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Leaked Documents Expose Canada as Spying on G20 AttendeesLeaked documents suggest Canada helped the United States and Britain spy on participants at the London G20 summit four years ago. Britain’s Guardian newspaper says spies monitored the computers and intercepted the phone calls of foreign politicians and officials at two G20 meetings in London in 2009.
The paper says the effort included penetration of delegates’ BlackBerry smartphones to monitor their email messages and calls.
The Guardian published PowerPoint slides describing the operation, including one featuring the emblem of the Communications Security Establishment, Canada’s electronic eavesdropping agency.

BlackBerry has built a following among lawyers, bankers and government workers because of the security of its devices and the fact that it operates a network of servers on behalf of its clients.
China has passed controversial new anti-terrorism laws, saying they are needed to combat growing threats.
National Security agency and Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters — along with an icon labelled Joint Apps. The company is counting on that reputation as it seeks to claw back market share lost in recent years to Apple Inc.

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