from Jack Sparrow's wardrobe in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean films! Vor Candice Swanepoel kamen in den Genuss unter anderem schon Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Tyra Banks und Alessandra Ambrosio. A nominal number of sub-levels were then to be stacked around the surface of the sphere, encompassing the inner stacked levels. A high-speed shuttle system was reserved for officers to use in order to traverse the station quickly.
The entirety of the Death Star's spherical design, including the majority of its interior volume, was dedicated specifically for the support and maintenance of the superlaser.
In addition, they were also highly concentrated around the tower containing the Emperor's throne room, for obvious reasons.
Each required a crew of ten to operate, and were coupled to the main reactor to prevent accidents caused by generator malfunctions.

Below each Operations Chief, there were eight majors, each representing specific departments under their branch of operations, alongside four majors tasked with the general, service, technical, security, and military sectors (the last including Army trooperss, the Death Star troopers [a subset of the Imperial Navy troopers], gunners, and TIE pilots).
Spock 1:6 Scale Statue, complete with a window out to space and a ton of instruments on his control panel.
Get ahead of the curve and learn an alien tongue with the Star Trek Talk Now Learn Klingon PC Program!
You've never seen Charlie Brown look quite like he does here as the Peanuts Charlie Brown Vampire Version Ultra-Detail Figure!
Made of latex and almost too real, it should be all you need to bully your way to the front of the lunch line! Noch nie habe sie so etwas teures getragen, denn der Wert des BHs liegt bei 10 Millionen Dollar. Der absolut einzigartige BH besitzt zwei Bodyguards und mit diesen zwei Herren wird der BH von Ort zu Ort transportiert und wenn er angelegt wird, ist ein MUST, dass Handschuhe dabei getragen werden. Wie jedes Jahr wird diese Fashion Show ein absoluter Hingucker, bestimmt auch mit zahlreichen Prominenten aus der Musikbranche. When activated, eight separate beams were each activated by a crystal through the Particle accelerator tubes, amplified through rings, and conjoined to form one of eight separate beams that would converge outside the dish, focusing into a point to form a single incredibly powerful superlaser beam. A number of the Death Star's docking bays were reserved as executive docking bays for high-ranking personnel, featuring larger facilities and more significant defenses. Although Tarkin had initially intended for the Death Star's weapon to "rock a [targeted] world to its very core," the final superlaser design was capable of shattering worlds, leaving behind only asteroid ruins. The SB-920 batteries were largely congregated around the Death Star's trenches, and were powerful enough to destroy starfighters with a single shot, and utilize an advanced Target Acquisition and Targeting (TAT) system similar to that of certain Imperial surface-to-air defense systems. Shield operation fell under the jurisdiction of Battle Station Operations, with various officers, operators, and technicians being tasked with manning the shield-projection towers' stations as insurance that the shields were always in full working order.
There were seven power coupling terminals in all, identified atop a 35-kilometer-tall generator tower, and providing energy for more than 700 tractor beams. On patrol sometime in the future, she is depicted gun in hand ridding the world of Alien scum - one alien at a time!
The power settings of the superlaser were adjustable, allowing for the destruction of naval vessels and planets alike. The XX-9 heavy turbolasers used on the Death Star were also variants that had four sections and were overall larger. During battle, the shields of neighboring sprawls could overlap to create a continuous blanket of energy over the surface.
However, disabling even one of the coupling sites from the main reactor would result in the tractor beam becoming inoperative. Blasts with the power to destroy naval vessels could be fired roughly once every minute, while planet-destroying blasts could only be fired once per day.[11] This superlaser was powerful enough to destroy even a shielded planet with one shot.
The energy for the superweapon originated from deep within the battle station, and was channeled into an array of eight initiator laser cannons. However, because of a safety mechanism built into the turrets to ensure they either don't end up causing friendly fire or otherwise deter hijackers from attacking its post, it was disadvantageous to use against starfighters due to it automatically locking up when any part of the Death Star was within their sights. The eight laser cannons, via tributary beams, then converged into a central nexus point above the cannon well to form a powerful single beam.
Besides defense, the turbolaser batteries also acted as directional markers for TIE fighter pilots. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.
The magnitude of the superlaser could also be set to varying levels, with one power level for the beam being sufficient enough to be used against enemy ships. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. In addition to destroying planets effortlessly, the superlaser's full power possessed more firepower than half of the Imperial Starfleet. There were also plans for installing a composite beam superlaser as an alternative due to the challenges to building an operational, single-beam superlaser, which required a mechanical arm to move it into place, although the plans were scrapped when the engineers resolved the technical difficulties of the planet-shattering superlaser. At full power, the superlaser required a standard day (24 hours) to recharge, while usage of the superlaser against spaceborne vessels only required a minute of recharging. The Death Star's superlaser likewise required eight superlaser firing stations: Four primary stations plus four backups in case one of the stations failed.
The superlaser was also a dangerous weapon even to itself, so various safeguards were also implemented to prevent the battlestation from being consumed by its own power, with several being resolved via Project Hammertong.
One of these were the tributary beam shafts, with eight lining the circumference of the superlaser weapon.
The tributary beam shafts, originally meant for Hammertong, were constructed at Desolation Station. The tributary beams also had to be perfectly calibrated and aligned: Otherwise, the central beam would misfocus and dissipate, resulting in a flurry of backscatter that could severely damage or even destroy the superlaser housing. Magnetic fields and gravitational flux were also generated during the firing process, necessitating their dissipation to prevent the amplification crystals from becoming misaligned as well as the battle station from becoming torn apart.

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