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News broke today that Alex Omes, founder of Ultra and longtime Miami nightlife don, has sadly passed away. Alex Omes founded the Ultra music festival in 1999, and oversaw the company swell in stature and influence to become one of the biggest dance music festivals in North America.
In the depths of Florida’s Walt Disney World, away from the screaming children and perpetually-grinning mascots, an abandoned section of the theme park shows a darker side of the Happiest Place on Earth.
Originally intended to be pirate-themed, the island underwent various different plans before its final state as an animal sanctuary called Discovery Island. Treasure Island opened on April 8, 1974, where visitors enjoyed the rich environment and wildlife including flamingos, pelicans and peacocks. In 1989, Discovery Island came under controversy due to rifles being fired at hawks, vultures being beaten to death, and the destruction of ibis eggs by employees. Over a decade later, in 1989, Discovery Island came under controversy due to rifles being fired at hawks, vultures beat to death, and the destruction of ibis and egret eggs and nests by employees. With its lack of popularity and previous controversy, it was no big surprise when Discovery Island closed in 1999. Discovery Island would remain untouched by the public, and its last known visitor would be Shane Perez, a photographer, blogger, and explorer of abandoned spaces. Smuggling equipment into the park, Perez and his company planned to swim to the island at night during a time of infrequent boat traffic.
Under the cover of night, Perez put his camera equipment in waterproof bags and swam to the island despite rumors of alligator-infested waters. Progressing through the overgrown paths with small red lights to not attract attention, Perez realized immediately that they were not alone. Perez came across cages which housed the animals years before, veterinary facilities and storage areas. They came across large abandoned enclosures for animals and humans, and in one corner, a pair of baby vultures.

Having covered only half the island in their three-and-a-half hours on land, the group soon swam back to the shores of Walt Disney World.
A small island between Vancouver and Vancouver Island, Lasqueti is about 12 miles long and three miles wide, the same size and shape as Manhattan. It takes just three days for the community of off-gridders to survive – to cut firewood, to maintain power, water, and waste systems, to work in garden to produce food. Watch the below documentary to know how residents in Lasqueti enjoy and take pride in living in isolation, with only one local pizza parlour, a free grocery store, no tourism and just one bar to socialize. He separated from the company in 2010, though continued to promote and run massive shows in and around Miami. Located in the middle of Bay Lake and 300 feet away from the shore of the city, the 11-acre abandoned Discovery Island still remains – and with it some of the life it housed when it was operating in decades past. Initially dubbed “Blackbeard’s Island”, Disney planned for the area to house pirate shipwrecks, forts and inns. The island’s natural inhabitants grew fast, surpassing the number of guests, and in 1978 it was reworked and renamed “Discovery Island” in an effort to attract more visitors. The two-month investigation resulted in 16 state and federal charges on bird abuse, which Disney settled by paying $95,000 to avoid going to court. Eerily, passing by Disney’s River Country before dipping into the water, the group saw that all lights were on despite the water park being abandoned. The group saw also that the island had not undergone maintenance since closing, making it difficult to figure out where to go. The birds aggressively hissed and and charged until Perez and his fellow explorers finally left.
Because of the hearsay of alligators and deadly bacteria, it is not likely that Perez – or anyone – will return.
Your Favorite Playmobil toys have come to life for the very first time, in an all-new swashbuckling adventure and you're invited to join them!

The population is just over 400 and includes poets, artists, physicists, fishermen, loggers, tree planters, designers, professional musicians, published authors, small scale manufacturers, and professional consultants in education, engineering, forestry and alternate energy. He is credited as being one of the most influential figures in the resurgence of American dance music.
The name soon changed to “Treasure Island” with the introduction of over 600 native and tropical birds, as well as a variety of flowers, plants and trees. Most animals were relocated to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and the ones remaining were the natural inhabitants of Bay Lake. Spiderwebs, “limited lighting, heavily overgrown paths, and disorienting animal noises” led to slow moving by the group.
You'll have a treasure chest full of fun with seven-year-old Jack and his big sister Amelia as they stow away on a pirate ship headed for the mysterious Pirate Island -- a place filled with treasure and curious creatures. Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world. Both website are dedicated to educating and informing people with articles on powerful and concealed information from around the world.
Can Jack and Amelia stay one step ahead of a bunch of wacky skeletons and get to the treasure before the pirates do?
I have spent the last 36+ years researching Bible, History, Alternative Health, Secret Societies, Symbolism and many other topics that are not reported by mainstream media.
Will and Bella can be the same as well (they were super cute couple btw) and maybe Zane can win back Rikki's heart or someone else can, and Emma can have a boyfriend where she is coming from.

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