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The Bible says we should teach our children God’s ways when we “sit”, “walk”, and “stand.” The implication is that teaching happens during real life moments. This one is so simple, that it’s a great recipe to teach your daughter measuring and mixing. This recipe was first published in Raising Body Confident Daughters by Dannah Gresh which offers 8 conversations you should have with your tween daughter about her changing body. Last summer, Taylor Swift made headlines when she stepped out with a cami underneath her crop top.
With warmer weather coming in, crop tops tend to keep “cropping up” all over the place! This Secret Keeper Girl came to the Crazy Hair Tour already practicing this modesty secret.
Rather than letting fashion critics, celebrities and magazines dictate what they wear, we must remind our daughters to look in the Bible for the truth about beauty and modesty. What do you think of the crop top fashion trend? Yes, my girls have done this now more than ever but mainly because their favorite shirts still fit in side to side but not length, so solution they wear a tank top of some sort under favorite shirt.
These dates are perfect for one-on-one or a small group of moms and their energetic tween daughters. By the start of the Spring 2015 tour season, we were rolling with style in a beautiful gift of a bus we decided to name Providence so we always remember the Lord’s hand in giving it to us. Hi Sandra, the target age rage is 7-12 years old although girls a bit older and younger often attend the shows. We are currently in the midst of the 2015 Fall tour and all that information can be found on our tour schedule which can be found on our tour website and on our events page on Facebook. We are so excited that you’ll be coming to the Crazy Hair Show and bring 3 little ladies with you as well! New to Secret Keeper Girl Tour with a soon to be 9 year old, what content is discussed at these events? Secret Keeper Girl-The Gift of True Friendships promises to be one of the greatest tools moms have to connect with their 8-12-year-old daughters, while at the same time teaching them vital truth about friendship and the word of God. I received a copy of Secret Keeper Girl: 8 Great Dates for You and Your Daughter and very thankful for it. According to the site, A Secret Keeper Girl values modesty, she surrounds herself with wise friends and she embraces Godly beauty. Honestly, I am surprised that the book is structured like a Bible study, only more fun, not in a typical homework like manner. Also, Dannah and The Secret Keeper Girl gang have something interesting going on at their site called The Bod Squad. This and so many other wall arts at Piccolo Mondo Avenue Restaurant and Cafe, a place we accidentally found on one of our unexpected driving turns in Deira. Hello, my name is Grace and I’m a 30-something expat mom living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
In my efforts to find the "good" for her, I have come upon a few wonderful resources worth sharing.
Joanne Fabric Craft Kits- relatively inexpensive craft kits that can often be purchased with 50% off coupons and are a nice introduction to basic sewing, beading, embroidery, and other handcraft skills.
Minieco Printable Sewing Cards- printable sewing cards to introduce hand sewing skills to preschoolers. Training Your Children in Home Economics- a wonderful eBook with great tips on teaching basic Home Ec.
Home Economics for Home Schoolers Level 1- the first of a series of books for teaching young girls basic home keeping skills.

The Homeschool Classroom- several posts about teaching both BOYS and GIRLS home keeping skills. Keepers of the Home- scouting style club that encourages girls to learn basic elements of Biblical womanhood with the incentive of earning achievement badges. Raising Homemakers- a jam packed sight completely dedicated to training up daughters in Biblical womanhood. Character Qualities Chart- a downloadable chart provided by the Duggar family listing out Godly character qualities and their operational definitions.
10 Days of Teaching Values- resources for purity, household chores, instruction in righteousness, service, and leadership from Our Journey Westward.
Summertime God's Girls Club- a summertime club for young girls and their moms hosted by The Unlikely Homeschool. The New Christian Charm Course- a complete course designed to teach manners, social etiquette, and femininity.
Pursuing What is Excellent- great thoughts for encouraging your daughters to choose friends wisely. Secret Keeper Girl Kit- the original kit which includes 8 "date night" activities to do with your daughter in order to encourage her to choose a life of purity. Secret Keeper Girl- an online resource for tween girls and their moms dedicated to encouraging modesty, sexual purity, and a mother-daughter connection that will equip a young girl to face worldly pressures and influences. Generations of Virtue- a website which provides curriculum, DVDs, small group-style teen studies, and a wonderful age-appropriated booklist for girls (and another for boys) starting as young as three in an effort to equip parents to raise a pure generation. The following are my personal favorite living literature picks for teaching both purity and feminine hygiene.
It’s not very common anymore for families to gather around the table to have dinner, but we do know that is one of the greatest risk-reducers to all the things your fear your kid might be involved with as teenagers.
I really hate seeing all my daughters friends walking down the street with their bellies hanging out.. The reason I am posting though is that it is easy to make up a bunch of rules for people to follow, but you don’t do that. Click below for tons of downloadable audio and support files for all of our 8 Gr8 D8 resources. The bus is our home-away-from-home and this new one is spacious and was newly renovated inside so it is super comfy! We put them out in the morning and do a careful accounting of each item at the end of each night.
Since we’re on stage for nearly three hours, we are starving by the time the bus is loaded up and our pjs (comprised of sweat pants and sweat shirts) are on.
All info about our tour schedule can be found on our tour website and on our events page on Facebook.
By subscribing to the latter, you can have notifications sent to your email, phone, or other. It’s our first year attending, and I was only wondering why is every tour price range range different. Thank you for all of the hard work it takes to put this together and thank you for being so passionate about encouraging us to love Jesus with our WHOLE lives! It has 8 fun and easy to plan dates for moms and daughters that guarantees fun and real mother-daughter bonding. But, the most important thing for you to know is that a Secret Keeper Girl is a masterpiece created by God.
But Dannah Gresh, the author and creator of this SKG movement is right on in emphasizing that we, moms are our girl’s best source and influence on how they behave and what would become of them as adults.
It’s a group of moms and role models who are incensed by the world’s pressure to make little girls grow up too fast!

Since we set aside Sunday for rest, we are never overly scheduled allowing for plenty of time to teach her some basic kitchen skills.
Includes "date night" suggestions for you and your daughter as you explore what it means to be a good friend, how to choose the right kind of friends, and where you should find the source of friendship. Retailer, Abercrombie Kids, is boasting it’s own line of crop tops for little girls this summer.
Only He knew that the gracious owner of that RV would later offer to buy us a BRAND-NEW BUS!
Stephanie, our wonderful bus driver, drives the team from city to city while they sleep in one of the 12 bunks onboard.
We all help set up lighting, sound equipment, staging pipe and drape, the resource table signs and banners, books, and lots and lots of balloons. We have been known to eat burgers the size of our heads (Lexi) and pizza no less worth talking about (Suzy) at midnight which is when we roll on out of one city and head to another.
We frequently update both of these pages with our tour information and new dates so make sure you keep an eye on both so you can be one of the first to know when we’ll next be in your area! So our whole show is designed to get mom and daughter talking to help them grow closer to one another and to Jesus. In 2009, Dannah Gresh and The Bod Squad (that’s you) will present a petition to both the Council of Fashion Designers of America and the Apparel and Footwear Manufacturer’s Association. Every Wednesday, Christian mom-bloggers link-up their Titus 2 style posts in hopes of sharing how they are raising their daughters to be HOMEMAKERS. It really gave us insight into what our kids were dealing with and gave us opportunity to teach them God’s plan of response. By adding a lime green tank underneath a bright blue crop top,  we’ve not only made the shirt modest, but have brightened up the look as well. Each team member has this app on our smart phone it tells us everything from when we get to sleep to what city we will be in tomorrow to who we will meet when we get there.
The balloon sculptures for the stage take about an hour and require several volunteers from our host church (whom we love so much) managed by one team member who handles our 7′ crazy hair column topper with expertise.
I plan on attending the latter because its closer, but wondered about pricing, especially when wanting to bring 3 girls and I know their gonna want the books, etc at the event. At the show, we discuss how it’s overrated to be normal and that Christians are supposed to be differen aka CRAZY for Jesus because He actually created us to be unique.
The findings of two years of study by an APA (American Psychological Association) task force state that clothing, which makes girls appear older, and the associated marketing efforts are linked to eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression.
Actresses and musicians are donning the latest look and decorating the covers of magazines wearing them.
My girls don’t like them anyways but even if it is a favourite shirt they want to wear and their bellies show if they lift their arms they wear a cammi underneath. We aren’t to look like the world in how we think about modesty, true beauty, and purity.
We are always adding new tour dates so be sure to bookmark that last page and check it ever so often!
I heart homeschooling, brake for libraries, and am glad you're here with me on the journey!

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