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I’ve been meaning to report back for a while now on the Korean Film Festival in Australia, which recently took place in Melbourne and Sydney (and to thank the organisers for the media pass – thanks).
The two films I managed to catch in the Melbourne program where LEE Joeng-beom’s The Man From Nowhere and Jang Hun’s Secret Reunion, the number one and two box office hits in South Korea respectively in 2010. I would have made it three films, but for some reason Ryoo Seung-wan’s The Unjust only played in the Sydney part of the program. A solitary pawnshop owner, Won Bin (played by Cha Tae-sik) gets sucked into bloody feud between two rival gangs of drug traffickers, when the junkie mother of a little girl he has befriended in his apartment building leaves stolen heroin in a camera she pawns to him.
Before we know it, the little girl and her mother have been kidnapped by one of the gangs who also go after Bin because they think he was in on the plan to steal the drugs.
They set Won up to kill the boss of their rival gang, then feed him to the cops. The little girl is imprisoned with a group of other children, mainly unwanted street kids, and her mother turns up dead in the boot of a car, all her organs harvested.
He manages to escape from the clutches of the authorities without much difficulty and is soon inflicting dreadful carnage on the criminals in an effort to track down the little girl. I enjoyed the The Man From Nowhere but it did not blow me away like The Yellow Sea (another South Korean film I recently on this site) did. Agent Lee Han Kyu (Song Kang-Lo) was once a senior cop in the National Intelligence Agency, until a tip off led him to stage a botched attempt to prevent a mysterious North Korean assassin, known only as “Shadow”, from killing a defector. The same incident saw North Korean spy, Song Jiwon (KANG Dong Won), branded as a traitor, when he prevented Shadow from finishing off the killing the defector’s child. Lee is now working as a private investigator tracking down run away mail order brides, when he wanders onto a building site and nearly gets beaten to death by a pack of Vietnamese migrant labourers. Recognising Song as a communist agent, Lee hopes that he can use the North Korean to track down others spies and earn his rehabilitation with the Agency, and employs him. Song, whose fervour for the North Korean cause is starting to waver, starts spying on Lee in the hope that he can get back into Pyongyang’s good graces and return to his wife and child.
The Man from Nowhere and Secret Reunion were part of the Korean Film Festival in Australia.

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Acclaimed director Kim Jee-woon, who helmed notable films such as "The Last Stand," "I Saw The Devil" and "The Good, The Bad, The Weird," will reportedly be directing the period film. South Korean iconic actor Song Kang-ho, who starred alongside Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton in the dystopian film "Snowpiercer," has been tagged as the lead in the Warner Bros' "Secret Agent." He will be joined by another notable Korean star, Gong Yoo ("The Suspect"). Described by Variety as being "one of the most vibrant film industries in the world," South Korea is the sixth largest box office territory in the world, drawing in billions of dollars from cinema-goers. On the other hand, Slash Film wanted to know what kind of effect Warner Bros' influence will have on the "Secret Agent" production. Will the upcoming Kim Jee-won film still carry that uniqueness that Korean films seem to have mastered even with Hollywood breathing down its neck? Kang Seung-Hyun aka Seung-hyun Kang aka Hyoni Kang (born 22 September 1987) is a Korean model, film director and fashion designer. Hyoni has her own re-purposed vintage fashion brand, 'Reborn Process,' which she sells in her own SoHo, New York boutique.
Katarina Ivanovska (Катарина Ивановска; born 18 August 1988) is the top Macedonian model and actress of all time. Daniela de Jesus Cosio (born January 11, 1986) is a Mexican fashion model and former beauty pageant contestant. Kara Young Kara Young is a former American fashion model, actress, and entrepreneur who was born in San Francisco, California.

It turns out Won is some sort of South Korean special forces super spy who went into hiding after his wife was killed by North Korean agents in retaliation for a mission he undertook. It has some very repellant bad guys, lots of well choreographed fight scenes and a very good looking lead character. The incident saw Lee kicked out of the Agency by senior management and branded a liability. Only Song’s intervention – he has been on the run all this time and is working on the site – saves him. At its core, the story illustrates that despite their very different political systems the people of the two Korea’s are not all that different.
She is a multi-talented marketing genius who has blazed a path for Asian models in the western fashion scene.
She also works with Love Cat, a Korean fashion brand, designing bags under her own Hyoni-line of limited edition accessories. In fact far too good looking to pull off the part of an existentially torn ex-assassin, but whatever, sometimes you just have to let art flow over you.
People tuned in to find out what was in fashion and what they could wear that comported with current trends. She also was on SBS's 'Running Man' series, as well as several other Korean programs such as 'Never Ending Story.' Hyoni is on Instagram and Twitter. She has remained active since then, especially with brands such as DKNY, and in September 2014 signed a contract with YG KPLUS.

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