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I came to David Hockney’s Secret Knowledge, like many other beautiful books, by way of Edward Tufte. While I enjoy the mind-blowing content of his argument, what I enjoy most is Hockney’s way of looking. The wall, or art history from 1400-1900 becomes a three-part story: you have pre-optics (awkwardness), optics (the disappearance of awkwardness), and post-optics (the return of awkwardness).
Filed Under: NOTES ON WRITING AND DRAWING Tagged: art, awkwardness, collage, david hockney, optics, paintingLike this post? The bad part about the book is that this hockney guy, wasn`t able to produce a similar paintings to the old masters, so we`re just as we started (wondering how those masterpieces were done).

In the Koran (6:75), we find that Abraham’s father was called Azar (Osiris), and so Abraham was Horus, just as Jesus was Horus.
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Nevermind to what he proposes, we dont have (GOOD)contemporary examples of a painting using camera obscura. On the one wall he’d posited, as endpoint, Van Gogh’s portrait of Trabuc (1889); next to it, on the other, was a Byzantine mosaic icon of Christ from about 1150.

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