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For some reason whenever I visit Okinawa I find myself expecting to land in a mini-America and see American signs, restaurants, customs, etc all over the place. As soon as I had a spare moment, I rushed to the front desk and asked the concierge where the best hamburger in town was. Jef Goya Burger Okinawa - The inside of the storeI’m not quite sure why jef is so popular or how they managed to expand their chain to five stores.
How to get there: We visited the Sunrise Naha Branch because it was closest to the main strip in Naha. If this review wasn’t enough to turn you away from Jef then I’d recommend that you jump in your rent-a-car and try one of the other branches as this one doesn’t have a real car park and is shoved in the back of a cramped strip shopping center (???). By the way, the other hamburger restaurant that my concierge recommended (as a backup) was A&W.
After getting to the Nago 58, and 330 intersection bear to the left you will see it right after the baseball fields on the left, It sits on a beach, the op is correct in that the south side of the island beaches have been destroyed by Naichaa construction, the North end of the island still has the most beautiful oceans in the world.
I was confused when I first went there… I was the thinking the burger might be made of moose.
Gordies by the Sunabe seawall in Chatan is one of 2 or 3 burger joints worth mentioning in Okinawa, Kangaroos has already been covered. Okay, these posts are several months old, but just in case you make it back to Okinawa soon and are in the mood for burgers, you have to try Jet City Burgers in Sunabe and Freshness Burger (there are 2 locations, one in Naha near the DFS mall and one in Chatan at American Village in the Ferris wheel building). Minnie Mouse is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the DisneyWiki community. Minnie Mouse has, over the years, grown into a strong, rather complex, and easily identifiable character in the Disney universe. Despite the various reasons Minnie stands out as a perfect being, she's not without her flaws. In spite of the popular belief that the character of Minnie is passive, she is outspoken and has been shown to openly lose her temper due to Mickey's forgetfulness, Daisy's diva persona, Donald's temper and Goofy's tomfoolery.
Minnie's trademark outfit is usually a dress revealing her white bloomers with a large matching bow and high heel shoes that all are one color (depending on the cartoon). In 1928, Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse to act as a replacement for his previous star, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.
They appear together again in Steamboat Willie, the third short of the series to be produced but released first on November 18, 1928.
The commercial success of Steamboat Willie helped introduce Mickey and Minnie into the audience.
The Opry House, first released on March 28, 1929, was the first short to feature Mickey but not Minnie. Minnie was seen again in The Plowboy, first released on May 9, 1929, where she is featured as a farm girl and gets Mickey to milk her cow Clarabelle for her.
The song firmly establishes Mickey and Minnie as a couple and expresses the importance Minnie holds for her partner. At one point of her career, Minnie would serve as a damsel-in-distress supporting character, popularized during the 20's and 30's of both animated and live-action films. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

It will be on your right after the park, small place looks like old military base housing that’s been converted. If you see a way this page can be updated or improved without compromising previous work, please feel free to contribute. She is the girlfriend of Mickey Mouse, and first appeared alongside him in the short Plane Crazy. She is widely recognized by her large collection of big bows of different colors that sit atop her head.
Her favorite hobbies are cooking, dancing, gardening, shopping, music, fashion and spending time with Mickey. Her many personality traits are more than noticeable, as well as consistent, in every incarnation of the character. Unlike Mickey, who is usually laid-back no matter the situation, Minnie has a habit of becoming easily frustrated, can be impulsive, obsessive, and occasionally naive. Being as strong-willed as she is, Minnie has no problem assisting Mickey in battling an enemy, no matter their size or power.
It was the second of their series to be produced but only the third to be released on March 14, 1929. Pete was featured as the captain of the steamboat, Mickey as a crew of one and Minnie as their single passenger. Twelve more films featuring Mickey were produced in 1929, but Minnie only co-starred in seven of them and was mentioned in an eighth. Minnie stands at the center of attention as Mickey and Pete rival each other in order to win her favor.
A poster, however, mentions Minnie as being a member of the "Yankee Doodle Girls." This later group of female performers remained as unseen characters and were apparently short-lived. When Mickey presents her with a bucket full of milk and proceeds to kiss her, Minnie answers by knocking the bucket on his head. Their next appearance in The Karnival Kid (May 23, 1929) cast Mickey as a hot dog vendor and Minnie as a carnival "shimmy" Dancer. Mickey's Follies (June 26, 1929), featured the first performance of the song, "Minnie's Yoo Hoo." "The guy they call little Mickey Mouse" for the first time addresses an audience to explain that he has "Got a sweetie" who is "Neither fat nor skinny" and proudly proclaims that "She's my little Minnie Mouse". The song would go on to become the theme song to their series as well as the theme to a Disney prime-time television series, The Mouse Factory and Mickey Mouse Works (which also featured the song as a recurring theme in many of its shorts. In these storylines, Minnie would be kidnapped by the dreading Pete, mostly out of affection for the mouse and envy of Mickey, which would result in the latter rushing out to rescue her.
A young American woman, Sara (Natalie Dormer), goes in search of her twin sister, who has mysteriously disappeared. Because of this, she tends to be the one to keep ordinance in her circle of friends, as well as in the life of Mickey, who's constant mischief leads to chaos, ranging in relevance and danger. Her outfit is sometimes red with white polka dots, other times it has been a blue outfit with a pink bow and shoes.
Among the few consistent character traits Oswald had developed before moving on and capable of escaping his grasp. In it, Minnie was employed as the barmaid and dancer of Cantina Argentina, a bar and restaurant established in the pampas of Argentina.

Both offer to pick her up for the dance but she chooses Pete's newly purchased automobile over Mickey's horse-cart.
In spite of being the one in danger, Minnie recurringly played a part in defeating the villain, often taking matters into her own hands (surprisingly brutally in most shorts) whenever she sees Mickey losing control of the battle. This also gives a motherly persona, which is seen whenever she's dealing with animals or children (such as Mickey's nephews).
Additionally, she refuses to let these factors go on without word, no matter how harsh or brutally honest her opinions are. Then from 1941 to 1942, and on the radio program, The Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air, she was voiced by Thelma Boardman. This staple would continue to appear in shorts such as Shanghaied, Two-Gun Mickey, Runaway Brain, Get A Horse!, and various other incarnations of the characters in modern animation and media. Anyway, to get rid of those ghosts she should just take a chainsaw and cut the forest down one tree at a time.The film will be released in theaters on January 8, 2016.
The tiny heiwadori branch you visited is a bit ghetto, but the other branches are just as you describe retro-50′s style drive thru. Her nature, kindness, and tendency to see the good in others also ties into the fact that she's a hopeless romantic, as well as deeply affectionate.
Exceptions to this fact come into play whenever she's dealing with a close fried, such as the aforementioned Daisy, who she cares a great deal for, despite her few annoying tendencies.
In some cartoons, Minnie was shirtless with only a skirt, bow, bloomers and her high heels. Both flirt with her but the latter intends to abduct her while the former obliges in saving the "damsel in distress" from the villain. The latter proves a clumsy dancing partner, repeatedly stepping on her feet, and so she turns to Pete again.
The short was unusual in the depiction of Mickey and Minnie with the size and part of the behavior common in regular mice.
She takes love and loyalty very seriously, and is quite possibly the most dependable character, as well as the most loving, in the Mickey Mouse franchise. Janet Waldo voiced Minnie in the 1974 Disneyland record album, An Adaptation of Dickens' Christmas Carol, Performed by The Walt Disney Players. The set standard both before and after this short was to depict them as having the size of a rather short human being.
However she is disgusted when Pete points that his rival had placed a balloon in his shorts.
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