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Our second newly appointed Academy Instructor heads up our most exciting new program, “Entomology Illustration Certificate Program.” This is a Distance Learning Program taught completely online with renowned entomologist, author, educator, Dr.
Click on the files on the left and it will introduce you to the courses and course tuition.  See what you think about this program and give us a call. If you are not already familiar with this wonderful drawing aid, the Perplexi® is a drawing tool used to explain dimensional concepts. Unlike these earlier models, the Perplexi® is a simple, lightweight, totally portable and adaptable tool.  Yet, just like its predecessors, it helps to better understand basic drawing concepts that are often difficult to perceive.
Appearing on The Glenn Beck Program Wednesday evening, award-winning author, producer and director David Mamet discussed his latest book, “The Secret Knowledge” with guest host Andrew Wilkow. Mamet solidified his place in American film and theater with such works as Glengarry Glen Ross, The Verdict, Wag the Dog, and The Untouchables and had frequently included typical liberal themes throughout his screenplays — that is until he made the conversion. In a now-infamous op-ed for The Village Voice in 2008, “Why I am no Longer a Brain Dead Liberal,’” Mamet revealed that essentially, he had been living a lie for most of his life, as the liberal beliefs he held fast to in his mind were not actually reflected in his day-to-day words and deeds.
In The Secret Knowledge, Mamet writes that when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges, people can succumb to a belief in the power of the state and those who dub themselves “experts,” as means of rectifying the nation’s ills. During Wednesday’s program, Mamet told Wilkow that celebrities notorious for their liberalism, like Jane Fonda, use their activism as a means to merely feel good about themselves. He also considers the Obama administration an “incipient totalitarian movement,” and decried the fact that those who criticize the president are labeled racist, anti- feminist, anti-Muslim or other pejorative. As the conversation veered to education, Mamet had few kind words for liberal arts colleges and universities.

When asked what prompted the conversion, Mamet explained that upon examining the moral principles by which he lived, he started to investigate conservatism and is now trying to impart that wisdom to younger generations, including his daughter. Noting that the press are “sycophants” that cannot be trusted to report the facts, Mamet cautioned the only ones who can be trusted are private citizens. Blaze Poll: Would You Have a Rice-Sized Chip Implanted to Avoid Carrying a Wallet, Credit Cards and Keys? There are many mysteries in the world, from Bigfoot to Aliens but some run deeper than we can imagine and are older than time itself. Gardiner exposes the biggest religious cover-up in history as he expounds upon the underlying reasons for Serpent Worship, past and present, and provides remarkable evidence for an ancient and worldwide annihilation of its practices and discovers the real history of our religious past.
In addition, the Perplexi® can be used to facilitate the enlargement or diminishment of the subject simply by creating proportional squares and by enlarging or decreasing the size of these proportional squares.
Help you understand how the subject recedes, protrudes, extends, to portray accurate foreshortening. Help the landscape artist see the foreground appear in the lower cells and conversely, the background in the higher cells. Help the still life painter or the botanical artist observe the spatial phenomenon by dividing their subject into sections.  Thus establishing foreground, middle ground, background, and far ground. Help you discern the subject’s various shapes and contours thereby correctly observing whether a curve is concave or convex. The Perplexi® can travel into the field with you and converted into a lightbox or drawing surface.

The work chronicles Mamet’s transition from liberal to conservative and explains the reasons for the famed writer’s awakening.
What results, according to the Pulitzer Prize-winner, is a contingent besieged by Stockholm Syndrome. This comprehensive film contains decades of intense research from some of the world’s leading authors on ancient mysteries.
Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem is reputed to be the depository of the most esoteric knowledge in human history. International best-selling author, Robert Bauval reveals his amazing research into the hidden legacy of ancient Egypt.
For generations, scholars and researchers have tried to discover the secrets of its origin and the mysteries purportedly concealed within.
Almost everything we once believed about the origins of our civilization is challenged with a startling revelation. Explore the fascinating secrets brought back by the infamous Knight’s Templar and the truth at the heart of ancient Freemasonry. Philip Gardiner is a leading authority on serpent worship and has explored mysteries around the globe.

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