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A suburban street in the heart of Essex and a dozen women are gearing themselves up for a night of fun.
The officer also discovered that the company was interested only in the gold; any other jewels contained in an item of jewellery (diamonds, for instance) would not have been valued and would be returned only if the person paid for the postage. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Recent jewellery events in London and Paris show that high jewellery is still popular throughout the world. Piaget says the two cities were chosen for their cultural wealth, architecture and creativity. The two cities couldn’t be more different, yet the company developed a storyline with its jewellery that ties them together.
For example, a long necklace with cascading turquoise beads is contrasted by emerald-heart flowers and a scattering of diamonds throughout. Meanwhile, the Venice portion of the collection is inspired by the light, water, architecture, art and mystique of the famed Italian city. Excellent storytelling, marketing that reinforces the story, and jewellery that delivers on script are some of the reasons great luxury brands stay on top of the world. Others encourage people to scrap not only their unwanted trinkets but gold teeth and bridgework, too. The potential seller contacts the firm, which sends them a package into which the goods are placed before then being posted by Royal Mail Special Delivery. A sliding diamond and white gold cover reveals a night blue sky crafted in Grand Feu champlevé enamel. Its online showrooms, directories and fair news attract over 66, 000 global jewellery Buyer every month to find new products, reliable suppliers and industry’s leading events. Having received the gold, the company weighs it and assesses its purity, measured in carats. Piaget recently released its high jewellery collection and based it on the famed Silk Road. An arabesque-style bracelet made of sculpted yellow gold that takes the appearance of fabric is punctuated by turquoise beads. An emerald serves as the heart of the design amid a constellation of sapphires and diamonds. The Palazzo ring uses interlacing red spinel and diamond motifs to evoke the flashing camera bulbs on the red carpet of the Venice Film Festival, or the royal box at the Teatro La Fenice.

Sure, the guests are suitably dressed up, but, given the geographical location, they're surprisingly light on the bling. Pop the valuables in an envelope and these firms promise to do the rest, sending you a cheque by return of post. The Mail contacted one, CashMyGold, and asked it what percentage of the market price it would pay for gold. More specifically, the jewellery is based on two cities that were among the most important on the 4,000-mile trade route: Samarkand and Venice.
Prong-set marquise-cut stones, taking the appearance of lacework, light up an airy necklace. Long earrings with geometrically arranged rubies are inspired by Byzantine windows of the palazzos lining the Grand Canal. It's a far cry from the back-street pawnshop or jewellers where such goods might previously have been offloaded - and not everyone's convinced the new deals on offer are quite as good they sound. To test how this works in practice, the trading standards team sent off a gold bracelet that had been valued by a number of jewellers at between A?40 and A?60. Ear pendants with cascading diamond motifs punctuated by sapphires reflect light as it moves. An embroidered pink gold cuff bracelet is topped with marquise-cut diamonds are reminiscent of the stone bars on the windows of the Bridge of Sighs.
Instead of wearing their jewellery, the women attending this soiree are actually here to flog it. Indeed, there are growing concerns that Britons risk being ripped off to the tune of A?500 million as they lose their heads in the dash for cash. He said that the items should have been returned within two to three days of her refusing the offer.
While no one is expecting to be paid the full market price for their scrap gold, some companies are offering as little as 9 per cent of that figure. Again, as is the case with many of these companies, the vendor is supposed to be able to reject the offer and request the gold back. Back at the 'gold party' in Essex, the assembled guests say they are happy with what they are being offered, which roughly equates to A?5.50 for a gram of nine-carat gold.
In the corner of the room sits Loellie, an attractive twentysomething woman armed with impossibly high heels and a set of minutely accurate electronic weighing scales.
Equally worrying are the problems people are having when dealing with some of the supposedly 'hassle-free' pop-it-in-the-post companies.

The soiree has been organised through a company called Ounces2Pounds, and the host for the night is Carmen Joseph, a 43-year-old administrator for a logistics company. A guest called Julie approaches and hands over a small bag containing a gold charm bracelet, a few rings and some odd earrings. The Mail can reveal that across the country trading standards officers are investigating a legion of complaints.
The company, which is well-established in America, has previously revealed that it pays between '20 per cent and 80 per cent' of the market price - depending on quantity and quality. She decided to hold the party after making A?1,300 when she attended a similar event at a friend's house.
Without knowing precise rates it is impossible for a seller to even roughly estimate what they can expect to receive when sending off a piece of jewellery (even if they knew its exact weight and carat).
Lawrence Chard has been running a coin and bullion dealers in Blackpool since 1964, and warns that the public are in real danger of being sold short.
When the man was weighing it, I thought I'd better not say anything in case I lost myself some money.
I am going to put it towards decorating the front room in time for Christmas.' Julie is not alone.
So I went around the house like a woman possessed, and when I found it I decided I would host my own party.' In return for organising the party and inviting her friends, Carmen receives a 10 per cent commission, which on Thursday night meant a cheque for A?500. Bullion prices have risen to an all-time high just when the man and woman on the street is more desperate than ever for cash. Of course, it might be that the party goers could have earned more by holding on to their gold for a few more months. Hardly surprising, then, that it is estimated that 35 tonnes of bullion will be produced from scrap gold in the UK this year.
In 1999, when Chancellor of the Exchequer, he sold off 395 tonnes of the stuff from Britain's national reserves at an average price of $275 an ounce. That's an awful lot of unwanted earrings to hand over at an awful lot of parties - but, of course, these gatherings are just the tip of the iceberg.

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