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This BBC series offers a fresh look at an amazing organization and mankind\'s quest to understand the universe.
Plot : Because of an unusual aging disorder that has aged him four times faster than a normal human being, a boy enters the fifth grade for the first time with the appearance of a 40 year old man. A self-absorbed young lawyer with ties to the material things in life gets an eye-opening experience when he pays a visit to his eccentric, nature-loving grandfather in the small, rural town of Acquisition. Intervention takes many forms, from stopping an armed robbery to helping someone when they\'re unwell, but how many of us are prepared to intervene?
This is the origin story of former Special Forces operative turned mercenary Wade Wilson, who after being subjected to a rogue experiment that leaves him with accelerated healing powers, adopts the alter ego Deadpool. The film follows John Crenshaw as he accompanies his girlfriend and her students on a weekend nature-photography expedition deep into the woods.

On A Wing And A Prayer follows the incredible life cycle of the Carnaby\'s cockatoo through the engaging story of one small cockatoo family. Playful, mischievous and highly intelligent, Carnaby\'s cockatoos are typical Aussies, larger than life, rowdy, fun-loving and loud, their booming calls heard long before you even catch sight of them.
The Hairy Bikers unearth hundreds of years of fascinating history hidden in Britain's boozers. Blending stunningly restored footage with revealing, insightful and engaging interviews with the people who were there - the astronauts, family members and journalists - this is an epic story of the heroes, the triumphs and the tragedies of space exploration.
What should be an educational and fun-filled weekend turns into horror as the group is besieged by an unspeakable evil - a horde of hideously disfigured, mutated humans with an insatiable taste for blood. Capturing a remarkable never filmed before journey of life and love for one of Australia\'s most loved, but critically endangered birds.

Starting with NASA\'s beginnings in the Cold War, the series follows the iconic moments of space exploration from the race to get the first man in space to the first steps on the moon. As things go from bad to worse, Crenshaw becomes their only hope if they are going to get out alive.

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