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We may as well take it on faith that the Gym is, indeed, locked up, and head over to the Mansion now! There are a few Pokemon here that we are going to want to capture while we are working our way through to obtain the Gym Key -- but first thing's first -- grab the Escape Rope in the treasure ball in the northeast corner of the ground floor, capturing a Grimer on the way!
In the northwest corner find Youngster Johnson who has a pair of Level 33 Ekans worth 438 XP each, and a Level 34 Raticate worth 844 XP and $544. There is a switch in the room here that you can press if you like, doing so will open the door to the east that was blocking access to a treasure ball containing a Protein -- so grab that now, and capture a Vulpix while you are at it! Now head back to the lobby and up the stairs to the level above, walk past the switch here for now and head up the nearby stairs.  Grab the Max Potion from the treasure ball here and then fight the trainer here as well!
Scientist Ted has a Level 29 Electrode worth 931 XP, and a Level 29 Weezing worth 1074 XP and $1392. Burglar Lewis has a Level 34 Growlithe worth 663 XP and a Level 34 Ponyta worth 1107 XP and $2992 -- being a Burglar must pay really well around here! Scientist Ivan has a Level 34 Magnemite worth 648 XP and a Level 34 Electrode worth 1092 XP and $1632, which just proves that science pays but crime pays better? Burglar Arnie has a Level 34 Charmander worth 472 XP, and a Level 34 Charmeleon worth 1033 XP and $2992. Scientist Braydon has a Level 33 Magnemite worth 628 XP, a Level 33 Magneton worth 1138 XP, and a Level 33 Voltorb worth 727 XP and $1584.

You will pick up some odds and ends in treasure balls -- an HP UP, an Iron, that sort of stuff, but with these last two trainers defeated we are pretty much done with the Mansion.  Excellent job by the way!
Now depart the premises and head back to the Pokecenter to heal and save, then restock any essential kit you used up. Click below to go to our questions page to see all the questions already asked and ask your own. There is a bar blocking the way to the 2nd stairs up at the top left corner, how do I get past that?
This event item is the first in which it can be received from both Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and through transferral between two DS devices.
The Pokemon Mansion (Japanese: ??????? Pokemon Mansion) is a decrepit, burned-down mansion on Cinnabar Island. To access the Cinnabar Island Gym in Generation I and Generation III, the player has to enter the mansion and find the Secret Key to unlock the door of the Gym. Amongst the rubble and wreckage is information written by the scientist who obtained a Mew and cloned it to create Mewtwo. The Pokemon Mansion was destroyed in the eruption in Cinnabar Island and as such no longer exists.
The newest generation of Pokemon games, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, have been officially announced!. Update: So far i've gotten a Decent way through the game so far, My Shroomish Evolved and Is now Level 29!

This things move pool is a bit narrow without breeding or move tutors, since the Elemental Punches are no more TMs and it can't learn Ice Beam, T-Bolt and Flamethrower.
These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. This item was introduced during Generation IV and with the key it gives the player access to five devices which can change Rotom's form at will. Doing so will allow you to make posts, submit and view fan art and fan fiction, download fan-made games, and much more.
Check out our Pokken Tournament forum's feedback and league discussion thread to throw in your suggestions! It is one of four Sinnoh based event items, alongside the Member Card, the Azure Flute and Oak's Letter.
We’re a group of Pokemon fans dedicated to providing the best place on the Internet for discussing ideas and sharing fan-made content. Here you'll find other fans who enjoy talking about the Pokémon, strategy, and techniques to master this generation.

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